Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 218

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 218: Fragment of Heaven

Including Ye Chuan, 15 surviving disciples of Cloud Mist Sect ardently bathed in the warm white light. Their body strengthened and the energy fluctuation with their body also rose steadily.

Whoosh! An invisible whirlwind appeared around Zhu Sijia and white light rippled as she broke through her bottleneck, reaching Rank 2 Xiushi, then Rank 3……, all the way to Rank 5 Xiushi and then the energy fluctuation within her body slowly stabilized.

The surviving disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, like after suffering comes happiness, made breakthroughs in their cultivation realm in succession. Even fatty Zhao Dazhi also breakthrough two ranks, reaching Rank 3 Xiushi. But Ye Chuan was different, his cultivation was still Rank 4 Xiushi without any movement, but his blood and physique were even more condensed now, and his all the limbs and bones had white light circulating around them. In his dantian, sixth Heaven Swallowing Talisman, a demonic dragon shaped new talisman was vividly portrayed.

Ye Chuan stretched out his both arms and absorbed the white light sprinkling from the sky to his heart content as if a whale swallowing seawater. He didn’t care about his cultivation realm, he cared most about the increase of his strength!

Making a breakthrough, power enhancement and body strengthen, all of them similarly increase the strength. In many cases, the tyrannical body was far more important than one’s cultivation realm. At the juncture when one’s life is at stake, it often depends on the instinct of the body but not some magical techniques and treasures.

The white light at the place where Ye Chuan stood was the thickest and also disappeared the quickest. Practically, half of the white light entered the body of Ye Chuan.

After making breakthroughs in succession, fatty and others were talking in high spirits. Ye Chuan however closed his eyes and immersed himself in this hard-earned cultivation world without a word.

This fine and continuous dazzling white light somewhat resembled that drop of demonic dragon blood, transforming his body once again. At first glance, it would appear his muscles weren’t well developed, but they were quite well-balanced and his sleek muscles were filled with explosive power. And compared to before, now he had a fairer complexion with indistinct white light circulating around him, resembling that white jade-like spotless demonic dragon he had encountered in the stone forest.

The white light sprinkled by the light screen above them didn’t last long. The dazzling radiance gradually dimmed, then, this radiance changed into dazzling red light enveloping everyone. After that, with a flash of red light, everyone disappeared from here.

After feeling as if the sky and earth were spinning again, the group of people appeared at yet another chessboard world.

On the ground, there was a huge ravine as before, which was the lines of this chessboard; above the head, there was a light screen as before, merely, the chess pieces had changed from ice-cold statues to red and black human-faced snakes. The number of them was neither too much nor too little, there were exactly 15 of each color, which happened to be the exact number of surviving disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

Hiss! The human-faced snakes hissed one after another and their body continuously twisted.

The scalps of the entire group of people tingled. As for Zhu Sijia, she screamed and immediately hid behind Ye Chuan. She feared neither Heaven nor Earth and had always been energetic in handling affairs, but she happened to greatly fear snakes.

Unlike the human-faced snakes Ye Chuan encountered in the stone forest, the human-faced snakes appearing here were no longer ice-cold stone golem, rather were real existence. Each one had a huge body and a pair of snake horns sprout from their head. Ye Chuan didn’t know how long they had been living, but they appeared as if they existed from the time this ancient paradise realm was constructed.

Ye Chuan extended his hand and pausing for a bit, he attempted to touch one human-faced snake, and suddenly a marvelous feeling appeared in his heart. At this moment, the human-faced snake talisman within his dantian seemed to have come back alive and radiated vitality. After that, the red human-faced snakes around crawled over to Ye Chuan in succession. Every one of them felt cordial towards him. But the black human-faced snakes across the border river were completely different, they were still cold and aggressive. Their lower body coiled around on the ground, and their tail was quivering rapidly as if they wanted to pounce at any time.

The ground slightly trembled and on the light screen above their head, ‘Fragment of Heaven’ these three ancient words emerged.

The first chessboard was Imperfect Earth, and this one is Fragment of Heaven, Fragment Heaven Imperfect Earth, this chessboard is very dangerous. Even more people might meet their death in this round of Ghost King Chessboard.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were anxious and every one of them sweated profusely.

“Ride these human-faced snakes. Merging with them, become a snake chess piece. The path of cultivation is the path of defying the heaven. Think of the happiness that comes after suffering and the rise in your cultivation. If you don’t want to die here, then be courageous and lift your head for me!”

The voice of Ye Chuan suddenly resounded in the ears of the disciples of cloud Mist Sect.

The entire groups of people pulled themselves together, even Zhu Sijia who feared snake the most in her life gritted her teeth and rode a human-faced snake. The instinct to survive and the pursuit of power let them overcome the fear in their heart.

This time, no one hesitated and were slow as they had already learned a lesson in the first chessboard.

The slight tremor of the ground intensifies all of a sudden. Numerous human-faced snakes moved like golems, exchanging their positions. Now they were in disorder. But Ye Chuan secretly coordinated both Zhu Sijia and fatty as the Fragment Heaven chess game officially started.

Hiss! An ear piercing hiss resounded and a black human-faced snake swayed as it crawled forward. The black side was the first to make a move.

The ground was still vibrating, and the first disciple of Cloud Mist Sect to be affected tightly held onto human-faced snake wanting to dodge. But he had never imagined that, the swaying body of the human-faced snake was stiff now. Once the chess game started, he couldn’t act arbitrarily. Suppressed by an invisible power, he could only look helplessly at the incoming black human-faced snake.

A sad and shrill terrified scream resounded in the ears of everyone.

That disciple of Cloud Mist Sect was swallowed whole along with the red human-faced snake by that black human-faced snake. Fatty who was just behind that disciple was half dead with fright and his fatty meat trembled. He did his utmost to move the human-faced snake below him, but it didn’t move even a bit. It basically didn’t heed his command, basically was completely different from the first chessboard.

The light screen above their head flashed with radiance and a huge chess record appear on it. Red and black chess pieces shone on it.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, save me, save me, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, save… save me……” Fatty Zhao Dazhi was so scared that he continuously wailed mournfully, and at that moment, not only the human-faced snake below him didn’t move, even he was unable to move his body all of a sudden. If no one made a move to save him, then he would be the one to be swallowed next by that black human-faced snake!

Ye Chuan looked up and light screen’s chessboard appeared in his mind. He saw that shining red dot moving all of a sudden, and he extended his finger and pressed the distant void. After that, a red human-faced snake slowly crawled across the boundary river then swallowed the human-faced snake that had killed the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect just a moment ago.

In the previous chessboard, Ye Chuan was a commander in chief chess piece. He issued the orders and other pieces could move on their own. But on this chessboard, he assumed the role of the chess player. The lives of everyone here was tied to him alone. This responsibility was bigger and even more dangerous.

In the first round, both sides lost a chess piece, so both red and black sides were tied. In the second round, he had to think of a way to break the game and violently attack the flaw of black side to end this game as quickly as possible.

Ye Chuan once again extended his finger but just when he was about to press distant void, he suddenly stopped.

This time, the chess piece that should go to the battle was none other than Zhu Sijia. From her position, riding a human-faced snake across the boundary river could directly threaten the commander in chief of the black side, but she will also face the siege of black side. A slight mistake can get her killed!

His thought was in chaos. Ye Chaun who was always calm and composed was nervous and was unable to calm himself down.

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