Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 232

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 232: Demonic Dragon Path

Inside the paradise realm, a shocking scene appeared.

All experts were fleeing for their life. Each and every one was ghastly pale and were gasping for breath. Behind them, there was a poisonous mist. Anyone that was just a little slower or had the slightest slip, such as staggering on the smooth slabstone, they would be instantly submerged by poisonous mist, changing into skeletons. Many people stepped on their flying sword to flee for their life. As for those who were slower, they lost their lives.

Ye Chuan didn’t have a flying sword, as a result, he was running wildly on foot. Even while carrying one person on the left and another person on his right, he was still running as if on wings towards the stone forest edge. He was calm and his steps were steady as he ran. But, Zhu Sijia and fatty Zhao Dazhi were repeatedly crying in fear.

“Quick, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, quick!”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, leave us here and run by yourself!”

Fatty and Zhu Sijia became ghastly pale. They had never seen such a terrifying dense mist.

Looking back, they saw terrifying poisonous mist had blotted out the sky and was rolling with earth-shaking momentum as if a sandstorm. Moreover, sad and shrill screams fell incessantly on their ears as people would die time and time again. As long as their movement was even a bit slower, even a Daoist Master realm expert would meet his doom.

Taking out Mist Bamboo sprout from inside the stone coffin had already affected the restriction of Chaotian Palace. The instant Ye Chuan put the Mist Bamboo sprout inside Cyan Lamp Space, the ancient defense restriction thoroughly displayed its terrifying might. This poisonous mist that covered the sky and earth was the best defense. The might of this restriction clearly states that the person that laid out this restriction wanted to kill all the intruders. He didn’t want anyone to take out this Mist Bamboo sprout.

Ye Chuan didn’t utter a word. He used all his strength on his legs, and with an indistinct white light circulating around his body, his single step covered more than ten meters. The energy coming from that drop of Demonic Dragon Blood made his legs appear as strong as iron, moreover, he felt as if he possessed an inexhaustible amount of energy. Although his cultivation realm wasn’t high, his physical body however was so doughty that even Daoist Master realm experts would drool with envy.

Ye Chuan was calm and composed. Even when poisonous mist arrived just one step behind him, he wasn’t flustered, but, after rushing behind a small hill, his heart suddenly sunk.

Behind this hill, there was a crowd of youths rushing forward. All of them spare no effort, but their speed wasn’t sufficiently fast. It wouldn’t take a long time before the poisonous mist catches up to them. This crowd of youths had men and women, and all of them were wearing the common war robe of Cloud Mist Sect. They precisely were those crowds of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples that had stayed behind outside the auxiliary palace. For such a long time, they didn’t find the exit of this paradise realm, moreover, also hadn’t run far away.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, it’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, save me, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”


The crowds of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple screamed. Seeing the figure of Ye Chuan, they felt as if a drowning person that grabbed a life-saving straw.

Ye Chuan didn’t speak, his heart was heavy and sadness appeared on his face.

The poisonous mist behind was rolling. Just taking along Zhu Sijia and fatty was already his limit. With his current means, he was unable to save these fellow disciples in front of his eyes. If this was his previous lifetime when he was still at his peak, then he could have used some powerful techniques to try and save them, but, with his current Rank 5 Xiushi realm cultivation, he could only sigh helplessly.

Ye Chuan accelerated, and caught up to numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. Seeing this the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were excited and saw the hope of escaping alive. Merely, Ye Chuan secretly sighed in his heart. That terrifying poisonous mist was already less than 3 meters behind him. Even if he had very powerful technique, he also couldn’t save so many people.

Can Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets be used on them just like taming yao beasts and put them into Cyan Lotus Space?

Ye Chuan suddenly had a thought. He thought of a daring way, and he didn’t time much time to think. But, at that time, a loud explosion sound came from behind, then the poisonous mist that was about to submerge the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect suddenly stopped.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, look!”

A Cloud Mist Sect disciple screamed as he pointed far into the distance.

Everyone turned around and looked. Ye Chuan was also the same.

Far away, at the place shrouded by the poisonous mist, majestic auxiliary palace, Chaotian Palace collapsed, revealing a gate dazzling in golden light. Above the gate, three large words ‘Demonic Dragon Path’ were carved. Behind this gate, there was a dazzling golden passage with numerous standing tall golden statues. At the end of this golden passage, one could vaguely see even more majestic palace. There was a layer upon layer of palaces stranding tall at the horizon. That place was the real forbidden ground of this paradise realm. And at the places where the golden light was dispersing, that frightening poisonous mist dissipated in succession, and a narrow golden path appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“We pay respect to Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is mighty!”

Numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect knelt down and were excited endlessly. They felt as if they returned alive from the gates of hell. Ye Chuan clearly did nothing, but as soon as he appeared, that terrifying poisonous mist stopped, making people misunderstand the situation.

“Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, Demonic Dragon Path……”

Ye Chuan was also excited. He muttered to himself as he looked at that distant golden passage. That place would lead to the inheritance location of this paradise realm.

Without cooperating to break the restriction of Ghost King Chessboard, perhaps they would have encountered chessboards one after another until they collapsed and sunk into the chessboard world; without breaking the restriction of stone coffin and taking out the Mist Bamboo sprout, auxiliary palace, Chaotian Palace wouldn’t have collapsed and this Demonic Dragon Path wouldn’t have appeared. If one had bad luck, then he would have already engulfed by the poisonous mist, but with good luck, they persisted on, finally discovering the real paradise realm.

Ye Chuan suddenly realized in his mind.

Without a doubt, the master of paradise realm was definitely a heaven-defying expert. His means were exceedingly high and his plans were also something that an ordinary person couldn’t reckon. His every means was linked with another. Want to break into this paradise realm to obtain his inheritance, let alone ordinary person, even a Sage realm expert, if unlucky, then he might meet his doom here, even if not changed into a ghastly skeleton, he would be scared out of his wits.

Master stroke!

Only a heaven-defying expert that came from the world beyond the highest heaven had this kind of means!

The heart of Ye Chuan shook. He immediately put down Zhu Sijia and fatty, then ran towards Demonic Dragon Path as he said: “Jiajia, you all, go and look for the exit. If you have the opportunity to leave this paradise realm then leave and return to Cloud Mist Sect. After seven days, if I didn’t return, then report the Second Elder and make him select new Big Disciple of the sect!”

Ye Chuan resolutely rushed towards Demonic Dragon Path. The bigger the scale of this paradise realm, the more dangerous it was and the more that evoked his interest.

In his previous lifetime, he wasn’t Heaven Concealing Great Sage from the beginning, he had experienced unknown numbers of hardships, twists and turns. In this lifetime, if he wanted to step on the higher pinnacle, then it was clear that he must brave through dangers and experience even greater hardships.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

Zhu Sijia chased a few steps, then she suddenly stopped, and she resisted the urge to follow Ye Chuan.

On both sides, the poisonous mist was seething, and on the narrow path in the middle, Ye Chuan rushed forward in the midst of dazzling golden light. This figure of Ye Chuan deeply engraved in the mind of Zhu Sijia. After stopping, she no longer chased after Ye Chuan, but tears flowed down her cheeks.

This parting with Ye Chuan might be their final farewell!

At this moment, there were still many helpless fellow disciples around her, and she needs to look after them, so she continuously told herself that she needs to be strong, but her tears flowed down beyond her control.

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