Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 228

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 228: I waited for you for a long time

On the altar, there were glints and flashes of daggers and swords. Various experts were displaying their various kinds of remarkable abilities to break the restriction of this stone coffin. And the number of people jumping onto the altar was increasing. Many people whose cultivation had yet to reach Daoist Master realm were also boldly rushing up, trying to fish in troubled waters.

Ye Chuan however didn’t enter this muddy water, rather busied himself to quietly lay out ambush at the exit of this auxiliary palace.

First, he took out a crystal stone and silently used his technique as he threw it to the ground, then, he drew a rune on the ground, and placing Heaven Burning Furnace on the nucleus of this formation, he poured majestic energy…… Slowly, the mist began to condense in the sky, vaguely enveloping the exit of this auxiliary hall. This mist somewhat resembled the grey mist seen everywhere in this paradise realm, therefore, at first glance, no-one would find it strange, but, as soon as one enters this zone, they would be subjected to an invisible restriction.

Mist Fire Formation!

Using the things available in his hands, Ye Chuan quickly laid out a simple and easy formation.

As the name implies, this formation was very simple, it used mist and fire to trap and kill the enemy. It was a kind of commonly seen formation in Wilderness World. But, in the hands of Ye Chuan, such simple formation became different. Strengthening some places of this formation, anyone who steps into this formation would definitely get a big surprise.

After laying out a formation, Ye Chuan summoned yao beasts from inside his Cyan Lotus Space, then made them hide on one side. After that, he sat down on the spot and began to wait calmly.

There were many experts on the altar and there was no shortage of Daoist Master realm experts like Tuoba Xiong and Murong Zhuifeng. And since many experts were cooperating, sooner or later, the restriction of this stone coffin would break. But, no matter who obtain the Mist Bamboo inside the stone coffin, they had to go through this place to leave. For Ye Chuan, that time was the best chance to make a move.

The light inside the hall was somewhat dim, so it was hard to tell if human-faced snakes, evil eyed cow demons and other yao beasts hiding inside the mist really exist or not.

Ye Chuan closed his eyes and his breathing slowly became long-drawn-out. Now, his spirit was immersed in six Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body.

After breaking through to Rank 5 Xiushi realm and condensing Demonic Dragon Talisman, the remaining five Heaven Swallowing Talismans also had some unexpected changes. They revolve around the Demonic Dragon Talisman in order and they themselves also rotate slowly. Compared to before, they were even more condensed, seemingly, they were no longer five talismans, rather real human faced snake, Buddha and other existences. They indistinctly had the aura of life.

“Afterward, can it be that these Heaven Swallowing Talismans will become avatars? After condensing 108,000 Heaven Swallowing Talismans, can it be that they will evolve into 108,000 avatars?”

Carefully sensing the changes in six Heaven Swallowing Talismans, a thought suddenly appeared in the heart of Ye Chuan.

In his previous lifetime, he had only concealed the heaven with his hand and was known as Heaven Concealing Great Sage. At that time, he had a very few numbers of opponents in Wilderness World. But, although the Heaven Concealing Secrets was powerful, even in his prime, he didn’t have any avatars, so he didn’t know much about avatars.

If cultivating Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets could really create 108,000 avatars in the future, then, wouldn’t that be equivalent to the existence like gods that were even more powerful than legendary Immortal?

The heartbeat of Ye Chuan sped up as he got excited. When Murong Zhuifeng, Tuoba Xiong and others were crazily trying to break the restriction of the stone coffin, he however had sudden enlightenment in his cultivation, realizing the higher steps of Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets. This sudden enlightenment didn’t immediately multiply his strength but it was even more significant as Ye Chuan was able to see the direction and objective of cultivation.

In this lifetime, I will not only re-take everything I lost in my previous lifetime, moreover, I am destined to create even greater glory and set foot on even higher pinnacle than my previous lifetime.

What Sage, what Immortal, I will no longer only conceal the heaven, rather I will swallow the heaven!

