Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 225

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 225: Noble son Zhuiniao

Murong Zhuifeng’s palm wind as if waves, directly headed towards Ye Chuan.

In the hall, Tuoba Xiong, Feng Ren and other Daoist Master realm experts became solemn and were shocked inwardly. Such cultivation when he was still young in age, Murong Zhuifeng really had a well-deserved reputation. To be able to cultivate this kind of genius, no wonder Murong Clan was regarded prominently as the first among numerous aristocratic clans of Da Qin Dynasty.

Ever since the ancient times, all cultivating sects had praised themselves as aloof and refined, moreover, they didn’t particularly have a good opinion of the clans of this secular world. They often regard the secular world’s clans attached to them as vassals that were used to gather the resources of the secular world for them. But, in this past several hundred years, the situation had gradually changed. The secular clans began to grow and develop and many cultivating sects however began to decline, steadily deteriorating every day.

Seeing the power of Murong Zhuifeng with their own eyes, the countenance of many experts of cultivating sects changed. It seemed it was time to re-examine the strength of secular clans.

Ye Chuan who was swaying left and right suddenly began to retreat.

The palm wind of Murong Zhuifeng as if wave attacked forward. Its attack speed was comparable to the wind, but the speed of Ye Chuan also wasn’t slow. This whole time, he maintained an arm-length distance from the palm of Murong Zhuifeng.

Rank 5 Xiushi against Rank 5 Daoist Master, in a head-on battle, Ye Chuan naturally wasn’t the opponent, but, after refining demonic dragon blood and condensing demonic dragon talisman, his body had transformed once again and he was able to use Peerless Style Technique with even higher proficiency.

Murong Zhuifeng stopped his step and looking at Ye Chuan using a strange technique, his complexion became ashen and even more unsightly.

His fist palm attack failed, hitting only the shadow of Ye Chuan; this second palm attack however didn’t fail, but he was unable to reach Ye Chuan and there was nowhere to release his strength. That feeling was too terrible and too uncomfortable.

“Not bad, your speed is pretty good, but, it seems you are still a bit slow to truly reach the realm of chasing wind (Zhuifeng). In any case, if I were you, then I wouldn’t have dared to brag like that, chasing bird (Zhuiniao) is more like it. Noble son Murong, how about we just call you noble son Zhuiniao (chasing bird) from now on?” Ye Chuan also stopped and confidently standing three meters away, he said as if he was looking down on Murong Zhuifeng.

Noble son Zhuiniao?

The on-looking crowd couldn’t resist smiling and some even chuckled.

The formidable noble son Zhuifeng who was natural and unrestrained in the eyes of everyone, with the words of Ye Chuan, turned into noble son Zhuiniao!

“Boy, you……”

Murong Zhuifeng was rather flustered, exasperated and was driven nuts. He suddenly understood why Liu Hong hated Ye Chuan so much. The mouth of this fellow was sharper than a sword, and his words directly hit the heart.

Now, Murong Zhuifeng was truly angry. He once again rushed forward and sent out a slap. Since he had already said he would slap Ye Chuan in the presence of all, he would do what he said! This time, his speed was faster, and his palm left afterimages left and right, making it next to impossible to tell from which direction his slap will come. After consecutively missing twice, Murong Zhuifeng was furious but he had also learned from his mistakes. Now, he didn’t dare to underestimate Ye Chuan who appeared to have ordinary cultivation base.

“Big Senior Apprentice-brother, be careful, dodge it!”

Zhu Sijia screamed, and at the same time, she wondered why Ye Chuan still didn’t summon old evil spirit Hei Kui and Sea Demoness from inside his Cyan Lotus Space. Although she didn’t understand the specific about that matter, in Ghost King Chessboard, she had seen Ye Chuan suddenly summoning human faced snakes, puppet doll and others to attack. Zhu Sijia knew that Ye Chuan must have a trump card. But, if that trump card was not used now, then when will he use?

“Hahahaha, want to dodge? How will you dodge?”

Murong Zhuifeng roared with laughter. His attack was like a wind. Even though it clearly was one attack, it appeared as if he had simultaneously attacked with more than hundred palms, moreover, the attack was erratic. Sure enough, just after he spoke, his palm attack ferociously landed on the shoulder of Ye Chuan, then he only swayed, but Ye Chuan was sent flying, moreover, after landing on the ground, he staggered.

