Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 231

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 231: Zhuifeng becomes a reminiscence

The reaction of Murong Zhuifeng was very fast after sensing this situation was far from good, but, this time, he wasn’t so lucky.

A blade light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

The smiling puppet doll suddenly pulled out a sharp dagger from its bosom, then ferociously stabbed towards him. Since they were so close at hand, not to mention the speed of chasing bird (Zhuiniao), even with the speed of chasing wind (Zhuifeng), there was not enough time to dodge.

Murong Zhuifeng who was about to break open the roof suddenly gave a blood-curdling scream.

At the last moment, he instinctively inclined his head to one side. This caused the sharp dagger that was about to stab his vital part, space between his eyebrows, streak across his face, leaving behind a deep and long scar, nearly cutting his head into two.

“Where did this evil spirit come from, I will kill you!”

Murong Zhuifeng was again surprised and also angry. After that, he screamed and used his Heavenly Blade to ferociously chop down, wanting to cleave this strange puppet doll into two.

“Ka ka ka ka……”

The chubby puppet doll that appeared cute unexpectedly let out a sinister laughter, and then suddenly retreated, dodging the Heavenly Blade of Murong Zhuifeng. Murong Zhuifeng gnashed his teeth and was about to chase, but a strong wind suddenly came from behind him. Turning around, he saw a fist of Ye Chuan had already arrived in front of him.

“As expected, this is your trick!”

Murong Zhuifeng flew into a rage. He completely ignored the fist of Ye Chuan and ferociously chopped down with his Heavenly Blade. He only attacked without defending.

Since Ye Chuan’s cultivation base was only Rank 5 Xiushi realm, how could his punch have any effect on him? At most, he would receive slight injury and feel slight pain. On the contrary, with his ferocious blade slash, he could cut Ye Chuan into two, then again tear his body to thousands of pieces!

Murong Zhuifeng was really angry, angry from the bottom of his heart and also hated Ye Chuan to death. For so many years, he had never eaten such a big loss and also had never met such a fierce opponent.

No need to speak about blocking the path with a formation, he furthermore had prepared an ambush of Evil Eyed Cow Demons, human faced snakes and so on yao beasts within the formation. He even had prepared an evil spirit to ambush on the roof. He had prepared killing moves at every step that was hard to guard against.

This brat is too sinister!

Murong Zhuifeng gnashed his teeth and suddenly, he wasn’t in a hurry to break out of this encirclement. He wanted to take advantage of this chance to kill Ye Chuan in reverse. He didn’t fear Ye Chuan’s sneak attack, only feared that he would hide again!

Du! A muffled sound resounded. The fist of Ye Chuan hit the chest of Murong Zhuifeng before his Heavenly Blade cut Ye Chuan.

The body of Murong Zhuifeng slightly shook and his complexion was still ferocious as if that punch of Ye Chuan was completely ineffective. But, in the next moment, he trembled and crazily vomited blood. Not only was his mouth spewing blood, blood was spurting out from every pore of his entire body.


A sad and shrill blood-curdling scream resounded.

Just with a single punch, Ye Chuan nearly blew off the body of Murong Zhuifeng.

108,000 jin!

One Heaven Swallowing Talisman represented the strength of 18,000 jin. And circulating six Heavenly Swallowing Talismans together, the strength of 108,000 jin suddenly exploded. Who could withstand such strength?

As the outstanding figure among the younger generation of Murong aristocratic family, the physical body of Murong Zhuifeng was already doughty enough. Unfortunately, Ye Chuan was his opponent, the strength of 108,000 jin was too brutal!

“Noble son Murong, this treasure of inside the stone coffin and Heavenly Blade, I kindly accept them!”

Ye Chuan grinned. As for Murong Zhuifeng, he only saw a shadow flashing before his eyes. Now, Mist Bamboo sprout and Heavenly Blade were in the hands of Ye Chuan. After that, Ye Chuan ferociously slashed down with Heavenly Blade, wanting to use the Heavenly Blade of Murong Zhuifeng to end his life.

“Brat, you… do you dare to kill me?”

Murong Zhuifeng screamed with great alarm and stretched out his hand to grab the roof beam, wanting to dodge.

Buzz! The ice-cold blade light of sharp Heavenly Blade streak across the sky.

Ye Chuan didn’t answer, just chopped down coldly. Now, Murong Zhuifeng was so scared that he nearly pissed his pants as he urgently tried to retreat. But, he felt pain from his legs. Ye Chuan had cut off his legs at the base.


