Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 235

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 235: Light of life

“Noble son Ye, you see, Little Long’er is very obedient, and he is also healthy, moreover, all the restriction of this paradise realm will not harm him, so can you please help me bring him to the Demonic Dragon Hall at the end of this paradise realm? Noble son Ye, noble son Ye……” The old man said in a low voice. His feeble voice was getting smaller and smaller, furthermore, his complexion became pale without any trace of blood.

Ye Chuan came back to his senses and waved his hand towards that little boy.

“Little Long’er, go, let noble son Ye take a good look at you.” The old man pushed the timid little boy to the front of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan held the right hand of this little boy and observed carefully.

The skin of this little boy was very white. His head was very big but his body was smaller compared to the person of the same age. His body appeared somewhat weak and his arms also didn’t have much flesh. But, to his disbelief, his such little hand was unexpectedly unscathed in the midst of that seething poisonous mist as if he innately had resistance against the corrosion of that poisonous mist.

Was this because of the physique of this little boy or something else?

If he brought this little boy back to Cloud Mist Sect, then wouldn’t this boy be able to help him in the exploration of Evil Dragon Abyss which was filled with poisonous mist, and find the secrets of the Evil Dragon Abyss?

Ye Chuan suddenly had such thoughts as he carefully observed this little boy.

After breaking through to Rank 5 Xiushi realm and condensing Demonic Dragon Talisman, his body had transformed and had become unknown times doughtier compared to the people in the same realm, but that was still not enough to freely move inside the Evil Dragon Abyss that was filled with poisonous mist. But, this little boy was different, after a little training, he might obtain unexpected pleasant surprise.

Ye Chuan had never forgotten about Nan Tiandu who had jumped into the Evil Dragon Abyss. If he was alive, then he wanted to see him; if he was dead, then he wanted to see his corpse. Evil Dragon Abyss was dangerous, although he had explored once and had unexpectedly tamed old evil spirit Hei Kui that possessed a puppet doll, he didn’t have any confidence to return back alive if he entered Evil Dragon Abyss once again. Last time, if it wasn’t for the assistance of that cyan robed Seventh Elder, then he might have already died in Evil Dragon Abyss.

The poisonous mist inside Evil Dragon Abyss was not much weaker than the poisonous around them. With his current cultivation base, it was not an easy task to explore the bottom of the Evil Dragon Abyss, but, it’s different with the help of this little boy.

Ye Chuan hesitated. Seeing the potential of this little boy, he truly wanted to take this little boy along with him, but he didn’t know how dangerous it was inside, and also didn’t know if he could protect himself or not, let alone this little boy.

“Noble son Ye, what do you think?”

The old man asked in a low voice and seeing Ye Chuan had uncertainty and misgivings, he added, “Little Long’er is very obedient, moreover, he doesn’t need to fear any restriction of this place, you just need to bring him to the Demonic Dragon Path at the end of this paradise realm. I troubled noble son in our first meeting, this old servant lacked manner. I have nothing to pay, but take this ring as a gift.”

The old man spoke while slowly taking off a ring from his finger, then stuffed it into the hand of Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan wanted to decline, but Demonic Dragon Talisman inside his body suddenly held its head high and opened its mouth as if it wanted to swallow this ring. Moreover, a cordial energy came through this ring which changed into a warm current and flowed into the body of Ye Chuan.


Ye Chuan took the finger ring and carefully observed it. Its shape was unique and simple, but he was unable to tell what material was used to make this ring. Unlike crystal stone or metals, it somewhat appeared as if a bone of yao beast was used to forge it. At first glance, it appeared ordinary and mediocre, but the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

“Little fellow, what is your name?” Ye Chuan didn’t answer immediately, rather looking at this little boy standing in front of him, he caressed his head.

“Little……, Little Long’er.” The little boy timidly answered.

“Little Long’er, good, this is a good name. Later, when you grow up, what do you want to do? Just like your grandpa, do you want to wander all around, or to say, you want to become a great expert or great hero with indomitable spirit?” Ye Chuan asked again. He rather liked this somewhat shy Little Long’er with clear eyes. With the potential and physique of this little boy, if he provided this little boy a heaven grade cultivation technique, then it was not difficult for him to become a great expert.

