Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 229

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 229: Although the formation is insignificant, its might however is big

“Hahaha, waiting for me for a long time? Brat, blocking my road so that you can rob the treasure out of my hand, are you capable? Hahahaha……”

Murong Zhuifeng roared with laughter. He laughed so hard that tears flowed out from his eyes.

This truly was so unexpected!

After eating Yuanyang Pill, his strength had doubled for the time being, so he was able to kill experts everywhere on the altar. Moreover, no one was able to block his Heaven Blade including Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren. But, here, a trivial Rank 5 Xiushi realm Ye Chuan wanted to block him. Wasn’t this courting death?

The complexion of Murong Zhuifeng was cold as he grinned hideously, then ferociously rushing towards Ye Chuan, he said: “Brat, are you tired of living? Well, this noble son will help you achieve your wish!”

“You didn’t walk on the path of Heaven but insist on rushing towards the door of hell, noble son Ye, this time, it’s not that I wanted to kill you, rather you delivered yourself to the death door, hahahaha.”

Liu Hong also roared with laughter while following behind 12 beautiful bodyguards that were running behind Murong Zhuifeng.

The more powerful Murong Zhuifeng was, the more complacent she felt in her heart.

This thigh she hugged firmly was hard to encounter young and promising genius with a big background. She will never let go. Moreover, he was such an elegant and unrestrained gallant young scholar!

Having brought up in this Cloud Mist Mountain range, Liu Hong was already somewhat bored with this place. If she could seize the power of Five Style Sect in one fell swoop, then that would be best. But, she also didn’t mind following Murong Zhuifeng back to the capital entering the new world. If the worst comes to the worst, after taking a firm foot in the capital, she could return and forcibly unify Five Style Sect with the help of Murong Zhuifeng’s power. At that time, she could exterminate whoever refused to obey.

Suddenly, a white mist appeared in the sky which enveloped the group of Murong Zhuifeng. Then, in an instant, they felt heavy, as if they were being weighed down by an invisible mountain.

The speed of Murong Zhuifeng was alarming. In an instant, the Heavenly Blade in his hand arrived in front of Ye Chuan. But, in the blink of an eye, Ye Chuan who was about to be chopped into half by his Heavenly Blade was covered by dense mist and disappeared instantly.

“Be careful, there is an ambush!”

Liu Hong who was walking at the last suddenly screamed as she felt a strong sense of danger.

She deeply knew the ferociousness of Ye Chuan. Although his cultivation appeared not up to much, in fact, he was hidden. His schemes were beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Even old evil spirits that lived for thousands of years were inferior to him.

“Humph, don’t change the direction, follow me forward, rush straight ahead!”

Murong Zhuifeng coldly snorted. How could the ambush of Ye Chuan enter his eyes? Moreover, the dense mist was getting denser and denser and the troops behind were also getting nearer and nearer, so he was unwilling to get entangled with Ye Chuan. He wanted to forcibly rush out straight. As long as he was able to exit this Chaotian Palace, everything would be easy to handle. Even ten Ye Chuans wouldn’t be able to kill him. But, if he were to get entangled here for a long time, the effect of Yuanyang Pill would end and his strength would fall again, at that time, the joint attack of Tuoba Xiong, Feng Ren and others would be troublesome.

In the midst of dense mist, a dim light suddenly shone, as if a small dim oil lamp that illuminates the path.

Murong Zhuifeng and others who were about to grit their teeth and rush straight forward suddenly stopped, then Murong Zhuifeng who was in the front suddenly screamed, “Be careful, this isn’t oil lamp!”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, void breaking sound suddenly resounded as earth-shattering light beams whistled towards them.

Evil Eyed Cow Demons that were ready long ago attacked. Several hundreds of Evil Eyed Cow Demons arranged in a neat formation initiated their attack and Murong Zhuifeng and others were their live target.

