Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 215

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 215: Ghost King Chessboard

The palace door of Chaotian Palace slowly opened with the shaking of the ground, but one couldn’t see anything inside clearly because it was rather dark inside.

Feng Ren and Tuoba Xiong who were strongest here rushed inside without any hesitation, and their figures disappeared inside this palace door. Behind them, the disciples of Five Style Sect and Black Cauldron Sect followed and disappeared one wave after another.

“Noble son Ye, I am leaving, take care of yourself!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao took a quick glance at Ye Chuan and suddenly flew out to catch up with the final team of Black Cauldron Sect’s disciples, following her father, Tuoba Xiong. And when she was about to enter the palace door, she turned around and looked at Ye Chuan. At this moment, her expression was complicated. She appeared worried, reluctant to part and also felt a lingering grief.

“Xiaoniao, you also take care of yourself.”

Ye Chuan waved his hand from far away. He wanted to call her wifey again to tease her, but he decided not to after thinking a bit.

How can such a big black bear like Tuoba Xiong have such a delicate endearing little bird daughter?

Ye Chuan shook his head as he watched the disappearing figure of Tuoba Xiaoniao inside the palace door, and her figure lingered in his brain for the moment.

Compared to energetic and unruly as well as beautiful Zhu Sijia, the temperament of Tuoba Xiaoniao was completely opposite. She was passionately devoted. After getting along for few days, he understood that she had a different style and different taste.

A pitch-black light streak across the sky towards the palace gate. Even a sharp-eyed people could only see a pair of shining white long legs.

“Ye Chuan, I will wait for you inside Chaotian Palace, be sure to not let me down!”

A sinister voice came from far away.

That pair of shining white long legs paused in front of the palace gate for a moment, then rushed inside resolutely.

After Tuoba Xiong dismissed her, Liu Hong hadn’t left. Now, stepping on the black flying sword, she rushed into Chaotian Palace all alone. She didn’t go together with the other disciples of Five Style Sect.

The disciples of Five Style Sect that had arrived here were all the trusted aids and trusted subordinates of Feng Ren. And this old fellow never got along with her father and had his eyes on the position of Sect master for a long time. He was just like the Third Elder Bai Yanhu of Cloud Mist Sect. Paradise Realm was very dangerous, and there were dangers everywhere, so even if Liu Hong was unwilling to go together with Feng Ren, she still followed far behind them. Relying on the ancient Cyan Feather Technique, following them was very easy.

Liu Hong only had misgivings and was vigilant against Elder Feng Ren, but she hated Ye Chuan out of jealousy. This envious hatred came from the failure of her seduction as she would rather kill the things she couldn’t obtain. She also couldn’t let Ye Chuan prostrate himself before other women’s skirt; simultaneously, this envious hatred also originated from the jealousy she had of Ye Chuan. The higher the cultivation of Ye Chuan, the vaster his popularity spread, and the deeper her hatred.

Ye Chuan sneered as he watched the figure of Liu Hong disappear inside Chaotian Palace.

Liu Hong sought revenge just for an angry look, and she became more and more ruthless. Now, she viewed Ye Chuan as a formidable enemy for all her life; but for Ye Chuan, Liu Hong was merely a common disciple of Five Style Sect. As for his opponent, Feng Ren was more like it, Liu Hong, this she-devil, still didn’t have enough qualification. However, since this woman tried to get rid of him several times and wasn’t sensible, Ye Chuan didn’t mind destroying her!

At a distant place, the grey mist seethed as a large group of people appeared here. There were disciples of three major sects wearing the standard war robes, loose cultivators dressed differently and the expert of other sects. All of them rushed over and observing for a moment, all of them rushed into the Chaotian Palace in succession.

Fatty Zhao Dazhi walked over as he wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead. Just a moment ago, when Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren arrived, one fiercer than other, he and numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were very scared. “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, in front is Chaotian Paradise Realm’s forbidden area. If we don’t enter now, then all the treasures inside will be taken by other people. When should we enter?”

