Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 222

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 222: Purple Gowned Youth

This Chaotian Palace was very big, and like a huge underground square, people were standing in twos and threes. Altogether, there were more than one thousand people.

Looking at the grey stone coffin on the altar and that white skeleton, the complexion of those more than thousand people changed, and they simultaneously stopped rushing towards the altar. Among them, there were Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren, these two experts of Cloud Mist Mountain Range.

What kind of treasure was sealed within this stone coffin to actually have so powerful restriction?

The mind of everyone shook and they looked at that mist outside the stone coffin with terror in their eyes. But at the same time, they were also unwilling to retreat and their gaze was somewhat filled with scorching heat.

The danger and opportunity always come together, the more dangerous the place, often the more powerful treasure was sealed in that place!

Tuoba Xiong slowly stepped forward and the huge cauldron on his shoulder glimmered with red light. Then storing up his power in the huge cauldron, he appeared as if he was preparing to directly smash the stone coffin with his huge cauldron to take out the treasure inside it. As for Feng Ren who was as thin as a bamboo pole, he didn’t walk forward, but he began to slowly sway left and right, then a whirlwind appeared around his body, similarly accumulating his power. The surviving disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect also stood behind them in succession.

After three rounds of Ghost King Chessboard, among around 20 disciples of Cloud Mist Sect including Ye Chuan, only Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia and fatty Zhao Dazhi had survived, all others were dead or missing. Fortunately, the majority of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had chosen to stay at the edge of the stone forest, otherwise, their casualties would be bigger.

Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect however were different, practically their whole nest had come out, and since they were very large in number, their casualties were also astonishing. Now, there were less than 30 disciples behind Tuoba Xiong, and less than 20 disciples behind Feng Ren. In Ghost King Chessboard, compared to the number of causalities of Cloud Mist Sect, they were nearly wiped out.

But, all the survivors were the elites of elites of those two sects. At first glance, Ye Chuan not only found Tuoba Xiaoniao, he also saw a familiar figure. Liu Hong who was wearing a short leather skirt was unexpectedly still alive. Instead of standing together with the disciples of Five Style Sect, she stood at the side of a purple gowned youth.

This purple gowned youth was tall and had a fair and clear face. Now, he stood among the crowd as if a jade tree against the wind current. His both hands were also fair and clear, and his purple gown that appeared luxurious was a perfect fit for him. At a first sight, anyone could guess that he originated from rich and influential family. His energy fluctuation was also not trivial, and his majestic power could make other people feel pressure. He was at least Rank 5 Daoist Master realm expert.

Young and promising with a good background, moreover, was handsome, elegant and unrestrained, this purple gowned youth naturally was conspicuous like a crane standing among chickens. Furthermore, around him, there were 12 bodyguards, and all of them were pretty women who were like flowers. They looked beautiful and charming, moreover, their cultivation was also outstanding. All of them were unexpectedly Rank 1 Daoist Master realm experts.

The youth alone was already outstanding enough, but he furthermore had 12 Rank 1 Daoist Master realm, beautiful bodyguards. He instantly attracted the attention of many people. Since no was able to guess his identity and background, no-one dared to easily approach him. Liu Hong however was different, no-one knew what method she used to hook up with this purple gowned youth, but now, she hugged a new thigh. Standing together with that purple gowned youth, she talked and laughed cheerfully. Even people some distance away could hear her sweet voice, and her affectionate and cute looks could make the bones of the people go soft.

“Humph, disgusting, shameless woman, such a short skirt, it’s better to simply not wear anything. Moreover, just saw a man with ability, and she is already doing everything to seduce him.” Zhu Sijia took a quick look at Liu Hong and said in disdain.

“You cannot say that, this is merely making full use of her resources, otherwise, what’s the use of those shining white and slender legs? Junior apprentice-sister, you should also learn from her, why on earth are you wearing such a long robe, even if you reveal a leg, no-one would dare to peep, what’s there to fear?” Ye Chuan said with a bad smile, and retreating several steps, he quietly stood in a corner of this hall.

“Ye Chuan, you……”

Zhu Sijia angrily looked at Ye Chuan, but to her surprise, at this moment, Ye Chuan was still not serious. Now, she was both angry and blushing, but she secretly pulled the robe she was wearing. In Cloud Mist Sect, other people will not dare to peep her slender legs, but no-one dared to guarantee that Ye Chuan, this bad Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, wouldn’t dare to peep. Even when face to face, he will not restrain himself and confidentially look without a sense of shame, as for behind her back, only Gods knows what he would.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, although the grey mist outside the stone coffin is terrifying, the inheritance of this paradise realm however is sealed within it. Are we giving up without making a move just like this?”