Now, Ye Chuan was high-spirited and vigorous as he got a great aspiration, moreover, he also had a greater pursuit in cultivation!

Perhaps due to his great aspiration and grandeur, six Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body automatically rotated faster, moreover, Demonic Dragon Talisman glimmered with white light as it flickered emitting energy. It appeared as if it would turn into a real existence and then breaking open the void, it would return to that world beyond the highest heaven.

Now, with regarding that unknown world beyond the highest heaven, Ye Chuan had an indescribable sense of intimacy. But when did he start to have such feeling? Was it because of that cyan small crystal man that could link up with the world beyond the highest heaven or because of the condensation of Demonic Dragon Talisman? Ye Chuan himself also wasn’t clear.

Inside Cyan Lotus Space, the spirit of Ye Chuan casually explored a corner and at that time, the half-closed half-opened eyes of ice-cold cyan crystal man suddenly opened slightly. Then, an invisible energy which Ye Chuan didn’t sense suddenly pierce through Cyan Lotus Lamp and soared straight towards the sky. Tuoba Xiong and other Daoist Master realm experts that were on the altar also didn’t sense anything, on the contrary, this ancient paradise realm swayed and the restriction of entire paradise realm seemed to loosen.

“Continue, break for me!”

“Break this restriction, break this restriction, this treasure is mine!”


All kinds of shouts resounded from the altar, and the poisonous mist shrouding the stone coffin finally dissipated. Now, the Mist Bamboo inside the stone coffin was fully displayed in front of everyone.

A fierce battle started.

Someone took the lead to seize the Mist Bamboo and then he roared with laughter in excitement. But, in the next moment, his laughter ceased abruptly as a sword had penetrated his chest from behind. The fellow that successfully carried out the sneak attack, seized the Mist Bamboo, then turning around, he fled. But, before he could jump down the altar, a huge heavy cauldron descended from the heaven, crushing him into a meat pulp. After that Tuoba Xiong rushed over, but someone else was a step faster, he sent the huge cauldron flying and seized the Mist Bamboo……

All the experts who were cooperating just a moment ago to break the restriction of the stone coffin, without any hesitation, attacked each other. In the blink of an eye, blood flowed like a river on this altar and the Mist Bamboo changed hands numerous times. But, no matter who obtain the Mist Bamboo, in an instant, he would be besieged by two or three experts, or even worse.

This priceless ancient spirit object, as if changed into the jaws of death, no matter who obtain it, that person had to pay with his blood and life.

An extremely swift and fierce blade light suddenly flashed through the sky.

Young and promising Murong Zhuifeng made a move. No-one knew what kind of pill he ate but his strength suddenly increased sharply. Holding Heavenly Blade, he killed everyone he saw, and no one could block him from snatching the Mist Bamboo. After that, along with his 12 beautiful bodyguards, he rushed straight towards the exit of this auxiliary hall.

“Hahaha, all seniors, thank you. This treasure is mine. You all shouldn’t even think about snatching it from me. Hahahaha……”

Murong Zhuifeng roared with laughter and his speed got faster and faster, leaving behind afterimages on the altar. Tuoba Xiong looked and sighed as he was unable to catch up. Feng Ren gritted his teeth and used his wind style to chase. But he was attacked with an attack that was not inferior to his wind blade. Along with the flash of blade light, his head was nearly cut off by the attack of Murong Zhuifeng. Now, he was so scared that he didn’t dare to chase and he could merely look at Murong Zhuifeng getting further and further away.

“Hahaha, hahahahaha……”

Murong Zhuifeng roared with laughter. Now, the anger he felt due to Ye Chuan had completely vanished, but just when he reached the exit of this auxiliary palace, he suddenly saw a familiar figure blocking his way.

“Ye Chuan?”

Murong Zhuifeng exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes, it’s me, noble son Murong, I waited for you for a long time.” Ye Chuan smiled standing in front of the exit of this auxiliary palace, blocking the path of Murong Zhuifeng.

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