Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 230

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 230: Shocking at every step

After Mist Bamboo inside the stone coffin was taken away, the ancient altar lost its luster, then trembled. Moreover, the runes engraved on it also disappeared little by little. Next, the entire auxiliary palace slowly trembled.

Originally, since Murong Zhuifeng had left them in dust, all experts had given up the pursuit and had understood that they had no hope to obtain that treasure. But, seeing Ye Chuan blocking the path of Murong Zhuifeng’s group all of a sudden, their hope involuntarily reignited, and they rushed over one after another with flourishing killing intent. However, seeing the dense mist as well as indistinct figures of a crowd of yao beasts in the midst of soaring flames and dense mist, all of them stopped in succession.

Even Murong Zhuifeng was trapped there, who would dare to rush in?

The gaze of Feng Ren glimmered. Tuoba Xiong was shocked and was greatly taken aback.

Who would have thought that Murong Zhuifeng who was holding Heavenly Blade was unexpectedly blocked by unassuming Ye Chuan!

This kid had truly endured and kept himself hidden. Now, he was attacking with all his strength!

All the experts were shocked and they re-evaluated the strength of Ye Chuan. At this moment, everyone understood that the previous appearance of Ye Chuan had deceived them.

A sad and shrill scream came from inside the dense mist.

Under the attack of 12 human faced snakes, a beautiful bodyguard under the leadership of Murong Zhuifeng died. These human faced snakes didn’t attack head-on rather made a surprise attack under the cover of this Mist Fire Formation, moreover, all of them concentrated their attack to deal with one target. With the joint attack of these 12 guardians of this paradise realm, even Murong Zhuifeng was having a hard time to hold on his own, how could these bodyguards under him block?

“Brat, come out, why are you hiding?”

Murong Zhuifeng was surprised and also angry. On one hand, he dodged the attacks of fire snakes and on the other hand, he was looking for the trace of Ye Chuan. Unfortunately, he was unable to find even the trace of Ye Chuan as if he had suddenly disappeared into the air. Under rage, he gritted his teeth and rushed over towards numerous human faced snakes. Although he couldn’t see with his eyes, he wanted to kill them relying on his spirit power. But, every time he got close to human faced snakes, all 12 human faced snakes would quickly retreat, disappearing in the midst of dense mist. Like that, all the attack of Murong Zhuifeng would miss.

Originally, this Mist Fire Formation was only 100 meters in radius, but it slowly spread to 1 kilometer in radius. After the repeated attacks, Murong Zhuifeng not only missed all his attacks, he unknowingly was lost in the midst of dense mist. Now, he didn’t even know the direction of the doorway of this auxiliary palace. Moreover, the screams of his subordinates slowly made him panic, and a strong sense of danger and fear rose in his heart. What was even more terrifying was, with the passage of time, the effect of Yuanyang Pill gradually decreased. Now, he was unable to break out of an encirclement and wasting time was even more dangerous.

Murong Zhuifeng suddenly stopped his steps and his complexion was tense, knowing he couldn’t waste time by blindly attacking like this. Moreover, he vaguely saw that, now, only a few bodyguards were alive, so he couldn’t help sighing with resignation.

“Noble son Murong, where are you? Wait for me, you must not abandon me, noble son Murong……”

With dense mist all around, Liu Hong also wasn’t able to see anything, and she didn’t know where Murong Zhuifeng was, but her senses were very sharp. She indistinctly heard the sigh of Murong Zhuifeng and reacted very quickly.

Murong Zhuifeng didn’t utter a word, just coldly looked towards the direction from where the voice of Liu Hong originated, then he suddenly soared towards the sky.

If he couldn’t see where the exit of this auxiliary palace was, then he could simply fly and break open the roof of this auxiliary palace to rush out!

Liu Hong and others who were trapped inside the Mist Fire Formation laid out by Ye Chuan felt heavy and had difficulty in moving about. They felt as if they were being weighed down by an invisible mountain, but Murong Zhuifeng was different. Relying on his powerful strength to resist the effect of the formation, he still had surplus strength to break out of this encirclement without any problem, merely, he had to show consideration for those beautiful bodyguards under him. As for Liu Hong, was she important?