“I……, I want to become a bard.”

The little boy looked at the old man, and looked at Ye Chuan, then answered boldly.

“Become a bard?”

Ye Chuan couldn’t help laughing. Adults truly couldn’t understand the thought process of a child. He didn’t want to become a great expert and also didn’t want to become a great hero, but want to become a bard. Sometimes, the thought of a child could be so simple!

The old man didn’t urge, he only looked at Ye Chuan and the little boy with a smile, waiting for the answer of Ye Chuan. After a good while, seeing Ye Chuan wasn’t speaking  anymore, he asked again, “Noble son Ye, what do you think, can you take along Little Long’er?”

“Well, since I cannot ignore you, I will not decline any more. Merely, my cultivation is limited, so there is no way to ensure that I can surely bring Little Long’er to the Demonic Dragon Hall, I can only do my best.” Ye Chuan answered. He didn’t refuse anymore.

“Good, good, noble son’s these words are sufficient. The planning lies with the man, the outcome with Heaven, if nothing can be done even after noble son did his best, then I can only say that that is the will of the heaven. Let’s go, we are already late.” The complexion of the old man become red from pale, as if under happiness, his body had become better. Moreover, recovering his vigor, his voice was no longer feeble.

“Let’s go!”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and holding the hand of the little boy, he walked forward. It had already been a while since Tuoba Xiong, Feng Ren and others had entered, therefore, some dangers inside the gate should be eliminated by them.

The little boy was still very shy, but he didn’t retract his hand held by Ye Chuan. However, after walking a few steps, the two people suddenly felt something was wrong. The white beard old man hadn’t followed them. Turning around to look, they saw the old man was standing still with a smile on his face, but his muscles were stiff and pupils were dilated. Ye Chuan rushed over to see. The old man was no longer breathing.

“Grandpa, grandpa……”

The little boy also rushed over and hugging this old man, he wailed mournfully. Ye Chuan was dejected and he gently picked up the weeping little boy and said, “Little Long’er, where do you two come from? How long has it been?”

“The North Sea, we……, we came here all the way from the North Sea. It has been 7 years. Grandpa, wuwu, grandpa……” The little boy choked with sobs and he suddenly clung to Ye Chuan. He appeared as if he was worried that Ye Chuan would also abandon him alone. Since his grandpa left him, he no longer has any relative in this world, and Ye Chuan was the only person he knew.

7 years?

Ye Chuan was shocked. Although this white bearded old man died, he was definitely an extraordinary person. Since it had already been 7 years, this meant that shortly after this little boy Little Long’er was born, the old man had set out on a journey, scaling mountains and ford streams and had endured the hardships of a long journey to come over. Dealing with sinister people, confronting yao beasts that ran wild, furthermore, taking care of young Little Long’er, this old man had already exhausted his spirit and vigor, and finally, he could no longer carry on in front of this Demonic Dragon Path.

No wonder this old man could no longer walk forward and desperately wanted to entrust Little Long’er to him. This wasn’t as simple as bringing Little Long’er to the ends of this paradise realm, he was entrusting his young son to his care!

Ye Chuan sighed in secret. The spirit of this old man had already collapsed, even with an extraordinarily remarkable technique, he couldn’t be saved.


The cultivation base of this old man was low, but why did he take chances to bring Little Long’er into this paradise realm? Moreover, he set out 7 years ago, how could he know that there was a paradise realm in this place, moreover, he arrived here at the right time?

Ye Chuan was puzzled in his heart as he carefully observed this old man. This old man had already left this world with a smile, but his mouth was slightly opened as if he still had thousands and thousands of words he wanted to tell, however, it was already too late to speak. His light of life illuminated this little boy for whom he had spent all his painstaking effort and even his life.

What is the meaning of life?

Someone wants to surpass himself and break the cage of heaven and earth to step on the pinnacle of cultivation. But, even more people, for inheritance and for next generation, they give their all!

Along with the weeping sound of this little boy, he looked at this old man who died calmly, and Ye Chuan was filled with deep veneration.

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