Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 233

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 233: Demonic Dragon’s descendant

Taking advantage of his doughty body, Ye Chuan boldly set foot on the narrow path surrounded by poisonous mist, quickly reaching the entrance of Demonic Dragon Path.

Looking from the distance, this gate appeared to be glittering due to being forged from gold, but closely looking from near, one could see many light specks and it wasn’t forged with gold. Touching it, Ye Chuan felt a soft and warm feeling, seemingly, a body of a yao beast. Moreover, it appeared as if the entrance was a mouth of a huge monster where if one walks in then he would never come out again.

Looking up, due to the dazzling golden light, only a rough picture of a huge golden statue could be seen. The detailed circumstance inside couldn’t be seen. There seemed to be a dense mist inside the gate, and even divine sense couldn’t penetrate through it.

“Eh, it’s not a huge demonic dragon that is lying underfoot, right? So-called Demonic Dragon Path isn’t the mouth and the throat of the demonic dragon, right?”

Ye Chuan stretched his hand and pressing the door frame, he lightly felt about with his fingertip. He suddenly had such absurd thought and shook his head. He seemed to be overly suspicious.

Those people that left behind these paradise realms were definitely an ancient power with heaven defying means. But, to say this Demonic Dragon Path was the mouth of some yao beast, that was something hard to believe. At the very least, when he was at the peak at his previous lifetime, Ye Chuan still didn’t have such remarkable ability.

There were many lines carved on the door frames. At first glance, they appeared like decorative patterns, but when looked closer, they resembled obscure runes or ancient secret laws.

Ye Chuan found this strange. He wasn’t in a hurry to rush inside Demonic Dragon Path. He instead carefully studied this gate dazzling with golden light, moreover, memorized every pattern on it.

Footsteps came from behind him and when Ye Chuan looked, he saw a familiar figure.

Tuoba Xiong unexpectedly didn’t die. He had few holes on his sleeves and had a somewhat sorry figure, but carrying a heavy cauldron, he walked over with large strides. Behind him, seven elite disciples of Black Cauldron Sect followed him. As for Tuoba Xiaoniao, she wasn’t here.


Tuoba Xiong snorted and his complexion sunk seeing Ye Chuan, but he didn’t attack. Don’t know whether he had misgivings as he had re-examined the strength of Ye Chuan, or to save his strength for this Demonic Dragon Path, Tuoba Xiong along with seven elite disciples of Black Cauldron Sect just walked past Ye Chuan.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, please stop.”

The instant Tuoba Xiong brushed past him, half squatting Ye Chuan who was studying the patterns suddenly stood up and said, “What about Xiaoniao? Your Excellency Sect Master, Xiaoniao, she……”

Not seeing the figure of Tuoba Xiaoniao, Ye Chuan suddenly became restless.

At the auxiliary palace, when he was about the kill Murong Zhuifeng, that terrifying poisonous mist had spread too quickly, and he basically didn’t have any time to think about other before running like wild choosing a path. At that time, thinking about weak and delicate Tuoba Xiaoniao who was also inside the auxiliary palace, his heart was perturbed, feeling remorseful and uneasy. But, at that time, he could only place hope on Tuoba Xiong and now was hoping to hear the good news. When all was said and done, even a tiger doesn’t eat its own cub, even though Tuoba Xiong was rude and unreasonable, he after all was the father of Tuoba Xiaoniao, it was impossible to not try to save her.

“Humph, brat, stay away from my daughter in the future!”

Tuoba Xiong coldly looked at Ye Chuan, then entering the gate, he led seven elites into the Demonic Dragon Path.

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone and secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Tuoba Xiong was still grumpy and overbearing but his that sentence was enough. It shows that Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t die, just like Zhu Sijia and others, she was left outside so as to not take any risks. As long as the person was fine, what to do in the future, that wasn’t something Tuoba Xiong had the final say. Tuoba Xiong could not allow him to enter Black Cauldron Sect to see Tuoba Xiaoniao, but could he closely follow Tuoba Xiaoniao forever and not allow her to leave at all?

Looking at the back view of Tuoba Xiong, Ye Chuan smiled wickedly.