Fatty Zhao Dazhi followed Ye Chuan and standing at his side, he was somewhat unwilling and feeling a pity to part with this treasure. He had yet to forget the suffering of the past and still hadn’t forgotten how narrowly they had escaped with life just a moment ago, but seeing the stone coffin on the altar, his gaze was burning as he drooled.

“What’s urgent? The opportune time has yet to arrive, rest assured, someone will break the poisonous mist outside the stone coffin for us. Also, fatty, who told you that the inheritance of this paradise realm is sealed inside that stone coffin?”

Ye Chuan faintly smiled. The poisonous mist outside the stone coffin was very dangerous, but there were many people who didn’t fear death, slowly, more and more people moved forward. Liu Hong also followed that purple gowned youth as he walked forward. The restriction of Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm was definitely more dangerous than he had expected, so Ye Chuan calmly decided to wait and see the changes first. But after looking for a while, he still couldn’t find the figure of that small demonic dragon, seemingly, after entering the auxiliary palace, that small demonic dragon had died within the restriction of this palace, or had gone to other places.

It’s a pity!

If he could refine that entire small demonic dragon, then he would have boundless power and his body would have also become even more tyrannical.

Ye Chuan secretly thought this was a pity, now, he was already one hundred percent certain that this was the legendary Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, but this Chaotian Palace was merely an auxiliary hall inside this Paradise Realm. The real inheritance of this paradise realm must be in the depth of layer upon layer palaces. Naturally, he understood what was going on here, but he explained nothing looking at fatty Zhao Dazhi who was drooling. After that, smiling drily, he took out a small crystal man from inside his Cyan Lotus Space and threw it towards fatty and said, “Here, fatty, I am giving you this, take it.”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, what is this?” Fatty was somewhat confused, but after touching this small crystal man, he immediately understood that this was a good thing.

“I don’t know, if you look carefully, you should find an earth grade technique. Fatty, I can only give you this, you should use your spirit to sense and comprehend it, understand?” Ye Chuan casually took a quick glance at this small crystal man and shook his head.

An earth grade skill?

So casually giving away?

Fatty Zhao Dazhi and Zhu Sijia were dumbfounded. At first, they thought it was a fake, and Ye Chuan was trying to cheat them. And in terms of cheating, Ye Chuan absolutely was a great master, in all eternity, no-one could surpass him. However, after sensing it for a little while with his spirit, fatty excitedly said: “Thank you, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.”

“Fatty, let me look, don’t let Big Senior Apprentice-Brother cheat you!” Zhu Sijia reached out her hand to snatch the small crystal man and examine it.

At that moment, fatty who was always slow to do any matter moved away his hands faster than anyone else, then he quickly put away this small crystal man and said, “No need, senior apprentice-sister Jiajia, no need to examine, it’s fake.”

“Ye Chuan, what about my share?” Zhu Sijia didn’t pester fatty instead look towards Ye Chuan.

“Jiajia, I am entirely yours, I am already your person. You already have me, but are you still not satisfied? What kind of treasure do you want?” Ye Chuan showed a bad smile.

“You……” Zhu Sijia remained silent and was nearly driven mad, but recalling that final scene of Ghost King Chessboard, her nose become sour and tears flowed down her cheeks. Was the revelation of her true feelings exchanged for such teasing? Could it be that, as the falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on, Big Senior Apprentice-brother didn’t have even a little feeling for her? Would she suffer from unrequited love?

Zhu Sijia who was energetic and unruly in former days suddenly become sentimental and susceptible. Furthermore, even she didn’t know what happened to her, but her tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Well, I was just teasing you for fun, this is yours.” Ye Chuan reached out his hand and wiped her tears, then opening his right hand, there was a small crystal man on his palm. Compared to the small crystal man of fatty, it appeared even more exquisite and also even more primitive.

After freeing themselves from Ghost King Chessboard and relaxing a bit, Ye Chuan gave Zhu Sijia and fatty Zhao Dazhi small crystal men as a gift without any hesitation. These treasures obtained in Myriad Beast Forest, Liu Hong had used many schemes to obtain them at that time, moreover, she had reigned the team, but Ye Chuan truly didn’t care. Let alone earth grade techniques, even an ordinary heaven grade techniques wouldn’t enter his eyes. There was the only thing he wanted among them, that was the cyan small crystal man that could link up with the world beyond the highest heaven.

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