Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 23

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 23: Junior apprentice-brother, how did this happen?

Returning back to Purple Cloud Courtyard, Ye Chuan picked up swarthy God Beating Whip, and slowly sweep the fallen leaves of the courtyard, with leisurely expression.

He knew, tonight someone would definitely be unable to fall asleep, and was sure to come looking for him.

Sure enough, after about half an hour, Jin Hua came, with two eyes very red, hairs disheveled, and incomplete clothing. Today was his wedding day, but not only he didn’t have any countenance of high-spirited, instead had a miserable looks. And he also didn’t have any of those refined and courteous appearance of former days.

Thinking over from different angle, Jin Hua knew that there was only one way left now, which was running away.

Now continuing to get married with Tuoba Xiaoniao was truly courting death. Currently he could endure but everyone else, Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Xiaoniao couldn’t endure. The bridegroom that cannot ride a horse was naturally a good-for-nothing, so could he still call himself a bridegroom?

Going back on his words and breaking off the engagement for the time being was also courting death. First no need to speak about the fury of Tuoba Xiong, even his father and Third Elder will not let him go easily. Everything he said would be useless, as they would say that usually he was too licentious that caused him to catch a strange disease, thus missing a big matter, so they would definitely confine him for few years even as a light punishment. But he could still have his freedom if he flee down the mountain overnight. Merely, after cultivating freely in the mountain for so many years, and just when he was about to obtain the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of sect, he was forced to flee overnight, all his great efforts were completely wasted, so he naturally was unreconciled!

The more Jin Hua thought, that more he got angry, and if he had to run away, then he wanted to make Ye Chuan suffer, i.e. kill him before fleeing.

Today, in Cloud Mist Hall, if it was not for Ye Chuan speaking thoughtlessly about how he (Jin Hua) was secretly in love with and desired her, then all these later matters wouldn’t have happened. Now he was sure that Ye Chuan had deliberately done this.

“Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, you came?”

Ye Chuan turned around, and excitedly went over to welcome, “Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, you are really my brother, even though it’s your wedding night, you still came to see me, this is too touching!”

Ye Chuan smeared tears and snots on the body of Jin Hua all without exception.

You are not able to act anymore, but I like to scheme, so let’s continue!

Ye Chuan’s outer appearance was in a total mess, but he was sneering inwardly.

Jin Hua suddenly raised his right palm, wanting to slap the head of Ye Chuan to explode, but seeing Ye Chuan with snots and tears, he couldn’t help but hesitated.

Not because his conscience found it hard to ruthlessly raise his hand, rather he felt strange.

The appearance of Ye Chuan, it seems soft-spoken and timid, and even if he searched high and low within the sect, there was no one more idiot than him, so how could he see through his scheme. What’s going on today, am I being paranoid, blaming him?

The complexion of Jin Hua became gloomy, and he decided to clearly understand Ye Chuan, “You brat, today in the hall, wasn’t that intentional? Intentionally making me marry Tuoba Xiaoniao, and letting people of entire sect to see me make a fool out of myself?”

“Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, what’s going on with you?”

Ye Chuan raised his head, and with puzzled face, he said, “That’s right, it was intentional, I intentionally declared that I gave you Dragon’s Vein Crystal as a gift in the presence of all, increasing your face, what’s wrong with that? As for marring Tuoba Xiaoniao, the daughter of Sect Master Tuoba, isn’t this reaching heaven in a single bound, thus justifying you sitting on  the throne of sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, wasn’t this always your desire, don’t tell me that this is also wrong? Although the looks of Tuoba Xiaoniao is a little majestic, but there is an old saying, women with board framework are capable to giving birth easily, that is also a good thing ah!”


Jin Hua hatefully gritted his teeth, but listening to Ye Chuan, he was speechless, and he didn’t know what to say.

After carefully thinking, he came to the conclusion that this Ye Chuan was not necessarily trying to harm him. This fellow had always been foolish and timid, although after he returned from God Burial Region, he became a little unpredictable as if he was enlightened, but he still was an idiot who even conveniently gave away Dragon’s Vein Crystal as a gift. The Dragon’s Vein Crystal left behind by Sect Master ah, he gave away just like that, so how could he be clever enough to act?

Misunderstanding, this guy must be trying to curry favor with me, hoping me to take care of him later, but that well-intention provoked a disaster!

The heart of Jin Hua began to waver, and became chaotic. His usually extremely intelligent brain, now became unclear. But, the idea of killing Ye Chuan was unchanged, and his killing intent was flourishing more and more. Whether Ye Chuan was intentional or unintentional, this matter had something to do with him, so before running away from the mountain, if he don’t kill him, then how can he vent his hatred?

