Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 223

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 223: Noble son Zhuifeng

At the end of the hall, the ancient altar rose higher and higher. There were runes on the cliff made up of boulders, and those runes shone into the eyes of people. In the sky, there was an indescribable energy fluctuation, which spread the speaking voice of people far away. This kind of feeling was as if they were standing inside an invisible water.

The stone coffin of the altar was still shrouded in great mist, but under the grey mist, gradually, a white colored luster could be seen as if the treasure inside was about to break out.

The people in the hall surrounded this altar in succession and their gaze was scorching hot. All knew the restriction of this stone coffin was no small matter, but no-one was willing to give up.

The inheritance of paradise realm!

They had finally reached here after the bloodbath, copse mountain and slaughter, moreover, everybody here had barely escaped with their lives, but they finally encounter the real treasure, so who was willing to give up at this point?

The breathing of Tuoba Xiong was heavy, and Elder Feng Ren of Five Style Sect was also ready to take action. He continuously swayed left and right as if he didn’t recognize tiredness and his energy fluctuation was steadily rising. All the experts present in this hall were ready to make a move, all of them held their respective killing weapon, but even after a while, no one rushed forward.

Everyone wanted the treasure inside the stone coffin, but no one here was a fool. Everyone was waiting for someone to rush forward to resolve that terrifying poison mist.

Inside the hall, suddenly everyone refused to budge. Everyone looked at each other full of vigilance and alertness, and everyone gradually felt pressure.

Just like Ghost King Chessboard, there was a layer upon layer of great dangers in the hall, merely, the great dangers didn’t come from the defense and restriction of the palace, rather from themselves. Or, this in itself was also a section of restriction. The owner of Paradise Realm had already expected the arrival of such day and he wanted the people that intrude this paradise realm in later generations to kill each other.

Everyone slowly moved towards the altar surrounding it, and at this moment, the trio of Ye Chuan who was standing at one corner became especially conspicuous.

The eyes of Liu Hong flashed with sinister light, then taking a quick glance at Ye Chuan standing at one corner, she smirked and said: “Eh, if this isn’t noble son Ye? I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“Yes, I also truly didn’t expect to meet you here. Honghong, congratulation for obtaining a new thigh to hug.”

Ye Chuan was calm and composed. He basically didn’t want to be meddlesome, but he also didn’t fear Liu Hong making things difficult for him. He just sighed and continued: “People say, the waves behind push the wave ahead, and the wave ahead dies at the sand beach. Little did they imagine, it was also the same in the bustling sea of people. Hind leg trample foreleg, have a new thigh and you forgot the old thigh you hugged for many years, ai……”

The complexion of all the experts clustering around the altar became somewhat strange and some people couldn’t help but chuckle. Liu Hong had been continuously pestering purple gowned person over and over again. She often laughed sweetly and lean against this purple gowned youth. That appearance, didn’t that strikingly resemble hugging a thigh?

“Brat, you……”

Liu Hong who had never cared about the criticisms of other people lost her temper and she hatefully gritted her teeth. Ye Chuan didn’t say any curse word, but compared to cursing, his words were even more difficult to bear. What new thigh and old thigh, it sounded as if she and he had a relation for many years and now she was having an illicit love affair!

Liu Hong was furious, and on the spot, she was about to wield her flying sword with killing intention but she saw purple gowned youth was looking towards her, so she assumed a delicate and charming appearance, then squeezing out tear from her eyes, she said to Ye Chuan, “Noble son Ye, you are bullying too much. Taking advantage of the time when my father is trapped within this paradise realm with his situation unknown, can you, a dignified Big Disciple of a grand Cloud Mist Sect, so casually bully other people?”

This she-devil, pretend more!

Ye Chuan sneered. He saw through the thoughts of Liu Hong in a single glance. She was trying to kill him by proxy. Sure enough, the purple gowned youth standing at her side coldly said, “Boy, slap yourself 300 times and apologize to Miss Liu, then this noble son will let you go, otherwise……”

After confirming Ye Chuan was merely a Rank 5 Xiushi realm cultivator, the eyes of this purple gowned youth flashed with disdain. He felt that it was beneath his dignity to attack Ye Chuan, and he didn’t even feel that Ye Chuan was worthy enough for him to speak.

