Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 216

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 216: Nihility World

Whoosh! An evil wind blew out from inside the auxiliary palace along with the void breaking sound.

This sound was like a wolf wailing and also like the wailing of the resentment ghost, which was horrifying enough to make the scalp of people tingle, and it also shook the spirit, seemingly, the soul wanted to fly out of the body.

The spirit of Ye Chuan retreated at full speed towards his body that was sitting cross-legged on the ground. And all of the divine sense he had sent out also returned.

“Be careful, Cloud Mist Sword Qi!”

Zhu Sijia shouted loudly, and numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously use the sword in their hand. Their power overlapped with one another, and a fierce sword qi soared as they swung their sword towards the evil wind that was relentlessly pursuing the spirit of Ye Chuan.

Zhu Sijia who was guarding Ye Chuan decisively commanded the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect arranged in a sword formation to initiate the attack.


A sad and shrill wailing sound resounded once again, the evil wind that blew out from the auxiliary palace rippled and distorted, instantly condensing into a vague 100 meters tall evil spirit with a wide opened mouth holding a military fork in its hand. This somewhat resembled the Wind Nation of Feng Ren, but was even more terrifying.

This evil spirit swung the military fork to block the attack of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, but the Cloud Mist Qi actually had the feeling of cutting a substance. All the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect shook and become pale. As for the evil spirit, its body shrank, seemingly, this one attack had consumed a lot of energy, but it still chased after the spirit of Ye Chuan, wanting to swallow his spirit!

The Cyan Lotus Lamp floating above the head of Ye Chuan suddenly shone with cyan light, enveloping everything within 100 meters with a cyan light.

Under the illumination of this cyan light, the wounded disciples of Cloud Mist Sect felt warmth, and a warm current slowly flowed within their body, which rapidly healed their wounded spirit. And under the illumination of this cyan light, the evil spirit however wailed mournfully and a fine and continuous black smoke rose from its body as it increasingly shrunk, becoming smaller. After chasing Ye Chuan, just when it was one step away from swallowing the spirit of Ye Chuan, it finally dissipated completely, leaving behind only a sad and shrill mournful wail.

The spirit and physical body of Ye Chuan merged into one. Now, his face was pale without a trace of blood. After a long time, sitting cross-legged on the ground, under the illumination of the cyan light of Cyan Lotus Lamp, his complexion slowly returned to normal.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, are you okay?” Zhu Sijia worriedly asked.

“I am fine, there is no problem.”

Ye Chuan shook his head as he put away the Cyan Lotus Lamp. The wounds of both his spirit and physical body quickly healed, but that scene he had seen within the auxiliary palace with his divine sense still made him have a lingering fear.

“What is insider this auxiliary palace?” Zhu Sijia asked. And the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously looked over as terror and restlessness appeared on their faces.

They had seen the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect entering the auxiliary palace one after another until just a moment ago, and they were itching to keep up the pace with them, but after experiencing the strength of that evil wind, many people retreated.

“Chessboard, there are chessboard worlds inside, or to say, many chessboard microcosms. Different people will likely enter the different chessboard worlds, just like the stone coffin entrance passage. But before getting involved with chessboard worlds, we have to pass through a dangerous zone with torn atmosphere. One careless misstep and you will reach an unknown world, or might even be torn into pieces on the spot, becoming nothingness.” Ye Chuan answered.

The numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect arranged in sword formation simultaneously had a change in their complexion.

In the distant place, dense grey mist no longer rippled, and even after one hour, no one appeared here again. And according to the prior instruction of Ye Chuan, now they could enter the auxiliary palace, but the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were looking at each other and many had the thoughts of retreating.

“Everyone has their own lucky chance, I cannot impose on you all. All those who are willing to explore this auxiliary palace, come with me, as for those who are unwilling, stay back and look for the exit of this paradise realm.”

Ye Chuan instructed in a low voice, then getting up, he walked towards the auxiliary palace, Chaotian Palace, in large strides.

