Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 224

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 224: Murong aristocratic family

“Who are you?”

The complexion of Ye Chuan become cold looking face to face at this advancing noble son Zhuifeng. As for Zhu Sijia and fatty Zhao Dazhi standing at his side, their complexion was strained feeling nervous.

A Rank 5 Daoist Master realm expert, even if Great Elder Zhu Guohong was here, he might not necessarily be the opponent of this purple gowned youth.

“Who am I?”

Noble son Zhuifeng who was wearing a gown made from a rare purple silk coldly smile as he continued to walk towards Ye Chuan. Then, he leisurely said: “Murong Zhuifeng, you can either call me noble son Murong or noble son Zhuifeng.”

All the experts that were looking at this scene suddenly became restless.

In Da Qin Dynasty, there were many big and powerful clans. Some had a large number of experts and some had wealth equivalent to that of an entire nation. But the most powerful clans were the three major aristocratic clans of the capital. One was Mu Clan that excelled in trade and business, they spread all over the Heavenly Fire Continent including every nook and corner; another one was Long Clan that excelled in making and refining weapons, they held 90% of the weaponry markets of Da Qin Dynasty; and the final one was Murong aristocratic clan teeming with experts, they produce a large number of experts in every generation.

After years of expanding, these three major aristocratic clans had already become big trees with deep roots. Not only they override many nobles, they were even far superiors to many cultivating sects. Among these three major aristocratic clans, Murong aristocratic clan was the most powerful. Several hundred years ago, the old patriarch of Murong aristocratic clan had already reached the pinnacle of Daoist Master realm, and he had been cultivating in seclusion for these hundred years, ignoring the affairs of the world. According to legend, his cultivation had already reached half-sage realm, and he was already trying to break through the next bottleneck. And once he broke through to Sage realm, Murong aristocratic clan would override all aristocratic clans, becoming a peerless aristocratic clan. Murong Zhuifeng was the outstanding figure among the younger generation of Murong aristocratic clan and was also known as noble son Murong.

“As it turned out, he is from Murong aristocratic clan of capital, no wonder he is so lavish and has 12 Daoist Master realm experts as bodyguards that are all remarkably beautiful women!”

“He is one of the three young master of capital, Murong Zhuifeng, as the saying, knowing a person by repute is not as good as meeting them face to face, sure enough, he is a dragon among men. It is said that his swordsmanship has already reached the acme of perfection, and their old patriarch even handed down the most valuable treasure, Heavenly Blade, to him, claiming he was the future Blade Sage!”


All people discussed spiritedly and looked at the situation with folded arms.

The poisonous mist was very dangerous, and at this moment, they just happened to need someone to stand out and test or resolve it. All the experts that were eager to seize the treasure didn’t mind Murong Zhuifeng forcing Ye Chuan to go to the altar, and test the poisonous mist. Tuoba Xiaoniao was worried and wanted to beg her father Tuoba Xiong to make a move to help Ye Chuan, but the result was, before she could open her mouth, Tuoba Xiong gave the order to tie her up.

Murong Zhuifeng proudly held his head high and a trace of sneer appeared on his face. But, he enjoyed hearing the remarks of the people.

Liu Hong was also laughing sinisterly in her heart, but on the surface, she pretended to be a delicate girl while walking at the side of Murong Zhuifeng.

“Sounds very amazing, merely, I have never heard before.” Ye Chuan opened his mouth and said appearing sincere, “You are named Zhuifeng, but, is your speed really comparable to the wind?” [T/N: Zhuifeng means chasing wind]

The hall instantly became very quiet.

Murong aristocratic clan, who was the head of three major aristocratic clans of capital, in Da Qin Dynasty, its name alone reverberate like thunder, and no need to mention about their influence in the world, even cultivating sects also didn’t dare to underestimate them. But, here, Ye Chuan, this dignified Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, unexpectedly said he had never heard of them. This was……

The expression of Murong Zhuifeng sunk and he lost control of his feelings.

Just a moment ago, he was still enjoying the remarks of the experts present here, but, in the blink of an eye, Ye Chuan’s words ‘never heard before’ made his face burning hot as if Ye Chuan slapped his face.