Looking at the majestic Chaotian Palace gradually emerging from the midst of thick fog, the disciples of Five Style Sect and Black Cauldron Sect hurriedly rushed in. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were also somewhat unable to control themselves including cowardly fatty.

“Don’t be hasty, let them enter first. Moreover, this place is not Chaotian Paradise Realm, the front is merely an auxiliary palace.”

Ye Chuan wasn’t in a hurry to enter, instead, he sat down cross-legged on the spot, then looking at Zhu Sijia dressed in red war robe, he said, “Jiajia, be my dharma protector, I want to explore this paradise realm for a while. Only if those loose cultivators and other sect’s disciples didn’t return back from inside for one hour, we will set out. Without my order, no one is allowed to move on their own.”

For many people, Chaotian Palace in the front was the core of this paradise realm, containing the legendary inheritance of this paradise realm. But, after encountering that small demonic dragon in the Myriad Beast Forest, moreover, recalling that stone coffin entrance of this paradise realm, Ye Chuan confirmed that this was legendary Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. Even if there truly was any treasure inside Chaotian Palace, that would definitely not be the inheritance of this Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. Besides, he feared that it was even more dangerous inside compared to the Myriad Beast Forest, so the faster you go, the faster you might die!

Ye Chuan recalled that the small Demonic Dragon that was injured by him had also flown into this Chaotian Palace.

He didn’t dare to confirm anything else, but at least, this small Demonic Dragon was extremely hard to deal with. Moreover, with its unreasonably sturdy body, even Tuoba Xiong and Feng Ren will suffer failure. In Myriad Beast Forest, if it was not for him summoning sea demon Hai Lili all of a sudden to instantly petrify everything around him, he certainly wouldn’t have been its match. He would have already been shredded to pieces by numerous golems and human-faced snakes.

The human-faced snakes standing on both sides of this palace door also gave Ye Chuan a very bad feeling.

A dazzling cyan light flashed around Ye Chuan. And calmly looking at Ye Chuan, people saw a small cyan colored lamp floating above the head of Ye Chuan.

Whoosh! The spirit of everyone trembled as the spirit of Ye Chuan came out of his body, bathing in this faint cyan light. After that, pausing for a moment, his spirit directly flew towards the palace door of Chaotian Palace.

After breaking through to Rank 4 Xiushi and refining the demonic dragon blood, Ye Chuan’s physical body had greatly strengthened, and his spirit had also gotten even sturdier. After coming out of his body, he was able to sense many subtle changes. The expression of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, the change in the grey mist far away, the obscure energy fluctuation and aura within Chaotian Palace……, he was able to sense everything.

“Get into position, protect Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

Zhu Sijia quickly commanded and numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect arranged a sword formation, firmly guarding Ye Chuan.

Paradise Realm was very dangerous and unfathomable, no one knew how many evil spirits were hiding here. Forming a group to explore was already very dangerous, let alone letting out one’s spirit which was even more dangerous. Even a Daoist Master realm expert might not dare to behave this way. But Ye Chuan let out his spirit, like this, he could naturally explore paradise realm and avoid dangerous places, but a slight carelessness could make his soul fly away and scatter!

The human-faced snake statues on both sides of the palace door were cold and chilly without the aura of life, but inside them, he could sense a wisp of obscure energy fluctuation, a seed buried in the depth of the ground which would come to life when the opportunity arises.

Behind the palace door, it was dark without a trace of light. Even the air was twisted, and there seemed to have invisible hurricane circling inside, seemingly, ripping the space into thousands of different small worlds. When a human enters, either he was swept into the unknown world or was torn to nothingness.

Further ahead, behind the danger zone where even the air was twisted, there was a wide expanse filled with statues, and there were ravines scattered here and there in disorder on the ground. The atmosphere was ghostly there. Moreover, what was that? A huge chessboard, was that the legendary Ghost King Chessboard?

Ye Chuan was shocked and a portion of the memory of his previous lifetime when he had beheaded Ghost King appeared in his mind. He wanted to continue scanning deeper within his divine sense, but he suddenly had a headache, and his divine sense returned as if a sea tide.

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