“Oh……, I understand!”

Ye Chuan hit his own head, pretending he couldn’t see killing intent of Jin Hua. And just when the latter was about to raise his hand again to strike, he suddenly cried, “Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, I have thought of it, aren’t you not……, not capable in that that aspect, and now you can’t do anything about bridal chamber?”

“How do you know?” Jin Hua screamed, and questioningly looked at Ye Chuan while his killing intent flourishing even more.

Other than junior apprentice-sister Xiao Qing, only he himself knew about that matter, so how did this Ye Chuan know?

“That……, many years ago, when Master Sect Master put Dragon’s Vein Crystal inside my body, he said that, until I thoroughly refine it, I’m unable to marry, as tendons, arteries and blood vessels will be blocked by the Dragon’s Vein Crystal.”

Ye Chuan smiled feeling embarrassed, and sincerely said, “At that time, I was still very small, so didn’t particularly understand and was also not interested to marry. Moreover even if I wanted to marry, I couldn’t afford it. Furthermore Tuoba Xiaoniao fell in love with you at first sight. Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, I’m really sorry. Let me think, at that time, Master seemed to have stated a solution, what was that method……”

Ye Chuan stroked the back of his head, pretending to be vexed while pondering.

The eyes of Jin Hua shone, impatiently stepping forward, he said, “Junior……, no, senior apprentice-brother, quickly think, what was that method?”

As long as there is a solution, who wants to run away from the mountain overnight?

Jin Hua basically wanted to kill, but unexpectedly, he was pleasantly surprised. Now he tensely stared at Ye Chuan.

“Very simple, thoroughly refine the Dragon’s Vein Crystal.” Ye Chuan replied.

“How is that possible? There is not enough time!” Jin Hua shook his head. The power of Dragon’s Vein Crystal was too huge, how can it be so easy to completely refine it in a short period of time.

“There is two other method, either, you return Dragon’s Vein Crystal to me, or, you go to Martial Repository Pavilion to search a manual called Dragon Transformation Secrets Merit Law. At that time, Master Sect Master said that, Dragon Transformation Secrets can rapidly refine Dragon’s Vein Crystal. I could do nothing about it, because my talent is limited and am bad at comprehending, but junior apprentice-brother is very talented and intelligent, so I believe you will definitely have no problem.” Ye Chuan clearly showed a way to Jin Hua.

“Good, let’s go to Martial Repository Pavilion!”

Jin Hua was overjoyed. It was very hard to get a hold onto Dragon Vein’s Crystal, so he absolutely cannot hand it over, as this was his capital to continuously remain free even after running away from the mountain. After walking two steps, he stopped again, “That’s no good, now it’s already dark, so the strict guard of Martial Repository Pavilion will not let us enter.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll help you draw attention of the guards, and junior apprentice-brother, you can secretly enter, and come out immediately after you succeed. And there will still be the time to go to the bridal chamber after refining the Dragon’s Vein Crystal.” Ye Chuan patted his chest and said with stern righteousness.

This brat is stupid, still stupidity truly has its benefit! Jin Hua sized up Ye Chuan, and was a little reluctant to put his hand on him, fearing afterwards he would not find such foolish people, “Good, let’s go!”

“Junior apprentice-brother, please!”

Ye Chuan laughed foolishly, with the appearance of ‘was betrayed but still have to count money for them’.

Two people walked side by side, and quickly arrived at Martial Repository Pavilion of the Sect.

Ye Chuan really didn’t let Jin Hua disappointed, he quickly disguised himself as an uninvited guest and led the guards away. After that relying on his Rank two Xiushi cultivation, Jin Hua sneaked into the Martial Repository Pavilion. After a little while, he really found a manual called Dragon Transformation Secrets Merit Law, then bursting with joy, he quickly withdrew. Outside the door, don’t know when but Ye Chuan had already shaken off the guards and had already returned back. Right now he was holding a torch and was waiting idiotically.

“Senior apprentice-brother, thank you, thank you very much. With this merit law, junior apprentice-brother, I am relieved. Some other day, I will definitely reward you generously.” Jin Hua was overjoyed, and he reached out to the torch in the hand of Ye Chuan.

“Junior apprentice-brother, what are you saying? I am unable to make sense of what you are saying.”

Ye Chuan confusedly said and suddenly retreated few steps. After that a group of frosty guards appeared in front of Jin Hua.