Behind, Zhu Sijia and about 20 disciples of Cloud Mist Sect closely followed. Fatty Zhao Dazi hesitated for a moment and unexpectedly also followed.

Ye Chuan was a little surprised, he turned around to look and said, “Fatty, aren’t you afraid of death?”

“I’m afraid, but although it is very dangerous inside the auxiliary palace, staying outside is also not safe, so it’s better to follow Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.” Fatty honestly answered and everyone nearly fainted. Fatty, this fellow was truly sly enough, seeing Ye Chuan had such a big thigh, he will hugg it without letting it go.

“Well, that’s okay! But, fatty, you might not be able to keep up the pace, moreover, I still don’t know who should walk in the front after entering the auxiliary palace, and you are most suitable for it.” Ye Chuan smiled.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, don’t joke around.”

The fatty meat of fat trembled.

“I am not joking, go, fatty, you will walk in the front, exploring the way. As for others, they will follow behind holding each other hands.”

Ye Chuan directly stretched his hand and pushed fatty Zhao Dazhi to the front, then holding his right hand, he lowered his voice, “Fatty, don’t be afraid, if you truly met any danger, then this senior apprentice-brother will save you immediately. On the contrary, if Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I walk in the front and suddenly encountered a danger or a trap, then I’m afraid no one can save me, and all of us will die without exception.”

Ye Chuan explained in a low voice and he truly wasn’t joking. He needed someone to walk in the front to help him explore the way.

Along with Zhu Sijia, everyone quickly held each other’s hand becoming a long line behind Ye Chuan, then they advanced forward with cowardly fatty Zhao Dazhi in the foremost.

“How come I am the one with bad luck every time?”

Fatty wailed mournfully as his entire body trembled and his legs also softened. Now he had no strength to walk and also didn’t dare to walk. Rather than saying he was walking in the front, it was better to say Ye Chuan was pushing him to walk.

The grey mist in the sky of the palace was getting thinner and thinner, unveiling a splendid palace, but light still couldn’t enter the rather dark entrance of this palace, and as if a giant mouth that eats people, once anyone enters, no one came out.

The entire group of people reached the front of the palace door and stopped for the moment as they carefully sized up all around.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I am entering, be sure to hold me firmly.”

Fatty didn’t dare to look at human-faced snake statues on both sides of the palace door, and even more didn’t dare to take a step into the palace door. Only after a good while, under the urge of Ye Chuan, he closed his eyes and bracing himself, he entered while sobbing and trembling. After a moment, the entire group of people holding each other’s hand disappeared into the darkness inside the palace door.

Everyone had a strange feeling in their mind.

Inside and outside of the palace door was like two different isolated worlds. Once they entered the palace door, all the sounds of outside disappeared. At first glance, grey mist spread all over and thick fog was everywhere. The circumstance of the surrounding could only be seen vaguely. Among the grey mist, the air was twisting and rippling with invisible whirlwinds rotating beside them. In addition, there were many bubbles emerging from the underground. They emitted faint colorful radiance, making this place look very beautiful as if they arrived at a fairy tale like underwater world.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were dumbstruck, and the disciple who was at the end of this procession subconsciously reached out and his finger touched a bubble that was slowly rising in front of him. Pop, the bubble popped, and at the same time, that disciple of Cloud Mist Sect trembled as the shattered air bubble engulfed him, then he disappeared instantly.

“Be careful, these aren’t bubbles, they are microcosms. Once engulfed, we might not be able to come out throughout our lifetime!”

The voice of Ye Chuan resounded in the ears of everyone.

Just a moment ago, his divine sense had merely sensed a section of the circumstance inside the auxiliary hall. Entering and seeing the power of these bubbles with his own eyes, he couldn’t help having his scalp tingle. His right hand tightly held the shoulder of fatty and left hand tightly held the little hand of Zhu Sijia, fearing they two would disappear from his side.

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