Murong Zhuifeng immediately used Heavenly Blade in his hand to block these light beams; Liu Hong’s lithe and graceful body swayed and using Cyan Feather Technique, she dodged all of those light beams; as for those 12 beautiful bodyguards, some were caught unprepared, but, relying on their battle armor and Rank 1 Daoist Master realm cultivation base, they withstood.

Even after the first round of concentrated light beam attack, no one among the group of Murong Zhuifeng fell. For average people, the attack of Evil Eyed Cow Demons was terrifying, but their power was not sufficient to deal with Daoist Master realm experts.

“Hahaha, brat, is this all you got? Come out, if you have the ability, come out. I will kill you in a single slash!”

Murong Zhuifeng roared with laughter.

Walking into the ambush, he encountered an invisible binding, but as long as he was sufficiently strong, nothing could hinder his path!

“This is just the beginning appetizer, noble son Murong, welcome to the Mist Fire Formation. Raging flames and dense mist, come out, welcome your next sumptuous meal!” The voice of Ye Chuan resounded, but, his position was unknown. The eyes of Murong Zhuifeng flashed with an ominous glint, and the Heavenly Blade in his hand glittered like frost, but he couldn’t find the exact location of Ye Chuan, so he was unable to attack.

“Hahaha, Mist Fire Formation? Brat, aren’t you too naïve? With this kind of formation, do you think……” Murong Zhuifeng laughed. He was thinking what Ye Chuan was up to, but he was using such a simple formation. This Mist Fire Formation was the most common type of formation, this formation couldn’t even trap one of his female bodyguards.


Before Murong Zhuifeng could finish speaking, among the dense mist, suddenly a fire snake rushed out, then rushed towards Murong Zhuifeng and others. After that, the second one, the third one……, and the flame soared around the periphery. Now, on all sides, flame walls that had surging heat wave appeared, trapping Murong Zhuifeng’s group. As for the sky, a dense mist appeared. Inhaling this mist dried their throat and made them feel burning-like pain. It felt as if a burning red iron was jammed on their throat.

Ye Chuan began to use the full power of this Mist Fire Formation. Mist Fire Formation was very simple, but it also depended on who was using this formation and what was used as the formation nucleus. In the blink of an eye, the might of Heaven Burning Furnace was displayed.

Now, Murong Zhuifeng didn’t have time to laugh. Under the attack of fire snakes, he was flustered. This move was something that couldn’t be blocked using his Heavenly Blade. Using the blade to cut off the water, water would splash everywhere, using a blade to cut off the fire, instead of cutting fire, the fire might burn the hand!

Liu Hong also couldn’t laugh. Although Cyan Feather Technique was a powerful technique, with dense mist and flames everywhere, how could she dodge? Her poor shining white slender legs quickly lost their enchanting luster. If she didn’t think of a way to break out of this formation, then her bewitchingly charming body might be burned to ashes, then she could only change into a female ghost and seduce zombies.

The two people were flustered, but those 12 beautiful bodyguards were in even more bad situation. Their battle armors that had helped them to block the light beam attack of Evil Eyed Cow Demons also had reduced their agility and flexibility. As a result, some had their sleeves caught on fire, and some had their eyebrows burnt.

At that time, a rustling sound came from the midst of dense mist.

“Be careful, there is another ambush!”

Murong Zhuifeng screamed and all 12 beautiful bodyguards quickly became alert. All of them were Daoist Master realm experts, and they released their powerful energy fluctuation.


A sturdy tail suddenly lashed out from the midst of the mist as fast as lightning, then wrapping around the slender waist of one beautiful bodyguard, she was pulled inside the dense mist. Afterwards, her sad and shrill scream resounded and her aura vanished. With the sharp eyes of Liu Hong, she vaguely saw a crowd of terrifying yao beasts. They were human faced snakes, and there were no less than a dozen of them.

Evil Eyed Cow Demons retreated and they were quietly replaced by human faced snakes that were tamed by Ye Chuan at the final round of Ghost King Chessboard game. Their attack was simple and straightforward, but absolutely was violent and bloody. The heart of Liu Hong skipped a beat as she got nervous.

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