“Hahaha, brat, you are crazy! Want to continue, how are you not crazy? Aren’t you very powerful?” Murong Zhuifeng aggressively said. Thinking about Ye Chuan calling him ‘noble son Zhuiniao’, he burst into flames of anger and gnashing his teeth, his complexion became ferocious.

“Generally speaking, I am not that powerful, merely, I am just a little bit more powerful compared to you. Noble son Zhuiniao, you lose, so think carefully, since you are not surnamed Murong, what should be your surname? Be sure to not say you want to change your surname to Ye, otherwise, my surname Ye will lose face.” Ye Chuan sneered, slowly calming down the chaotic qi within his body. And consciously or unconsciously, he took a quick glance at the collar of Murong Zhuifeng. Now, that place had a small Golden Cicada.

The instant, they collided, Ye Chuan let Murong Zhuifeng palm his shoulder and summoning Six-Winged Golden Cicada, he secretly flicked it. On the surface, it appeared as if he lost, but he left behind a killing move on Murong Zhuifeng in secret.

If there was any other person including a Daoist Master realm expert in his place, it was impossible for them to do this and also wouldn’t dare to take such risk, but Ye Chuan accomplished it. This palm attack of Murong Zhuifeng was naturally powerful. It was powerful enough to destroy even steel. If Ye Chuan hadn’t refined demonic dragon blood, making his physical body especially doughty, then he would have been unable to stand up after this attack.

The laughter of Murong Zhuifeng ceased abruptly and feeling shame, his complexion become green and then white. Hearing such words of Ye Chuan, all of his victory feeling vanished as he recalled his fine speech of before. In three moves, if he couldn’t slap Ye Chuan in the face, then he was not surnamed Murong. Although his third slap finally hit Ye Chuan, it hit his left shoulder, not his face. Going back on his word in the presence of all, how can he endure this?

After many years of arrogance, he finally tasted a bitter fruit. Murong Zhuifeng who was always absolutely lawless in the capital and considered himself to be of extraordinary birth, now, felt his face burning hot.

“Noble son Murong, why are letting this brat talk too much, just kill him directly!” Liu Hong advanced a few steps forward and cunningly saved Murong Zhuifeng from embarrassment. Now, her eyes which used to arouse love in former days were filled with viciousness.

“Brat, you forced me. I will let you see the power of my Murong aristocratic family’s Chasing Wind Blade Technique and also let you taste the flavor of Heavenly Blade. It is definitely your honor to die under the Heavenly Blade!”

The words of Liu Hong awoke people from their dream, and Murong Zhuifeng immediately took action. He suddenly unsheathed a blade that was half as tall as him and rushed towards Ye Chuan.

Compared to general blades, this blade was clearly much longer. The back of the blade was thick and heavy and its edge was extremely thin and very sharp, moreover, it was bent making a deadly arc. Once the blade was drawn out, along with an arm-length blade light, the air within the radius of 100 meters sunk and then rippled and distorted as if an invisible sword qi was ripping it apart. Inside the hall, the swords in the hand of the people simultaneously trembled, seemingly wanted to slip out of their hand.

Heavenly Blade!

Murong Zhuifeng flew into a rage as he wielded the treasure passed down in his Murong aristocratic family. According to the legend, this Heavenly Blade was the great killing weapon left behind by a Sage called Blade Sage millions of years ago. Later, no one knew how but it fell into the hands of the ancestor of Murong aristocratic family, becoming a peerless treasure which the ancestors of Murong aristocratic family used to kill everywhere to establish the foundation of their clan.

“Powerful, is this the legendary Heavenly Blade?”

“Once Heavenly Blade is out, you cannot sheath it without seeing the blood, this disciple of Cloud Mist Sect is screwed!”


All experts looking on with cold eyes become restless once again. Tuoba Xiaoniao struggled to jump in front of her father Tuoba Xiong, but unable to speak, she could only use her two tearful eyes to beg her father to make a move. But, Tuoba Xiong looked away as if he didn’t see her. At the edge of the stone forest, he had already saved Ye Chuan once, and he would never save him for the second time.

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