Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 219

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 219: Breakthrough

Ye Chuan took a deep breath and he forcibly calmed himself down. He closed his eyes and the entire chessboard emerged in his brain. His quickly calculated the next step of red and black human-faced snakes, then other steps, calculating every possibility of every chess piece.

On the chess record reflected on the light screen above their head, suddenly a light shone and many red threads appeared. Wherever Ye Chuan calculated his next move in his mind, red threads move to that place.

Slowly, more and more red threads appeared, densely connecting like a spider web. With Ye Chuan’s commander in chief chess piece as the center, a heavy defense formation was formed and the spearhead was pointing straight towards the commander in chief of the black side.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were surprised and seeing thickly dotted red lines on the chess record, they felt as if they were fused together with the human-faced snake below them. They all became the chess piece in the mind of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan and the life of everyone was in the hand of Ye Chuan. Whichever chess piece Ye Chuan looked, the corresponding disciple of Cloud Mist Sect would feel the human-faced snake below them was shaking.

The human-faced snake below Zhu Sijia repeatedly shook.

After calculating countless possibilities and also calculating up to the seventh steps of every chess pieces, the best choice to make a move in this round was still Zhu Sijia.

After a good while, Ye Chuan finally opened his eyes and looking at Zhu Sijia, his gaze become steadfast but still had a little worry and unwillingness.

Zhu Sujia was able to see this little worry and unwillingness, and quickly understood what was going on, so she said, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, make a move, this round, I will go, kill all of those black chess pieces!”

“Jiajia, aren’t you afraid? Not afraid that this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother has miscalculated?” Ye Chuan asked.

“If I died then wouldn’t you be gratified and have your wish fulfilled? Moreover, wouldn’t you be able to go look for that endearing little bird like Tuoba Xiaoniao? Or, fool around with Liu Hong, that slut?” Zhu Sjia asked a question as a reply, but this question had nothing to do with current situation.

“How can that be?” Ye Chuan shook his head and made a wry smile.

“If I really died, then I hope you will go look for Tuoba Xiaoniao, don’t look for other women. Make a move, don’t be fussy like an old woman, or else I will look down on you!” Zhu Sijia held her head high and looked resolute without the fear of death. Unable to take the initiative to attack, she simply closed her eyes. Merely, sparkling and translucent tears were swirling in her eyes.

Previously, she had never considered how this world would change after her death. But now, she had to think of this problem. If she really died, then she hoped someone be able to replace her and take care of Ye Chuan; Although she didn’t want to admit, in her mind, that tender person Tuoba Xiaoniao was the most suitable person.

Even when she was facing the pressure of her father Tuoba Xiong and Five Style Sect Elder Feng Ren, Tuoba XIaoniao risked her life to protect Ye Chuan. That scene made Zhu Sijia jealous and she felt sour and uncomfortable in her heart, but she was also moved.

“Jiajia, I will not let you die.”

Ye Chuan replied and taking a deep breath again, he extended his finger and slowly moved towards the chess record’s red dot. The red human-faced snake of Zhu Sijia rapidly moved across the boundary river and swallowed a back human-faced snake and directly plunged into the camp of black side, threatening the black commander in chief.

On the chess record reflected on the light screen, a black light moved, and a black human-faced snake was ready to make a move.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect got nervous all of a sudden. Their heart seemed to jump out of their body as he stared without even blinking their eyes.

A black human-faced snake rushed forward and didn’t swallow nor killed Zhu Sijia, rather stopped in front of the formation. If it killed Zhu Sijia, no matter where the black human-faced snake moved, a huge flaw would appear in front of Ye Chuan.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously sighed in relief. Ye Chuan was also the same, he wiped off the beads of sweat from his forehead and began to command calmly. After that, the red human-faced snakes pushed forward. Unlike the first game, there wasn’t blunt killing, but was even more pressuring. In the beginning, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were on tenterhooks for fear that they would be the next one to be swallowed, but slowly, they began to get bolder.

The red threads of chess record got increasingly denser as the red side pressed forward heavily. Now the black side was squeezed in a small area.

Playing Ghost King Chessboard was in fact similar to playing normal chess in essence. As long as you overcome the fear in your heart, the remaining was only the skill of playing chess. For ordinary people, they couldn’t overcome the fear in their hearts and find themselves at a loss, or their attainment in chess wasn’t enough, as a result, they would be unable to breakthrough the chess.

Fortunately, Ye Chuan was very good at both aspects.

It was not difficult for him to overcome the fear in his heart. In his previous lifetime, he had concealed the heaven with his hand and also was very skilled in playing chess. Take one step, consider seven steps ahead, slowly the black side was pushed back to the dead end. After about an hour, the black side finally revealed a fatal flaw, and no matter how they move, they were unable to continue.

Ding! A loud and clear sound resounded throughout the entire chessboard world. The black human-faced snakes wailed and their entire body exploded, changing into fine dust. The light screen above their head shone as the huge chessboard began to dissipate, and a fine and continuous white light one again fell from the light screen. Compared to before, this white light was even denser, like a white river descending from the heaven, it flooded downwards.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were overjoyed, and the relaxed their guard as they absorbed this white light. Ding ding, loud and clear sounds continuously resounded as their cultivation realm made breakthroughs in succession.

Ye Chuan was already prepared, he spread out his hands and bathed in this white light. Moreover, he looked up and opened his mouth to inhale. More than half of the white light that flooded downwards entered into his mouth. Slowly, the white light accumulated within his body got increasingly denser, becoming a water, and then gradually condensed into a drop of white jade-like spotless liquid.

Demonic Dragon Blood!

Another drop of Demonic Dragon Blood!

Ye Chuan was excited, and as if thirsting, he absorbed the white light falling from the sky rapidly. His body suddenly trembled as a majestic energy fluctuation spread out.

“Rank 5 Xiushi, break for me!”

Ye Chuan held his head high and shouted, then using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique, he suddenly attacked the bottleneck. His body shook again, he easily surmounted the bottleneck and broke through to Rank 5 Xiushi. Moreover, in his dantian, vividly portrayed sixth Heaven Swallowing Talisman finally condensed completely. Now a demonic dragon-shaped talisman quietly circulated within his dantian. When this Demonic Dragon-shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman formed, all other dragon-shaped talisman, skull talisman, Buddha talisman, flowing water talisman and human-faced snake talisman quivered and then revolve around the demonic dragon talisman.

Sixth Heaven Swallowing Talisman, 108,000 jin!

Ye Chuan was in high-spirited and was vigorous as he uttered a long, loud roar looking up. One Heaven Swallowing Talisman represented 18,000 jin strength, and the complete six Heaven Swallowing Talismans represent the strength of 108,000 jin. Now, who could withstand his one punch?

Ye Chuan circulated Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique and the energy fluctuation within his body still climbed higher as if he would breakthrough to Rank 6 Xiushi. Suddenly along with a kacha kacha sounds, his bones trembled and skin cracked. His physical body couldn’t withstand such violent power. His body was going to explode. But under the illumination of the white light, the skin rapidly healed, then cracked once again, this process repeated again and again.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect retreated to one side and watched Ye Chuan’s transformation in shock. It was not like they didn’t want to bath in the white light, merely they were unable to approach as they were pushed back by an invisible energy that erupted out from Ye Chuan.

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