Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 227

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 227: Mist Bamboo

Three Daoist master realm loose cultivators rushed to the altar practically at the same time, but instead of joining hands to break open the restriction of the stone coffin, they suddenly drew out their sword and began attacking each other.

With the inheritance of Paradise Realm in front of them, who didn’t want to monopolize it and who was willing to share it with others?

The ugliness of humanity was fully revealed at this moment.

Among the three loose cultivators, two quickly collapsed, suffering heavy injuries. When they were scheming against other people, they also fell in the scheme of other people. But, the fellow who survived wasn’t lucky, rather was even more sinister. The instant he rushed towards that altar, the other two loose cultivators had also rushed forward behind him. But, he deliberately fell half a step behind, then from behind, he inflicted those two loose cultivators heavy injuries, dodging their counterattack.

Most of the time, the final survivor wasn’t determined by the strength, better luck and even so-called goodness, rather determined by who was even more sinister and even more despicable. The so-called good person doesn’t live long but a bad person survives millennium disaster was this principle. If one wasn’t sinister and ruthless, how can one survive in the crowds of devils?

“Hahaha, the inheritance of this paradise realm is mine!”

The surviving loose cultivator roared with laughter. He was an eagle nosed, horse-faced middle-aged man. He appeared very shrewd and ruthless means. Now, his eyes were shining, but learning from the lesson of the first person, he didn’t directly rushed to the stone coffin, rather kicked the corpse of one loose cultivator flying towards that stone coffin.

The poisonous mist around the stone coffin immediately spread and seethed, then this loose cultivator who had just taken the last breath immediately changed into a skeleton. And at the same time, due to the collision, the lid of this stone coffin moved half an inch away, and the vibration became even more intense.

After that, this eagle nosed middle-aged man kicked the corpse of another loose cultivator flying.

Dong! Along with the muffled sound, the gap in the lid of stone coffin became even bigger and a trace of green light spilled out from inside the stone coffin. Moreover, from this gap, a plant that was three inches tall became visible. It was somewhat similar to a bamboo. It was completely green as if it was made up of green crystal stone, but its stem and leaves radiated flourishing vitality, apparently wasn’t a dead plant.

What is that?

A bamboo?

People were dumbfounded. Who would have thought that the inheritance of this paradise realm was a bamboo?

“Attack, together!”

“All of you, scram, this treasure is mine!”


Unexpected was unexpected, but someone quickly reacted and flew over to the altar.

Murong Zhuifeng didn’t utter a word. Now, he had no time to chase and kill already bloody Ye Chuan. He immediately turned around and rushed towards the altar at the end of this hall.

“Noble son Murong, noble son Murong……” Liu Hong stamped her leg and ferociously glared at Ye Chuan as she followed behind Murong Zhuifeng. This was such a good opportunity, but Ye Chuan still wasn’t killed, so she was very hateful in her heart!

The eagle nosed middle-aged man also came back to sense and he quickly pounced forward, stretching his hand towards the green bamboo inside the stone coffin. He wanted to be the first person to grab it.

But the poisonous mist surrounding the stone coffin seethed once again and submerged this eagle nosed middle-aged man. Then, along with a sad and shrill scream, this loose cultivator that survived the slaughter of before died in the midst of this poisonous mist after his flesh and blood were corroded inch by inch while still alive. His fate was even worse than those previous two loose cultivators.

Still, this terrifying scene didn’t frighten people to retreat. Even more people rushed to the altar. With a treasure out in open, many people went insane and didn’t care about their life. Some people didn’t believe in heresy or they had confidence in the doughtiness of their physical body, so they rushed forward; some people found a rope with a hook from who knows where and they were trying to take out the treasure from inside the stone coffin from a distant place; some wielded their flying sword, directly attacking the stone coffin so as to break the poisonous mist restriction. All were displaying their remarkable ability.

Murong Zhuifeng also rushed forward. Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren also didn’t lag behind. As a result, the altar became even more chaotic.