“Brat, you are still alive?” A cold and sinister voice came from behind.

Ye Chuan turned around and saw another familiar figure a bit far away. He was none other than Feng Ren of Five Style Sect. At this moment, his eyes were glimmering with ominous glint and he appeared unscathed. But, compared to Tuoba Xiong, he was far worse, moreover, he didn’t have former arrogance and vigor.

Although Tuoba Xiong had a sorry figure, in any case, he had seven elite disciples following him, but Feng Ren was alone here. In that disaster of poisonous mist, he might have fled by himself leaving behind that crowd of Five Style Sect’s disciples, or all the surviving disciples of Five Style Sect might have stayed behind outside. But, according to the nature of this fellow, the former was more likely to have happened. If there truly was any surviving disciple of Five Style Sect, then this old fellow, Feng Ren had no reason to not bring them here. Even if they couldn’t help, he could at least use them as a shield at a crucial moment.

“Heh heh, I’m fine. Old man, sorry to disappoint you, but, I am also very disappointed, you old bastard unexpectedly didn’t die, what a bummer!” Ye Chuan coldly counterattacked.

“Brat, you……”

The complexion of Feng Ren was cold and was about to make a move, but after thinking over, he still didn’t dare to act recklessly.

The scene of Ye Chuan utterly defeating Murong Zhuifeng, he had seen with his own eyes. The cultivation of Ye Chuan wasn’t high, only Rank 5 Xiushi, and Feng Ren was confident to crush any other people with such trifling cultivation to death with his finger, but he wasn’t confident about killing Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan clearly had hidden his true strength. Even unstoppable Murong Zhuifeng had eaten a big loss at that time, so Feng Ren naturally didn’t dare to act recklessly. The current Ye Chuan wasn’t Ye Chuan of before.

“Brat, if you don’t have the capability, then roll out as early as possible. If you are not afraid of death, then come in, this lordship will wait for you inside this Demonic Dragon Path!” Feng Ren took a glance at three large words ‘Demonic Dragon Path’ above the gate and entered the gate as his voice came from far away.

“Old bastard, I will enter, you’d better be careful, don’t die too quickly!”

Ye Chuan sneered and continued to study the patterns of the door frame.

Now, in Heavenly Fire Continent, there were only a few people that knew what the words ‘Demonic Dragon’ represents. As for Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren, they simply didn’t know what the words ‘Demonic Dragon’ implied. Entering forthright like this, it’s very likely that they wouldn’t obtain the inheritance of this paradise realm, rather will activate even more terrifying restriction compared to that poisonous mist!

Ye Chuan calmed down and wasn’t overanxious for the quick result. He carefully looked at every strange aspect of these carvings and studied the details that ordinary people might have ignored.

In his previous lifetime, he had entered many ominous domains and escaped unscathed. It was not only because of his strength but also because of his patience. If one didn’t have patience, then sooner or later, they would fail. Cultivation didn’t train the state of mind, and unable to reach the pinnacle of cultivation, one is doomed to be unable to live for long.

Ye Chuan discarded all his distracting thoughts and closed his eyes. He used his fingertips to feel the patterns on the door frame and used his spirit to slowly feel its profound mystery.

Each and every surviving experts hurriedly brushed past him.

They were alert and didn’t dare to speak with Ye Chuan whose true strength was hidden. But they were even more unable to restrain their excitement. They perfectly knew that it was very dangerous in the front, but they hastily entered, for fear that they would fall behind others. On the contrary, one old and one small loose cultivators, after arriving the entrance of Demonic Dragon Path, they didn’t urgently enter, they stood still behind Ye Chuan for a long time as if they were waiting for something.

The aged old man was already very old. His entire face was wrinkled and his white beard reached to his abdomen. As for the small one, he was roughly about seven or eight in age. He appeared perturbed and restless continuously pulling the hand of this old man, moreover, he looked immature and shy. The two people didn’t seem to be cultivators, and also no one knew how they survived that terrifying poisonous mist. But, from them, Ye Chuan vaguely sensed a strange aura, which was indistinctly similar to the aura of that little demonic dragon.

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