“Otherwise, what?” Ye Chuan asked with a smile yet not a smile.

“Very simple, if you want to die, then this noble son will fulfill your wish.” The complexion of this purple gowned youth become cold and he emitted killing intent.

“Noble son Zhuifeng, this brat surnamed Ye however is the dignified Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, how can you publicly slap his face? How about we don’t lower ourselves to the same level as him and forget everything.”

Liu Hong with her eyes full of tears as if she suffered the greatest grievance made a pitiful appearance. Although her words sounded beautiful, she in fact was adding oil and vinegar, “This boy is smelly and hard, throwing him to the stone coffin is most appropriate, and after seeing his body is corroded by poison mist into a skeleton, let’s see whether this brat will realize his error and show repentance or not. But, beating him is one-sided battle, and killing him will provoke extremely big trouble, I do not know how many old fellows of Cloud Mist Sect will be attracted. So, let’s forget about it, noble son Zhuifeng, don’t argue with this kind of person.”

The mouth of Liu Hong said forget about the matter, but the meaning of her words was very insidious. The complexion of many experts clustering around the altar changed hearing the words of this she-devil Liu Hong which had double meanings.

Purple Gowned youth, noble son Zhuifeng only wanted Ye Chuan to slap himself 300 times, but the words of Liu Hong meant that this was still not enough. She wanted Ye Chuan thrown to stone coffin so that he would be corroded to a skeleton. She was so sinister and ruthless, how much did she hate Ye Chuan?

Could it be that Ye Chuan had truly killed her loved ones or raped Liu Hong for her to deliberately carry out a vendetta so as to kill Ye Chuan by proxy?

All the experts in the hall that were originally staring at the stone coffin simultaneously looked over. They were surprised and also were confused.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, did you do something inexcusable to this slut Liu Hong?” Zhu Sijia asked. Even she was somewhat confused. Before, Liu Hong had used different ways to seduce Ye Chuan, she used sweet words and honeyed phrases and flirted with him not long ago. But after entering paradise realm, how did this happen? Could it be that, in that stone forest, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan not only soiled golden daughter of Black Cauldron Sect Tuoba Xiaoniao, did he do ‘that’ to Liu Hong too?

“Jiajia, in this kind of trash, what can I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, see? Do you think I am such person?” Ye Chuan asked a question in reply and Zhu Sijia became silent. It was hard to say for the first half, only ghosts know what he sees in Liu Hong, this trash. Perhaps, he liked this kind of woman of easy virtue, there were so many cheap people like that. As for the latter half, it was even harder to say.

In Ghost King Chessboard, Zhu Sijia had revealed her true feelings that she had unwittingly fallen in love with Ye Chuan, this bad Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, but for some unknown reasons, she always felt that she didn’t know Ye Chuan. She didn’t know his actual strength and very often, she wouldn’t know what he was thinking.

“Miss Liu, you are right. We don’t need to lower ourselves to the same level as this kind of person. Dignified Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, oh, ancient Cloud Mist Sect, I am so afraid!”

Purple gowned youth, noble son Zhuifeng laughed and a trace of disdain flashed through his eyes. After that, his tone suddenly changed as he looked towards Ye Chuan, “Boy, this noble son changed my mind, you don’t need to slap yourself. Go, open the lid of that stone coffin and let us look what is inside. If you don’t dare to walk or cannot move, then this noble son can help you.”

Noble son Zhuifeng said as he walked towards Ye Chuan. Now, his white face was smiling but his killing intent was getting denser and denser.

The meaning of Liu Hong’s words, noble son Zhuifeng also understood. He knew that she wanted to kill Ye Chuan using him, but, he didn’t care. An average loose cultivator feared Cloud Mist Sect that had an ancient heritage, but he regarded Cloud Mist Sect beneath his notice. For him, beheading a Big Disciple or elders of a trifling Cloud Mist Sect was something he didn’t even need to frown.

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