Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 226

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 226: Blade Domain

With Heavenly Blade in his hand, the momentum of Murong Zhuifeng changed greatly. He became even swifter and fiercer as he pressed forward.

Ye Chuan who was standing opposite to him suddenly felt a heavy pressure and also felt as if he was unable to breathe.

Blade Domain!

This blade domain didn’t originate from Murong Zhuifeng, rather originated from the Heavenly Blade itself. This blade unexpectedly came with a powerful blade domain.

Ye Chuan who concealed the heaven with his hand in his previous life was well-experienced and knowledgeable. He quickly understood what was going on and was surprised in his heart.

Treasures also had subdivision according to its quality. They are generally divided into Heaven, Earth, Black and Yellow, these four grades. As for the treasures with the domain, it should be at least high Heaven grade. Such treasures can only be encountered not sought. Moreover, they were even more difficult to encounter compared to Heaven grade techniques!

Buzz! An ear-piercing void breaking sound resounded as the blade vibrated.

Now, Murong Zhuifeng’s speed was very fast, compared to before, he was 30% faster. The Heavenly Blade in his hand seemed to substantially increase all his attributes along with his fighting capability. Not giving any time for Ye Chuan to think, he ferociously chopped with his blade. Then, the original only arm-length red blade light suddenly became twice as long, as if a bright red flame.

Ye Chuan quickly retreated, and circulating six heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he resisted the invisible pressure of blade domain.

A muffled sound which resembled the sound of kitchen knife cutting the chopping board resounded.

Ye Chuan retreated 5 meters away and his chest rapidly rose and fell as he bled and dyed the robe he was wearing red. Ye Chuan retreated very quickly and successfully dodged the sharp Heavenly Blade, but the swift and sharp blade light injured him. Now, he had a half-arm length cut on his chest. That cut slanted from his left chest to the right stomach. If he was half-a-step slower, then his stomach would have cut open, or he might have even cut into two half.

Ye Chuan stretched his right hand and touched his wound. Then, seeing his hand was full of blood, he was shocked.

After refining demonic dragon blood and condensing Demonic Dragon Talisman, his physical body was already very doughty. In this aspect, average Daoist Master realm experts were inferior to him. Even when he was standing still, Liu Hong was unable to stab him with her flying sword. But now, merely the blade light gave him such a deep cut, how sharp was the Heavenly Blade in the hand of Murong Zhuifeng?

The complexion of Ye Chuan strained. He clearly understood that he was still careless.

In his memory, when he concealed the heaven with his hand, Wilderness World definitely didn’t have such killing weapon. This Heavenly Blade, either it appeared after he was trapped in the God Burial Valley, or was not the original thing of this world and was a killing weapon originated from the world beyond the highest heaven. Like the master of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, it might have come from the unfathomable world beyond the highest heaven! Moreover, only in the world beyond the highest heaven where the energy was violent had the ability to give birth to such peerless weapon!

Ye Chuan suddenly recalled that black sea of the world beyond the highest heaven. Just the invisible energy rippling in the air was enough to tear apart people. Only the blade given birth by such environment would have such brutal power. He estimated that only the experts who lived in such environment could withstand the attack of Heavenly Blade, this kind of lethal weapon.

“Come on, brat, let me see how many moves can you withstand!”

Murong Zhuifeng rushed forward once again, and leaving behind afterimages left and right, his blade qi swept over. Very quickly, Ye Chuan received another deep cut, and without any time to catch the breath, blade light came again. The more Murong Zhuifeng attacked, the more valiant he became showing no quarter.

The hall instantly became silent.

All the experts that had come to seize the treasure were simultaneously attracted by this breathtaking battle. Every one of them was holding their breath fearing they would make a sound. And seeing the power of Heavenly Blade in the hands of Murong Zhuifeng, many Daoist Master realm experts sweated, asking themselves whether they could withstand few moves if they were in the place of Yu Chuan. The cultivation base of Murong Zhuifeng was far higher than Ye Chuan and his speed was also alarming, in addition, he had such a powerful killing weapon, therefore everyone thought that it was impossible for Murong Zhuifeng to lose. Ye Chuan was screwed this time!

Liu Hong who was standing at one side grinned hideously seeing the current circumstance.