For Murong Zhuifeng, lovely and charming Liu Hong who took the initiative to stick close to him was somewhat new, but she was still far from the point where he would risk his life to save her.

“Noble son Murong, wait for me, no, help me, noble son Murong, you cannot abandon me, ah, noble son Murong……”

Liu Hong screamed. Now, she was nervous like never before. Indistinctly seeing the soaring figure of Murong Zhuifeng, she immediately understood what was going on. Then following the suit, she wielded her flying sword wanting to break out of this trap like Murong Zhuifeng. But, her light and graceful body was heavy now, as a result, after stepping on the flying sword, her flying sword swayed, then colliding head-on with fire wave, she was knocked down to the ground. Even though she wanted to imitate Murong Zhuifeng to break out of this trap, she didn’t have that kind of capability.

The few surviving beautiful bodyguards also became restless. They knew that Murong Zhuifeng had abandoned them, so each and every one of them screamed, hoping Murong Zhuifeng would return to save them. Unfortunately, they were disappointed, Murong Zhuifeng didn’t even turn his head, he just soared and ferociously slammed again the roof of this auxiliary palace.

“Ye Chuan, the humiliation of today, I, Murong Zhuifeng, will definitely repay you double in the future. After I return to the capital, I will lead 8,000 disciples of Murong Clan to massacre your Cloud Mist Sect, even fowls and dogs will not be spared!”

The cold voice of Murong Zhuifeng resounded. Now, he held sharp Heavenly Blade in one hand and held Mist Bamboo sprout in the other hand.

This battle, he lost, he failed completely before Ye Chuan made a move in person. This kind of crushing defeat, he had suffered for the first time in his life, becoming a galling shape and deep humiliation for all his life.

In a triumphant manner, he led 12 beautiful bodyguards to come here, but in the end, he had suffered a crushing defeat and had to run away alone. Moreover, he didn’t lose in the hands of a Daoist Master realm expert, rather lost in the hands of a trifling Rank 5 Xiushi ream Ye Chuan. If this wasn’t galling shame and deep humiliation, then what was it?

“Heh heh, you want to massacre my Cloud Mist Sect, but do you have that kind of opportunity?”

Ye Chuan who had disappeared without a trace suddenly appeared, then jumping up, he grabbed the right leg of Murong Zhuifeng and pulled him down. Now, Murong Zhuifeng who was about to break out of the trap fell downwards, again entering the Mist Fire Formation.

“Brat, go to hell!”

Murong Zhuifeng was shocked and also angry. He immediately slashed his blade towards Ye Chuan. Now, Ye Chuan had two choices, either release his hand or lose his hand!

Unexpectedly, Ye Chuan released his hand, but he didn’t seem to be regretting, rather a cold smile appeared on his face.

Murong Zhuifeng suddenly felt this situation was anything but reassuring and he was too late to detect the danger. He suddenly felt severe pain from his neck, followed by a golden light flashing before his eyes. A Six Winged Golden Cicada had suddenly come out of nowhere.

The Six Winged Golden Cicada that had been hiding in the collar of Murong Zhuifeng finally receive the order to attack. First, it tore off a large piece of Murong Zhuifeng’s neck flesh, followed by it appeared in front of Murong Zhuifeng flapping its wings, then using its blade-like wings, it wanted to cut open his throat, cutting off his head.

But at the crucial moment, Murong Zhuifeng reacted quickly. In the blink of an eye, he dodged a deadly attack of Six Winged Golden Cicada. Moreover, not only he didn’t continue to fall, he instead accelerated upward, wanting to break open the roof and rush out. But, at the moment, when his scalp hit the roof, he suddenly saw a pair of evil and sinister big eyes.

A chubby puppet doll, don’t know when, was hanging from the roof beam waiting for a long time. Its smiling face was cute, but at this very moment, it appeared very strange.

Above the roof, how could there be a puppet doll?

Murong Zhuifeng was confused in his heart, but the fine hairs on his body suddenly stood on their ends.

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