Ye Chuan however didn’t rush forward. He calmly kept watching as before. Merely, after seeing the green bamboo sprout inside the stone coffin, his eyes gradually become scorching hot as he muttered: “Mist Bamboo, that is the legendary ancient times’ Mist Bamboo……”

Seeing the green bamboo sprout inside the stone coffin, people were stunned, but Ye Chuan was excited as he recalled a piece of his dusty memory.

Just like Heavenly Dragon Rice, Mist Bamboo was also a kind of legendary ancient spiritual object. At daytime, it would emit flourishing vitality which could make the spirit of people feel refreshed and they would also get twice the result with half the effort in cultivation. But at night time or at the dim places or in some special circumstances, it emitted extremely poisonous mist, imperceptibly killing people.

It is said that mixing together its leaf and dewdrops collected on its leaf, one could refine Drunken Stupor Water Mist or Bamboo Mist Pill. Heavenly Fire Continent had a verse of ancient ballad, don’t beg glory, don’t beg immortality, only beg a tube of water mist inside the bamboo. This water mist often referred to Mist Bamboo, merely, now, no-one knew the exact meaning.

“This Mist Bamboo is mine!” Ye Chuan stood motionless and his eyes got brighter and brighter as he ignored his injuries.

Ordinary heaven grade cultivation techniques and treasures were something he didn’t even place in his eyes, but this green bamboo sprout inside the stone coffin made him excited. If he obtained this too, then along with Heavenly Dragon Rice, he would have two real ancient times’ spiritual objects. At the moment, one will not be able to see any benefit of these spiritual objects, but at the time of harvest, the benefit will be beyond imagination!

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what did you say?”

Zhu Sijia rushed over and hastily helped Ye Chuan bind up his wounds. Seeing his body was riddled with bloody wounds, her eyes became red. She didn’t want any treasure, and didn’t even need the inheritance of this paradise realm, as long as Ye Chuan was fine, she was perfectly content. “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, let’s go, taking advantage of their chaotic battle, let’s leave quickly!”

Shrewd Zhu Sijia who feared neither Heaven nor Earth in former days now was really scared. She was scared that Murong Zhuifeng would turn back and come to kill Ye Chuan. The sharpness of Heavenly Blade was truly peerless in this world.

“Isn’t it too pitiful to leave now? The inheritance of paradise realm…” Fatty whispered.

Just now, he was incomparably nervous and was dying to go as far away as possible from this auxiliary palace. But now, seeing the green bamboo inside the stone coffin, he was reluctant to leave.

“It’s not pitiful to leave now. Fatty, we’ll leave first, you can stay behind and if you don’t obtain anything, then don’t ever return to Cloud Mist Sect. We will wait for you outside paradise realm.” Ye Chuan said as the corner of his mouth rose revealing a smile yet not a smile.

The fatty meat of fatty trembled and he immediately responded: “Let’s leave, immediately leave, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, let’s leave this place immediately, hurry!”

Recalling the strength of Murong Zhuifeng, fatty’s legs went soft and took the initiative to run towards the doorway of this auxiliary palace. But after walking several steps, they discovered that Ye Chuan was standing still, unexpectedly wasn’t walking.

“Jiajia, you and fatty leave first.” Ye Chuan retracted his smile and instructed in all seriousness.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what about you?” Zhu Sijia understood the intention of Ye Chuan, but she couldn’t help asking, begging him to leave together with them.

“Without obtaining the thing inside the stone coffin, I will not return Cloud Mist Sect. Leave, you two, quickly leave!” Ye Chuan waved his hand, taking out Heaven Burning Furnace. After that, he intently stared at the altar that was at the ends of this hall even though his wounds were still bleeding.

Just now, when confronting the violent attacks of Murong Zhuifeng, he just dodged without taking out Heaven Burning Furnace. But now, seeing the treasure inside the stone coffin was actually Mist Bamboo, he was ready to risk everything to obtain it.

“Okay, we’ll wait for you outside. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you must return alive, I will wait for you!”

Zhu Sijia gritted her teeth. Although she was very reluctant in her heart, she still turned around and left. Seeing Ye Chuan had already made up her mind, she didn’t say anything and made a prompt decision, silently praying for his safety.

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