Just a moment ago, Ye Chuan had spoken correctly, she was truly approaching Murong Zhuifeng, this golden thigh. It was not disgraceful to approach a thigh. Those who didn’t have the strength and also didn’t understand to borrow power were disgraceful, moreover, were doomed to be crushed. With her current strength, it was impossible to kill Ye Chuan, but using her mouth, she could kill him by a proxy. Bewitching Murong Zhuifeng and killing Ye Chuan was also her ability!

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, be careful!”

“Fight back, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……”

Zhu Sijia and fatty Zhao Dazhi were extremely nervous as they shouted themselves hoarse. They wanted to step forward to help, but it was only courting death if they try to intervene as Murong Zhuifeng could easily cut them to pieces as if cutting vegetables. Tuoba Xiaoniao also whimpered anxiously, but since she was tightly bound, she was unable to move. She could only watch helplessly as Ye Chuan received more and more injuries.

All the people on the sidelines were also nervous but Ye Chuan who was bearing the brunt however was calm and composed. Although he was dripping with blood, he wasn’t flustered. He repeatedly dodged the deadly attacks, protecting his throat, heart and so on vital parts.

Should I use Six Winged Golden Cicada now?

Ye Chuan also had thoughts to counterattack, but very quickly, he abandoned this thought as it was not the perfect time yet.

The Six Winged Golden Cicada hiding in the collar of Murong Zhuifeng was his greatest and also only trump card. Once he used it, it would disappear. Murong Zhuifeng was too ferocious, so even if he summoned old yao spirit Hei Kui and the yao beast legion, they wouldn’t be able to resist. And as for Sea Demoness Hai Lili, she was also useless in this situation, she had no time to put good use to her innate technique. Now, when Murong Zhuifeng was most tyrannical, rashly using Six Winged Golden Cicada, this trump card might catch him off-guard and injure him, interrupting his ferocious attack, but he wanted to give the other party a lethal attack, which had a very big degree of difficulty in this situation.

Without enough assurance, Ye Chuan didn’t want to rashly take action, so he continued to dodge. Slowly, more and more wound appeared on his body and his entire body was dripping with blood. But, he was still calm, while the people watching this battle repeatedly shook their head. Tuoba Xiong also had a change in countenance. He had never expected Ye Chuan to be so tenacious. But, admiration was admiration, he didn’t have any intention to set out a helping hand. Conversely, Elder Feng Ren of Five Style Sect didn’t even bat an eyelid and was secretly approaching, He wanted to capture Ye Chuan and interrogate the secrets of Peerless Style Technique. But, when he saw valorous Murong Zhuifeng, he repeatedly wanted to make a move, but he resisted with great difficulty.

After wielding Heavenly Blade, the combat capability of Murong Zhuifeng had increased vastly. Now, even Feng Ren who walked unhindered in Cloud Mist Mountain Range didn’t dare to be conceited and arrogant.

But, at that time, a change suddenly appeared on the altar.

When the attention of people was on the fierce battle between Ye Chuan and Murong Zhuifeng, and thought that Ye Chuan would certainly die, the stone coffin on the altar suddenly trembled and a white light burst out. Moreover, a strong dangerous feeling came from inside the stone coffin along with earth-shaking energy fluctuation. This dangerous aura immediately spread all around, seemingly something was germinating, or resembled, something was gradually awakening from a deep sleep.

“The inheritance of Paradise Realm, inheritance treasure is coming out!”

“The stone coffin is opening, the restriction has weakened!”


All the experts simultaneously turned around. There was someone who couldn’t hold back and rushed over, ignoring the poisonous mist. He wanted to be the first to grab the treasure inside the stone coffin and flee to the faraway place. At this time, the ferocious attacks of Murong Zhuifeng also ceased abruptly.

He wanted to kill Ye Chuan and was dying to chop Ye Chuan into pieces, but the inheritance of Paradise Realm was even more important. This time, he had come a long way from the capital just to seize the inheritance of this paradise realm, otherwise, it was impossible to borrow this peerless treasure Heavenly Blade from the old patriarch!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Hard to borrow the blade from his master, but all too easy to lose it to Ye Chuan though haha.

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