Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 236

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 236: Demonic Dragon Ring

After burying the old man on the spot, Ye Chuan didn’t hurry to enter the Demonic Dragon Path, rather sat cross-legged outside the door, carefully observing the ring left behind by that old man.

As for the little boy Little Long’er, he was still young in age. He only recalled the repetitive exhorting of the old man. Whatever happens, he must reach the Demonic Dragon Hall. He didn’t know anything else except that. Looking at the grave of his grandpa, he was sad and was at a loss. And seeing Ye Chuan had sat cross-legged on the ground, he also followed suit and observed the patterns engraved on the door frame.

This ring wasn’t big, but it was somewhat heavy beyond expectation. Even after dripping a drop of blood, there was no reaction. He was unable to refine this ring using the conventional method. Ye Chuan studied the ring for a good while and slowly discovered a few mysteries. Flicking on the different places of this ring issued different sounds. Someplace issued clear and crisp sound and someplace issued muffled sound. It seemed there was a layer made up of different material inside the ring.

Ye Chuan found this somewhat strange. Generally, rings, arm guards and other things were made using the same material. This kind of circumstance was very rare, unless……

Ye Chuan suddenly thought of another possibility. He immediately took out Heaven Burning Furnace and tossed this ring inside it, refining it on the spot.

Then using a secret technique, the temperature inside Heaven Burning Furnace gradually rose.

Even when the temperature was hot enough to melt the iron, the ring was completely fine;

The temperature continued to rise, and finally, when even the air was burning, a change appeared on this ring. A light circulated on the surface of the ring;

Ye Chuan added his energy and the temperature inside Heaven Burning Furnace continued to rose, then a layer of liquid appeared on the surface as the surface layer finally melted slowly, displaying its original form.

As expected, this ring was covered with a layer of shell. After the outer layer was melted by Heaven Burning Furnace, an ash grey ring appeared before the eyes of Ye Chuan. Rather than saying a ring, it was better to say it was a bone ring. It appeared as if it was forged using the bone of the yao beast. Compared to before, now it was smaller, but after removing the outer layer, he could see a dragon was carved on the ring. This dragon was baring fangs and brandishing claws and had ferocious overgrown bones on its back. Moreover, its scales were lifelike as if it was about to jump out of this ring.

Demonic Dragon!

This was a Demonic Dragon Ring. The bone of Demonic Dragon was used to forge this ring!

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone. Holding this Demonic Dragon Ring, he felt a special aura of Demonic Dragon coming from it which gradually excited him.

Ding! A loud and clear sound resounded. This time, essence blood smoothly seeped into his body. He felt a blood that was thicker than water entering his body from his finger. The instant he had worn this ring, he indistinctly heard a dragon roar and a majestic energy seeped into his body, then Demonic Dragon Talisman within his body got excited and soared inside the dantian of Ye Chuan as if a real Demonic Dragon.

A dazzling white light circulated outside the body of Ye Chuan. This white light was denser and purer compared to the white light that flooded down from the screen of Ghost King Chessboard.

The energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan rose steadily under the illumination of this white light.

Late Rank 5 Xiushi, peak Rank 5 Xiushi, Rank 6 Xiushi……, the cultivation of Ye Chuan rose rapidly, reaching Rank 7 Xiushi, then the energy fluctuation within his body slowly stabilized. But, now the skin, flesh, blood and even bones and tendons had a layer of white light, changing into a white person. After a good while, he slowly reverted back to normal color, but the blood flowing within his body was shining white like milk.

Blood Transformation!

White Bones Demonic Dragon!

Sensing the changes within his body, Ye Chuan was excited.

When the strengthening of body reached the certain level, the physical body would no longer strengthen, rather the blood would transform, this was the sign that the body had begun to transform in all aspects. The blood of little demonic dragon was white and now, after refining the Demonic Dragon Ring, his blood had also transformed into white in color, moreover, he undoubtedly took a big step on the path of cultivation too. Once he thoroughly trained the legendary Demonic Dragon Physique, his physical body would transform completely and he could ignore the overwhelming majority of attacks in Wilderness World!

Ye Chuan stood up and walked a few steps forward, then taking a deep breath, he suddenly extended his right hand inside the seething poisonous mist.

He immediately felt tingling pain from his fingertips and skin, and a smoke curled up from his right hand as his muscle began to wither slowly. But, even after waiting for a good while, his right arm didn’t suffer any irreparable damage. Just like this innately gifted little boy, he no longer needed to fear the corrosion of this poisonous mist. Of course, there was still a big gap between him and this little boy. If Tuoba Xiong, Feng Ren and others were here, then seeing this scene, they would absolutely be stunned.

Even with their Daoist Master realm cultivation base, a bit of this poisonous mist was enough to melt their flesh and blood, turning them into a skeleton. But, Ye Chuan’s physical body was not corroded by that poisonous mist, what did that mean?

Ye Chuan held his head high and uttered a long, loud cry in high-spirit.

Now, he finally understood why this old man and the little boy came here.

He broke through two-levels, reaching Rank 7 Xiushi, this was worthy of celebration, but what made Ye Chuan even more excited was the transformation of his physical body. Stepping into blood transformation level, now he had a tyrannical physical body that was close to Demonic Dragon Clan’s tyrannical physique. Now, he was like a tiger that had grown wings!

“Noble son, noble son Ye……” The little boy timidly stood up and looking at Ye Chuan who held his head high and utter a long, loud cry, he was somewhat disturbed.

“Little Long’er, what is your surname?” Ye Chuan turned around and withdrew the surging energy fluctuation, returning to the previous state as he asked.

“I don’t know.” The little boy shook his head.

“Then from today onwards, like me, you are surnamed Ye, full name Ye Long. Don’t call me noble son something, call me big brother. Rest assured, since I promised your grandpa to take you to the Demonic Dragon Hall, I will definitely accomplish it.” Ye Chuan firmly said.

“Okay, Ye…… Long……” The little boy muttered to himself with some excitement.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Chuan held the hand of the little boy and dashed forward, boldly stepping on the Demonic Dragon Path dazzling with golden light.

After refining Demonic Dragon Ring, he had a strange feeling in his heart as if he had returned to his hometown. The surrounding grasses and trees were clearly unfamiliar and he had never seen them before, but he had an intimate feeling in his heart. The ancient restrictions of this paradise realm, as if opened wide for him, he felt like he could walk freely within those restrictions just like this little boy.

For this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, this little boy was definitely crucial!

Ye Chuan understood in his heart and he suddenly didn’t wish to urgently fly straight to the Demonic Dragon Hall at the end of this paradise realm. He wanted to see what was inside this place. Suddenly meeting one old and one young made him curious about this paradise realm. He vaguely felt that the little demonic dragon that disappeared after sustaining an injury and this little boy that appeared all of a sudden had a relation, but he didn’t understand what was going on. Could it be that the key to obtaining the inheritance of this paradise realm was with this little boy Ye Long?

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