Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 234

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 234: Quaint and attractive Skeleton

Ye Chuan opened his eyes and somewhat curiously, he turned around and carefully sized up this one old and one young.

The little boy was restless and was even shyer, tightly holding the hand of this old man. As for this old man, he was very calm and calmly faced the curious gaze of Ye Chuan. He still had a smile on his face and looked very kind. Both of them were very thin and pallid and appeared travel-worn, seemingly, they had traveled a long way, scaling mountains and ford streams.

“You seemed to have arrived here with great difficulty, grandpa, aren’t you going in?” Ye Chuan asked secretly guessing the identity of this old and young.

The young boy was still very young. He appeared as if he had just stepped into the path of cultivation, and Ye Chuan guessed that he was only Rank 1 Wuzhe. As for the old man, he was very old. His age could no longer be determined. He seemed to have already lived for 700 or 800 years, but his cultivation appeared not up to much, at most Rank 1 Daoist Master realm. Ye Chuan had a hard time understanding why they came here. Myriad Beast Forest, Ghost King Chessboard, auxiliary palace Choatian Palace, and that poisonous mist, which one of them wasn’t terrifying? But, these two, how come they arrived here?

“Noble son, you are also not going in.” The old man smiled. Even a little bit of hostility and killing intent couldn’t be felt from him, moreover, he appeared very kind as if a next door grandpa who thoroughly understood life. His voice was feeble as if he was already tired arriving here. He appeared as if he was too old and couldn’t walk anymore.

Ye Chuan smiled and stood up. Now, he was all the more curious about the identity of these one old and one young. Without exception, all the disciples of sects and loose cultivators that entered this paradise realm were vigilant and indifferent to each other. Rarely someone was like this old fellow. “Grandpa, are you waiting for someone?”

“Yes, we are waiting for someone.” The old man replied.


Ye Chuan looked all around and only saw seething deadly poisonous mists and a narrow path leading to the distant place. But, all the people that should come had already come, and he didn’t see anyone coming over. Moreover, according to the time passed, Zhu Sijia and others that were left outside should have already left.

“Waiting for you.” The old man answered.

“What? Waiting for me?” Ye Chuan was surprised.

“Yes, waiting for you.”

The voice of this old man became even feeble and his dim eyes looked at Ye Chuan and said, “Noble son, can I request you a matter?”

“Speak.” Ye Chuan neither agreed not refused.

“Help me bring Little Long’er to Demonic Dragon Hall at the end of this paradise realm.” The old man came straight to the point without beating around the bush, moreover, he looked at Ye Chuan without blinking his eyes with earnest hope and expectation.

“Why did you find me?”

Ye Chuan paused and continued, “Among many experts that entered this paradise realm, there are many people that have higher cultivation realm than me, for instance, Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong, Five Style Sect’s Elder Feng Ren and other many experts. Grandpa, I am just an ordinary person who can’t even guarantee my life, why didn’t you look for them?”

“Because you are different from others. Cultivation realm is one aspect, but moral character and talent are even more important. Furthermore, the cultivation realm doesn’t represent everything. Even noble son Zhuifeng of Murong aristocratic family who considered himself the best in the world, wasn’t he utterly defeated in noble son’s hands?”

The old man said in a feeble voice. He appeared to be too tired, but when talking, his dim eyes shone. From Chaotian Palace, he had secretly watched each and every move of Ye Chuan and had come prepared.

“My moral character is also not particularly good, they all said I am very bad, and I am a bad person. Moreover, there are many people hoping for me to die early.” Ye Chuan said with a smile without answering the request of this old man.

This paradise realm had deadly dangers in every step, and he didn’t know what kind of dangers was inside this Demonic Dragon Path. Therefore, he didn’t dare to bring Zhu Sijia and fatty as he couldn’t guarantee their safety. And bringing along a seven or eight-year-old child with him, he even more didn’t dare to guarantee his safety.

“Usually, people who say that they are bad people will not be able to be worse anymore. But, those people who say they are good people and make people feel they have good moral character everywhere, they often are even terrifying than devils.” The old man was too experienced. He casually spoke the philosophy of the life. Then looking straight at the eyes of Ye Chuan, he said, “Youngster, Little Long’er is very obedient. He has never gotten into trouble. He is very obedient and heeds what elder says. Promise me, take along Little Long’er and help us, can you?”


The little boy shrunk, hiding behind the old man. He was somewhat shy and somewhat restless, moreover, as if he sensed something, hiding behind this old man, he stealthily looked at Ye Chuan. And just like a frightened helpless lamb, he tightly held the hand of the old man.

Ye Chuan became silent and all of a sudden, he didn’t know what to say.

Taking along this little boy into this Demonic Dragon Path was impossible. No need to mention about how he couldn’t guarantee his safety, this little boy could also become a burden for him. But looking at this helpless old man and little body, and facing their sincere, hopeful and helpless gaze, how could he refuse?

The old man also didn’t speak and quietly waited for the answer of Ye Chuan.

After thinking over for a long time, Ye Chuan sighed. He was willing to help but was unable to do so, thus he replied, “Grandpa, I am very sorry, it’s too dangerous inside this paradise realm. Not mentioning anything else, just a bit of this poisonous mist around can kill this little boy. My cultivation is very limited so I am truly unable to take him along with me. Even for myself, entering this Demonic Dragon Path bode ill rather than well. If you two don’t have anywhere to go, then after leaving this paradise realm, go to nearby Cloud Mist Sect and look for a girl name Zhu Sijia, then tell her that I asked you to go there, she will make appropriate arrangements.”

“We don’t want to go to other places, only want to go to the ends of this paradise realm.”

The old man refused the good intention of Ye Chuan and breathing heavily, he said, “Youngster, you don’t need to worry about the restriction of paradise realm. All restrictions of this place will not harm Little Long’er. Even this deadly poisonous mist will not harm even a single hair of Little Long’er. We are not afraid of restriction, we are afraid of people. Little Long’er, held out your hand and let noble son see.”


The little boy obediently nodded his head and he suddenly stretched his hand into the deadly poisonous mist. Seeing this, the eyelids of Ye Chuan jumped up and even though he wanted to stop, it was already too late. But in the next moment, he was dumbstruck.

The deadly poisonous mist seethed. In the midst of this terrifying poisonous mist that would change all living things into a skeleton, the hand of this little boy was unscathed. This poisonous mist that could instantly turn a Daoist Master realm expert into skeleton had no effect on this little boy!

So, this was the case, no wonder this old man and little boy came here!

No, not, this old man said that all the restriction of this paradise realm will not harm this little boy, what was going on here and what did this imply?

Ye Chuan came back to his senses and quickly fell into new confusions. He vaguely felt that this old man and little boy weren’t so simple. Moreover, they would have a crucial effect on his next journey inside this paradise realm.

Ye Chuan no longer studied the patterns of the door frame. After studying for a long time, he was unable to see any profound mystery, instead, he carefully sized up this old man and little kid. The simple old man and good-looking little boy, they were quite peculiar. Upon closer look, one could discover that the appearance of this little boy was somewhat different than that of ordinary people. His temple was plump, forehead was protruding, head was very big and his eyes were clear without any darkness and evil just like a pure blank sheet of paper.

The more Ye Chuan looked, the more he became spellbound. Now, he was even more curious about the identity of this old man and little youth.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Wonder if a particular race or constitution comes to mind. Also, he doesn’t even know their intentions for this realm. What if they have a conflict of interest?

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