“Whether I am as fast as the wind or not, how about we test it? Boy, if I cannot slap in your face in three moves, then I am not surnamed Murong!”

Murong Zhuifeng was angry, and just after he finished speaking, he rushed over and slapped towards the face of Ye Chuan.

Just a moment ago, he only wanted to punish Ye Chuan for Liu Hong. But now, in rage, he personally attacked, and it was no longer for Liu Hong, rather for himself and Murong Clan. All those who despise and insult Murong Clan must die!

Whoosh! Murong Zhuifeng’s palm had yet to reach the target, but his powerful palm wind made people unable to open their eyes and also made their war robe flutter.

The complexion of the on-looking crowd suddenly changed and retreated in succession.

This palm attack of Murong Zhuifeng was very fast, and the power contained within this attack was even more alarming. Even a Daoist Master realm expert might not be able to parry this attack, let alone Ye Chuan who was trifling Rank 5 Xiushi. If this slap landed, let alone a face, even a boulder will crack open.

This wasn’t teaching Ye Chuan a lesson. He was clearly aiming for his life. He wanted to kill Ye Chuan because of one improper remark!

The people were greatly surprised. In any case, Ye Chuan was the Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, killing him publicly, wasn’t that equivalent to not attaching any importance to Cloud Mist Sect? Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren didn’t dare to do so as they had some misgivings in their heart. But, Murong Zhuifeng didn’t have any misgivings to do so. Murong aristocratic clan was really domineering!

Tuoba Xiaoniao was anxious, but not only was she tied up, even her mouth was blocked, so she could only watch the attack of Murong Zhuifeng.

Murong Zhuifeng considered himself noble son Zhuifeng, and not only was he elegant and unrestrained, he considered himself special, moreover, his speed was also really fast. His voice was still reverberating in the hall, but he was already close to Ye Chuan, ferociously slapping towards him.

The people exclaimed, and Tuoba Xiaoniao also whimpered as tears trickled down her cheeks.

The strong palm wind was also too fast and too violent. Zhu Sijia and fatty Zhao Dazhi who were standing at the sides of Ye Chuan didn’t have time to react, moreover, they couldn’t even open their eyes. Since Murong Zhuifeng had suddenly rushed forward, they feared Ye Chuan wouldn’t be able to avoid this disaster, moreover, they two will also be involved in that disaster!

Ye Chuan suddenly moved, extending his hands, he pushed Zhu Sijia and fatty far to the left and right respectively. His legs didn’t move as if his legs were nailed securely to the ground, but his upper body swayed left and right. He wasn’t swaying violently, but the speed of swaying was getting faster and faster. In the end, looking from far away, his upper body appeared motionless, merely, his face was somewhat blurry and there were afterimages at his sides. Murong Zhuifeng slapped down, but he only hit an afterimage.

“Eh……, this brat, when did he learn our Five Style Sect’s Wind Style? Liu Hong, that slut, did she secretly passed it to him?”

Feng Ren who was looking from the sidelines screamed, but soon after that, he frowned as he felt something was wrong.

The technique used by Ye Chuan appeared somewhat similar to the Wind Style of Five Style Sect, but looking carefully, there were also many differences. It was different from the Wind Style of Five Style Sect and was even more advanced style technique.

The eyes of Feng Ren who was famous for Wind Style and Wind Blade gradually shone. Suddenly discovering a wind style technique that was similar but even more profound, he was overjoyed. To him, its attraction was not inferior to the treasure inside the stone coffin, or even bigger. He was sure that, if he can obtain this technique of Ye Chuan, his cultivation realm and strength would definitely rise higher and like a tiger that has grown wings, he would be fully deserved King of Wind Style!

“Second slap, boy, don’t dodge if you are capable!”

Murong Zhuifeng shouted and slapped once again. This time, the speed was even faster and his move created an ear-piercing sonic boom. This speed was actually not inferior to the speed of Wind Style, and as if a hurricane, it advanced towards Ye Chuan.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Really unimpressive for a Rank 5 Daoist Master. Looks like the only thing he’s got going for him is a fast cultivation speed boosted by the resources of a large clan.

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