After achieving what he wished by finding Dragon Transformation Secrets, Jin Hua was truly too happy that he unexpectedly didn’t notice many people standing in the dark.

“Brat, you……, were you pretending?” Jin Hua felt ice-cold, and became fully aware that he had fallen into a trap.

Before at Purple Cloud Peak, after he killed Ye Chuan, he could have leisurely gone down the mountain, but now, even if he wanted to flee overnight, that would be difficult.

“Junior apprentice-brother, if you want any merit law, then you can just ask it. As a Alchemy Hall Master’s noble son and an elite disciple, you are a person with high prestige in the sect, so why did you do this?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then sympathetically said, “Today’s your wedding night, so junior apprentice-brother, you aren’t preparing to have a loving affection with Tuoba Xiaonia, instead came here at Martial Repository Pavilion to steal a merit law, what kind of trouble are you stirring up? Can it be that you want to flee to avoid the marriage, and while at it, smoothly steal several secret manuals passed down in the sect and flee overnight down the mountain? Although Tuoba Xiaoniao is not a beauty like a flower, she is also not that ugly, but you were frightened to this extent? If you are truly unwilling, then you can just break off this engagement ah, there is no need to do this. Ai……”

Ye Chuan shook his head and said with sympathy. All the words he said were reasonable, where is that foolish and dumb appearance of just now? The ears of Ye Chuan moved slightly, hearing a familiar footsteps. Great Elder had also arrived nearby hearing the news, then standing in the dark, he watched quietly.

“Brat, were you acting before?”

Jin Hua stepped forward, and atrociously yelled, “All my sincerity were in vain, I personally came to your door, offered a humble apology and call you brother, but you repay me like this?”

“Hahaha, what a joke! Sowed discord, no need to mention about bewitching Nan Tiandu to kill me, sending someone in the dead of the night to draw me to the medicine field of Second Elder, attempting to kill me by another’s hand, who was that? When proposing a toast in an apology, who was it again that put in a Breaking Yang Water in the wine? Did you truly believe that you were doing all those things without anybody knowing it?” Ye Chuan laughed. Now that Jin Hua this brat was cornered, it’s time to face-off and send him off to his journey.

“Breaking Yang Water? You……, how did you know?” Jin Hua paused, he was both startled and angry.

“What do you say?” Ye Chuan gave torch to a guard, and raised his hand’s broom.

“That’s right, I did it, all of them were my doing. Brat, now that you know all of it, you can just go to hell. With just a group of trivial guards, it’s wishful thinking to stop me from leaving, hahaha……”

The eyes of Jin Hua turned evil, then he simply took a risk in desperation, and suddenly began attacking. Just like a gust of wind, he attacked, attempting to kill everyone to silence them.

Puff puff puff, muffled sound of ruthlessly smashing the body resounded in succession.

Jin Hua moved swiftly, and his strength was also fierce. After a burst of screams, all twelve guards of Wuzhe realm fell to the ground without exception. The chest of all of them were badly mangled.

Right now the complexion of Jin Hua was ferocious, don’t know when, a phantom of fierce tiger had already appeared above his head. All of his punches were several thousand jin heavy, so these group of guards were not his opponent. After obtaining Dragon’s Vein Crystal, the strength of his hands had become violent, and the might of his Fierce Tiger Fist also had risen greatly, so these ordinary guards and disciples were simply not his opponent.

“Brat, now it’s your turn! Wasn’t it hard to continuously act dumb until now? Unfortunately, that ends here, hahaha……”

Jin Hua laughed heartily, and walked towards Ye Chuan in a large stride, wanting to quickly end the fight. A thick killing intent locked onto the body of Ye Chuan, heavily pressuring him.

Rank 2 Xiushi against Rank 5 Wuzhi, absolutely was not an opponent, he was already set to win. It’s not too late to run away from the mountain after killing Ye Chuan.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! He just dug his own grave and built his own coffin. He’d nail it shut himself if it was possible haha.

  2. Ugh, what idiot edited this? So far this entire novel has been poorly edited. Can’t stand it when the translators are so amateurish that they can’t get an editor to fix the hundreds of glaring mistakes in each chapter, instead thinking for some crazy reason that they can speak English well enough on their own. News flash. You can’t.

    “Returning back to Purple Cloud Courtyard, Ye Chuan picked up swarthy God Beating Whip, and slowly sweep the fallen leaves of the courtyard, with leisurely expression”

    Good job. In the first sentence alone, you managed to make THREE errors that anyone over 10 who speaks English wouldn’t make.

    My pet peeve is bad ENGRISH that people don’t bother fixing.

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