Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 217

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 217: Imperfect Earth

Multicolored different sized bubbles strangely sprang out from underground. They rose to the sky and then strangely disappeared slowly. They appeared disorderly and unsystematic without any pattern.

The entire group of people stopped their steps and nervously watched the bubbles all around them, not daring to touch them.

First, Ye Chuan carefully looked all around and after a while, he slowly closed his eyes. Then a good while later, a sound resounded in the ears of fatty, “Fatty, take three steps towards left, then take seven steps straight forward.”

“Yes, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, but hold a little tighter, be sure to not let go.”

Fatty gritted his teeth and bracing himself, he took the first step, then the second step, third step……, and others followed after him. Several bubbles brushed past him in succession, and the head of the fatty nearly bumped against a bubble, fortunately, at the critical moment, Ye Chuan pulled him back. But a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect that was in the middle of this procession wasn’t so lucky. After carelessly bumping against a bubble, he instantly disappeared. The two disciples in the front and back exerted themselves trying to pull him back but were of no avail.

“I will count to seven, rush straight towards the front, run as fast as you all can, and stop in the white area in the front.”

Ye Chuan with closed eyes used his spirit to sense the pattern of bubbles, and his voice once again resounded in the ears of the people, instructing what to do next. After instructing, he began counting down.

Over 20 disciples of Cloud Mist Sect holding the hand of each other prepared to run forward.

When Ye Chuan counted to ‘one’, three disciples of Cloud Mist Sect fell behind and weren’t able to set foot on the white area. A string of bubbles suddenly sprang out from underground and instantly engulfed all three of them.

The complexion of Fatty, Zhu Sijia and others changed and their hands and legs got cold. Each and every one of them was badly shaken. Only Ye Chuan was calm and composed. He carefully sensed for a while and his cold voice once again resounded in their ears.

Inside the palace shrouded in thick fog, there were swords, wrist guards, and so on items left behind by the people that entered before them everywhere. Among the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect as well as the loose cultivators that entered this palace before them, many people had died here.

The eyes of Ye Chuan was closed but his spirit was unprecedentedly active, carefully sensing the life and death of every bubble. Under his command, the entire group of people walked forward with fear and trepidation, successfully passing through this zone with the twisted and torn atmosphere. Now, only 21 people remained. Seven disciples of Cloud Mist Sect disappeared without a trace in this zone. But before fatty and others could heave a sigh of relief, a huge bubble appeared directly in front of them, and the entire group of 21 people was completely swallowed by this bubble.

And after they felt as if the sky and earth were spinning, the entire group of people arrived at a strange world.

The air was filled with grey mist, below them was a long and deep ravine, and around them were standing tall and upright more than 100 meters tall statues. Those statues were either holding a spear or long heavy sword. Every one of them was emitting ice-cold and awe-inspiring killing intent. Altogether there were 42 statues divided into red and black colors. Above their head was a huge light screen which reflected everything below. The entire world was very quiet. One could hear one’s own breathing sound. This place was just like a huge gloomy grave. There was an obscure pressure in the air, and everybody felt the energy fluctuating within their body was subjected to an innate suppression. They couldn’t use even one-tenth of their usual strength here.

“What is this place?”

“Are we already dead? Or to say, is this the world inside the bubble?”


The surviving disciples of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously exclaimed as they got anxious. Fear rapidly spread among the crowd and got intensified, making more and more people restless.

“This is not a bubble world, is a huge chessboard. We……, now we stand on the Ghost King Chessboard.”

Ye Chuan’s faint voice resounded in the ears of everybody as he slowly opened his eyes.

In the sky, ice-cold dense ghost qi was rippling and the atmosphere was very cold, but it wasn’t a frequently seen cold, rather an indescribable cold. It wasn’t winter yet and wind also wasn’t blowing, but it was cold. Even Rank 5 Xiushi realm elites were unable to withstand this coldness and shivered. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had never experienced this kind of coldness, but Ye Chuan wasn’t unfamiliar with such coldness. In his previous lifetime, he had entered similarly cold ominous domain which was the ghost residence of that time’s Ghost King.

Before, when his divine sense had sensed this, Ye Chuan had only suspected, but now, he was sure that this truly was a chessboard, a huge, bloody and extremely dangerous Ghost King Chessboard. Those huge statues around them were red and black chess pieces. If they wanted to leave this place, then they had to break through this final phase of a game of chess.

The light screen above their head suddenly shone, then a red statue slightly trembled and moved. Before they had time to carefully examine, this game of chess was already triggered.

“Spread out and individually stand on a statue, quick!”

Ye Chuan suddenly leaped back. With one hand, he pulled Zhu Sijia and with the other hand, he flung fatty. Then flipping in the air, he stably stood on the statue that symbolized commander in chief. As for fatty and Zhu Sijia, one stood on his left and the other stood on his right, assuming the position of his close officials. There were only 21 people, and the numbers of red statues also happened to be 21, so one person could stand on one statue. He didn’t know whether this was a coincidence or was the automatic corresponding of Ghost King Chessboard.

Rumbling sound sudden resounded.

A black statue holding a huge sword moved straight up. Crossing over a boundary river, it rushed directly towards the big camp of red statues. Kacha, a sword rose and fell, then a red statue in the front was split into pieces. Then, four hesitating disciples of Cloud Mist Sect who didn’t have time to jump on the red statues screamed at the same time. After that, their body strangely exploded all of a sudden. Moreover, three statues without anyone standing on them also broke into pieces.

The red side suddenly lost four chess pieces. And one piece was equivalent to one human life!

Usually, chess is played to cultivate the mind or pass the time, but playing a chess in Ghost King Chessboard was for life!

The remaining disciples of Cloud Mist Sect looked pale including Zhu Sijia who was energetic and bold in former days. She turned her head and looked at Ye Chuan with fearful eyes.

“Everyone, don’t panic, listen to my instruction.”

Ye Chuan pulled a long face and instructed in a low voice, issuing a command. Whoosh, a red statue rushed forward and entered the black camp, then with the flash of ice-cold blade light, a black statue collapsed to the ground, a tooth for a tooth.

Along with rumbling sounds, the black and red sides moved exchanging the positions with enough interaction.

These statues were too huge and also too brutal. Even a Daoist Master realm expert might not be able to stop their one sword slash, so since they couldn’t overwhelm with strength, they could only take them down by strategy. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect didn’t need to make a move in person. As long as they stood on the statue and infused their energy into the statue they were standing, the statue would move according to their thoughts. It would appear they didn’t need to make a move in person and also seemed to have no danger, but everyone was ghastly pale and their hearts were beating rapidly due to nervousness. This kind of ‘could only look on waiting to kill the other party or get killed by the other party’, if they had a choice, then no one wanted to feel such feeling.

The attack of black chess pieces was swift and fierce. Several times, they rushed to the front of Ye Chuan’s commanding statue. But, the offense of Ye Chuan was even more ruthless. Moreover, he took advantage of a flaw of black chess pieces and made a major attack, and after several rounds, the battle was resolved. The commander statue of black chess pieces collapsed and broke into pieces, then on the light screen above them, two large words ‘Imperfect Earth’ emerged which sprinkled a dazzling white light. This white light fell on everybody, strengthening them at an astonishing speed.

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