Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 22

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 22: Junior apprentice-sister, don’t go

Returning to Purple Cloud Peak, Ye Chuan uttered a long and loud cry without restraint.

Thinking back about that beaten expression of Jin Hua when he saw Tuoba Xiaoniao, he felt very happy.

“M-hm, next, will that boy resign to his fate and get married or escape without trace to avoid this marriage?” Ye Chuan inwardly speculated while waiting expectantly. After that, he raised his head and looked towards the sky. Seeing it was still early, he sat cross-legged in the study and began cultivation.

A very pure worldly spiritual qi rapidly fell continuously from the sky, and seeped into the numerous bones of arms and legs of Ye Chuan.

Without Dragon’s Vein Crystal, he was lacking important source energy, but compared to a few days before, the worldly spiritual qi of Purple Cloud Peak was many times denser. Cultivating here would give twice the results for half the effort.

After learning the flaws of Medicine Spirit Formation from Ye Chuan, Second Elder as if he had found a priceless treasure, quickly kept himself busy. First he repaired the Medicine Spirit Formation of his mountain peak, then, he repaired all the Medicine Spirit Formation of Purple Cloud Peak, without saying day and night. Even when all the higher ups of sect were receiving Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong in Cloud Mist Hall, he however was absent. For Ye Chuan, this however was equivalent to getting a free labor working for him.

Second Elder Nan Gongren’s nickname was Medicine Crazy. This nickname was truly not for show, as he took good care of every medicinal herbs within the sect, and earnestly hope to thoroughly exterminate those wicked flies.

Unfortunately, although he spare no effort, his efficacy however still fell short a bit. With Rank 3 Daoist Master cultivation level, it was still not enough to thoroughly repair Medicine Spirit Formation of mountains, as some flaws, even if he could see them, he was not able to repair it. Currently compared to other mountain peak, Purple Cloud Peak had very less flies, but they were still not thoroughly stamped out. If he wants to thoroughly repair, then it seems, Ye Chuan had to personally raise his hand after his cultivation rose.

The qi vortex within his dantian slowly rotated.

Although qi vortex already had a hint of reaching half-way to Heaven Swallowing Talisman, but distance to the complete Heaven Swallowing Talisman was still very far away.

Ye Chuan was not impatient, he wanted to go about things steadily and surely. Slowly, after absorbing pure worldly spiritual qi, Heaven Swallowing Talisman condensed even more solidly, and boundless power spread all over tempering and refining his bones and muscles. The muscles from head to toe trembled faster and faster, giving out thunder like explosion sound.

How you cultivate in the ranks of Wuzhe realm, directly influence the future potential.

And form the very beginning, Ye Chuan had made up his mind to cultivate every rank to its pinnacle. In the same fashion, for Rank 5 Wuzhe, he wanted to spend tenfold or even hundredfold painstaking effort compared to ordinary people.

The night came faster than the expectation of people.

Tonight, Cloud Mist Sect was decorated with lanterns and colored banners, and the sect was full of joy. All disciples were busy preparing for the upcoming wedding.

Jin Hua, with Dragon’s Vein Crystal left behind by Sect Master already in his hand, and soon getting married to the pearl in the palm of Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master, in the eyes of onlookers, he had reached the heaven in single bound, and was already certain to replace Ye Chuan to become Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of sect. And resolute people were already thinking secretly about what generous gift to send, so that they could curry favor as early as possible.

Ye Chuan awoke from his quiet cultivation, and with rapt attention, looked at Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, and saw that it still hadn’t taken a shape completely, but compared to before, it was more solid, and the inscription above the talisman was lightly pulsating as if it had life, displaying its primitive simplicity and mysteriousness.

“That kid Jin Hua, is he still throwing big tantrum or is already on the road to become fugitive at this moment?”

Ye Chuan evilly smiled, then looking towards the sky outside the window, he took out Cyan Lotus Lamp, and his spirit came out once again, fully using Yin Spirit Nightwalking.

With the experience and lesson of last time, this time he was more proficient. Along with an ill wind, his spirit went straight to the place where Jin Hua’s courtyard was located. But to his surprise, he unexpectedly came away empty-handed, the courtyard where Jin Hua resided was completely empty.

Did that kid really ran away? Ye Chuan found this somewhat unexpected. Carefully sensing, his spirit went towards another direction.

In a remote small courtyard, spring colors filled the garden.

“Junior apprentice-sister, hurry up, you want me to die!” The voice of Jin Hua transmitted outwards from inside the dark wooden house. Right now his voice was hoarse.

Today, he really wanted to spit blood, thinking about later tonight he was going to have wedding night with Tuoba Xiaoniao, his heart was very worried. All people were bustling about full of joy, but he was calmly hiding here while seeking amusement.

