Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 221

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 221: Poisonous mist

The number of the crystal screen decreased as the distance between Ye Chuan and Zhu Sijia got shorter and shorter.

After crossing the boundary river, it was equivalent to entering the gate of hell for Ye Chuan. According to the rule, if he didn’t want to explode, he must kill the only remaining disciple of Cloud Mist Sect at the side of Zu Sijia, then wait for Zhu Sijia to kill him.

In the chessboards before, he was able to test out the attainment of the chess pieces. But in this third chessboard, there were only six chess pieces on each side, so without any strategy, this was a straightforward battle, one life exchanging for one life.

The disciple of Cloud Mist Sect standing at the side of Zu Sijia trembled as he hopelessly looked at Ye Chuan who was getting closer and closer. When the two people bumped, Ye Chuan wasn’t harmed but this disciple of Cloud Mist Sect exploded into pieces. He didn’t die in the hands of Ye Chuan, rather died under the rule of this Ghost King Chessboard. This rule was a kind of supreme restriction, was a restriction created by ancient Sage using his great power and great means.

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped three meters away from Zhu Sijia.

The number on the crystal screen restored to 50, then the countdown began again, starting the next round. Now it was the turn of Zhu Sijia. She either had to kill Ye Chuan or wait for self-explosion, these were her only choice according to the rule.

From 50 to 0, the time was very short, but Zhu Sijia stayed still with tears flowing out of her eyes.

“Make a move, what are you waiting for?”

Ye Chuan lowered his voice looking at Zhu Sijia. The number on the crystal screen had already reached 20 and very soon would reach 0.

“No, no……” Zhu Sijia shook her head. She was unable to make a move.

“You just said that if you were to die, then I should go to look for Tuoba Xiaoniao, Jiajia, you are too much. Now, if I die here, then you must not look for other men. If you really have to look for another man, then you have to look for someone that is uglier than me, lower in cultivation realm and loves you not deeper than me. Don’t let me die in vain, if no one misses me in this world, then this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother will not be able to rest in peace.” Ye Chuan said with an evil smile.


Zhu Sijia cried and her beautiful face was tear-stained.

When growing up, she rarely cried. She was proud and arrogant, but this time, she cried in front of fatty.

“Girl, why are you crying? It is hard to find a two-legged toad, but finding a two-legged man is very easy, in the future, you will meet men who are better than me. If you don’t make a move, then you will explode, at that time, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother will go look for another woman.” Ye Chuan was still smiling, but his body suddenly shook and his spirit came out of his body and rushed towards the light screen above them.

As a chess piece, Ye Chuan was also subjected to the suppression and binding of Ghost King Chessboard’s rule. He was unable to move his body as he pleased including his spirit, but he spent a large amount of his vitality to use an ancient secret technique to let out his spirit from his physical body. It had taken a long time to make preparations, but he finally succeeded to use that technique.


The spirit of Ye Chuan opened its mouth and issued a noiseless roar.

The light screen above their head suddenly swayed and rippled as if a pond water. But in the next moment, the light circulated around it and it quickly reverted back to normal.

The spirit of Ye Chuan roared once again, this time, it directly collided with the light screen, smashing his head against the huge chessboard of light screen.

The entire chessboard world shook, and along with light circulating around it, it once again reverted back to normal state, but upon closer look, there were several very fine cracks on the light screen. As for the crystal screen, the countdown had already reached 10.

Ye Chuan circulated six Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, and his spirit swelled, then he ferociously collided with the light screen once again. Kacha, even more cracks appeared on the light screen, then Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia and fatty simultaneously felt lighter, and they were able to slightly move their finger. And at the same time, a powerful aura came from the light screen and they furthermore could hear vague clamors, as if other experts were also attacking the restriction of this auxiliary hall.

Now the countdown on the crystal screen had reached 7, leaving only a few breaths of time remaining.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, do your best!”

“Quick, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, quick!”

Fatty and Zhu Sijia were overjoyed as they saw a glimmer of hope. They wanted to move forward to help, but they were still unable to move and it was impossible for them to let out their spirit.

The finger of Ye Chuan moved and a cyan light glimmered. First, a puppet doll jumped out, then a black-robed woman appeared. After that, 12 human-faced snakes, Six-Winged Golden Cicada and Evil Eyed Cow Demons appeared. All of them used their technique to bombard the light screen above their head.

After he was slightly able to control his body, Ye Chuan quickly summoned the yao beast army inside his Cyan Lotus Lamp, and ordered them to attack the light screen above them. And to his surprise, the most effective attack was not from 12 human-faced snakes, nor was from puppet doll’s old evil spirit Hei Kui, rather was from several hundred Evil Eyed Cow Demons. Thick light beams bombarded the light screen and the light screen made a cracking sound, and like a cracked eggshell, cracks spread all over. Finally, along with the attack of Evil Cow King, this light screen finally dissipated.

Ding! The countdown on the crystal screen also reached zero.

Zhu Sijia trembled, but even after a while, she discovered that she was still unscathed. The expected explosion didn’t occur!


The spirit and physical body of Ye Chuan fused together, then tightly hugged Zhu Sijia who rushed into his bosom.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.” Zhu Sijia choked with sobs as she tightly hugged him.

Fatty also walked over. Now he was full of excitement and happiness.

The spectacular chessboard world slowly collapsed and disappear. At this moment, the three of them discovered that they were standing inside the magnificent palace. All around, people were standing in twos and threes. There were disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, moreover, there were elites of other sects and loose cultivators too. With the sharp eyes of Ye Chuan, he saw Tuoba Xiong, Feng Ren and other people. Tuoba Xiaoniao was also standing at the side of her father Tuoba Xiong. Her dress was in disorder and seemed to be in sore straits, but she didn’t seem to have any big injury too.

When Ye Chuan took the danger of attacking the restriction of the auxiliary palace, Tuoba Xiong, Feng Ren and others had also met with the same kind of difficult problem, so they similarly launched an attack towards the restriction of the auxiliary palace. Since all of them worked together, the ancient restriction also was unable to endure and collapsed, revealing the true colors of the auxiliary palace. Otherwise, even if they had luckily passed through the third level of Ghost King Chessboard game, perhaps, there furthermore might be fourth, fifth…… endless levels which were one more dangerous than other.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Jiajia, look there!” Fatty Zhao Dazhi suddenly pointed at the end of the palace and screamed.

At the end of the palace, an altar slowly rose. Above the altar, there was a grey colored stone coffin enveloped by grey mist. And a wave of obscure energy fluctuation came from inside stone coffin.

“It’s the treasure, this is the inheritance of this Paradise Realm!”

“Hahaha, no one is allowed to snatch it from me, the treasure inside this stone coffin is mine, hahahaha……”


The surviving people got excited and someone took the initiative to rush over. A loose cultivator who was Rank 3 Daoist Master realm rushed forward, but when he just touch the grey mist outside stone coffin, he immediately screamed as the blood and flesh of his right hand was completely corroded, leaving only the bones. Immediately afterward, the mist spread and the entire person quickly changed into a skeleton.

This mist was poisonous, was hypertoxic!

The eyelids of people twitched and their hair stood on end.

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