Murong Zhuifeng, who considered himself the best in the world and everyone else beneath his notice in former days, gave a blood-curdling scream once again as he fell down from the sky. For many years in the past, he was running wild in the capital where there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons. All those who had lower cultivation base were of no match of him, and as for those whose cultivation base was higher, they didn’t dare to attack him as he had Murong aristocratic family behind him. But beyond his expectation, this time, he met Ye Chuan, this ruthless fellow. He showed no quarter when attacking.

Ye Chuan put away Mist Bamboo sprout inside Cyan Lotus Space and just when he was about to jump down from the roof beam to surely kill severely injured Murong Zhuifeng, the auxiliary hall suddenly shook violently and along with cracking sound, cracks appeared on the roof, walls and the ground.

The altar at the end of the hall rapidly sunk into the ground and a dense grey mist sprang out from the depth of the ground. People who couldn’t dodge in time, regardless of Xiushi realm ordinary adventurers or Daoist Master realm experts, all wailed mournfully in unison as they changed into skeletons in a blink of an eye.  Furthermore, this mist became denser and denser. Compared to the poisonous mist that shrouded the stone coffin, this mist was even more poisonous.

“This mist is poisonous, run quickly!”

“The palace is going to collapse, quickly run!”


Everyone inside the axillary hall screamed as they dispersed in confusion, rushing towards the doorway blocked by the Mist Fire Formation of Ye Chuan. Some flew towards the roof and some even gritted their teeth and directly break open the wall. Everyone who was a bit slower was immediately shrouded by this poisonous mist, then become a skeleton along with a scream. Many of those skeletons didn’t collapse and still maintained the running posture, moreover, they were stretching their hand as if they were calling for help or trying to catch something.

The scalp of Ye Chuan tingled. He couldn’t attend to chase severely wounded Murong Zhuifeng to kill. He put away Heaven Burning Furnace, human faced snakes, puppet doll and numerous evil eyed cow demons into the Cyan Lotus Space, then flew away. Just after he flew away, that terrifying poisonous mist spread all over the hall.

Now, inside the broad palace, all experts were running like wild in disorder. Everyone displayed their remarkable techniques to escape from this place. And behind them, there was poisonous mist. All the living things that were shrouded by this poisonous mist instantly turned into a skeleton.

Outside the palace, Zhu Sijia and fatty who had left in advance were waiting for Ye Chuan. Hearing wild shrieks and howls coming from inside the palace, they didn’t know what had happened inside the palace, but they were anxious and dying to leave this place.

“Jiajia, fatty, run!”

The voice of Ye Chuan suddenly resounded in the ears of these two people.

Seeing Ye Chuan was safe and sound, both of then finally relaxed, but at the next moment, their heart suddenly tightened. A loose cultivator that was just behind Ye Chuan suddenly issued an inhumane wail. A large amount of grey mist shrouded him and he instantly changed into a skeleton. He was only half-a-step slower than Ye Chuan, but now he will never see the world outside again.

Zhu Sijia and fatty were scared out of their wits. But, in the next moment, under the warning of Ye Chuan, they woke up. Then, they immediately turned around without any hesitation and ran. Ye Chuan also speeded up. Behind him, a terrifying poisonous mist was surging like a flood with the momentum of swallowing everything.

Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren were also desperately running like mad. Now, not even one-tenth of people survived. But no one noticed that Liu Hong was also among the survivors. She didn’t die in the auxiliary palace. Not only this woman didn’t die, she still held a shadow in her hand. She was madly rushing forward stepping on her flying sword. If someone turned their head, then they could notice that that wasn’t some shadow, but rather the half body of Murong Zhuifeng.

“Kill, kill him, kill him……”

Murong Zhuifeng had a blank expression and he was continuously mumbling to himself as if he had gone mad or become an idiot. He was unable to accept this fact for the time being. Although he was still alive, he was obviously a waste now. His both legs were gone. Hereafter, he didn’t need to think about chasing the wind, that only become his reminisce!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Better take the time to solve these two ticking time bombs. No way they don’t make trouble in the future if you leave them be.

  2. Ok the hoebitch has survived enough. If she and chasing bird don’t die in this realm then fuck this story.

  3. It’s sad. What happened to that saying, don’t leave a tiger to return to its mountain or something like that? He had plenty of opportunities to take care of that girl… He also could’ve killed that guy instead of chopping his legs. All those years lived only to turn into an idiot

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