A woman with half clothes untied who was holding onto the neck of Jin Hua said, “Senior…apprentice-brother……, are you truly going to get married with that Big Bird? Then hereafter, what about me?”

“First I need to deal with tonight, afterwards, I will inherit the mantle of Third Elder, and become Big Senior Apprentice-Brother with real power.” Jin Hua gloomily said.

He can endure this, really not an average person ah!

Ye Chuan admired, unexpectedly, Jin Hua, this slikpants could still endure. If average person was in his place, then he would have already sneaked away at that very moment. But, it is better this way, if this fellow sneak away quite early, then I’d have lost my small amusement.

That girl called Xiao Qing also admired, then removing all her clothing, she softly as if boneless coiled around the body of Jin Hua, while lightly removing latter’s clothing, “Senior apprentice-brother is wise, then tonight you still……”

“Fuck, go on, why on earth you need to go on fucking talk nonsense. Xiao Qing, just attend I, senior apprentice-brother well, later you are bound to have many benefits.”

Jin Hua turned over, and pushing down junior apprentice-sister Xiao Qing, he yelled.

Jin Hua who was going to have a bridal chamber very soon, here with a fickle junior apprentice-sister Xiao Qing, he was having an affair. He had already decided that when it was time for the bridal chamber, he would quickly get the matter done. Recalling Tuoba Xiaoniao’s that robust appearance, his heart shuddered, who dares to get entangle in ** with her? He made up his mind to instantly finish the battle, and get done quickly.

“Wow, senior apprentice-brother, you are ferocious……”

“Humph, if not ferocious then how can I call myself senior apprentice-brother?”

“Eh, senior apprentice-brother, how come you are suddenly on the point of death?”

“Junior apprentice-sister, wait a moment, I will be ready right away.”


A man and a woman, hiding to do that shameful thing. If Tuoba Xiaoniao who had fallen in love at first sight knew this, don’t know how sad she would be.

Thinking of Tuoba Xiaoniao, Jin Hua would want to vomit, but for the sake of future prospect, he could only endure, endure the things average person would never be able to endure. But, now just at the crucial point of this happy moment, he suddenly discovered that he unexpectedly was at the point of death. His whole body was hard but only a place was soft just like a slug. After a while, the slug hardened, and just when he wanted to mount and gallop, it again softened, this happened repeatedly.

“Senior apprentice-brother, if you’re stressed too much, then how about doing another day?” Xiao Qing was unable to maintain, and was very tired continuously lying on her stomach like this.

“Won’t do, I must have you tonight.” The complexion of Jin Hua became ghastly pale, and fiddle his slug once again, but it’s too bad, it was still useless.

Xiao Qing smiled without get angry, then from under the pillow, she took out a red medicine pill, “Here, take this, I already knew you will have a day like this.”

“Dragon Tiger Pill?” The eyes of Jin Hua shone, then swallowed it down in a single gulp. After that he felt heat on his lower abdomen, and quickly showed the reaction. His slug stood up just like one pillar supporting the sky, but just when he was about to force himself upon her, that plaything again softened down. Just after giving person a little hope, instantly it gave greater loss.

“Ai, senior apprentice-brother, still no good.”

“Xiao Qing, try it again.”

“Senior apprentice-brother, it’s really no good, there is not much time left, and I’ve to go now.”

“Junior apprentice-sister, wait a moment, junior apprentice-sister, don’t go ah……”


Xiao Qing grumbled and climbed up, then wearing her gown, she left, leaving behind naked Jin Hua all by himself in this wooden house. And with a blowing of cold breeze, his heart became chilly.

Can’t do what all other men can do, then what would happen at tonight’s bridal chamber?

With Tuoba Xiong’s aggressiveness and Tuoba Xiaonian’s fierceness, wouldn’t they tore him apart on the spot?

How did this happen?

Jin Hua who was draughty as a dragon and lively as a tiger in former days, loudly wailed mournfully!

Inside this courtyard, behind a dark tree, Ye Chuan evilly smiled. He didn’t mind his happiness was built upon a suffering of Jin Hua, this fucker.

Kid, is my Dragon’s Vein Crystal good?

Ye Chuan’s face was filled with smile, but his eyes however became increasingly cold. For him Breaking Yang Water had truly too small meaning, just acting a bit, he conversely let Jin Hua to fully enjoy the taste the effect of Breaking Yang Water. Now with this appearance, how could this fellow, Jin Hua get married, and also how can he has bridal chamber?

The drama is just beginning, and the full-scale drama is about to arrive.

Looking at Jin Hua who was crying without tears, Ye Chuan quietly withdrew, leaving with an ill wind.

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