Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 214

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 214: Auxiliary Palace

Feng Ren suddenly speed up, seeing the hesitation of Tuoba Xiong, he wanted to take advantage of this time to decisively kill Ye Chuan before Tuoba Xiong made up his mind. The whirlwind encircling his body turned into sharp blades.

And when the strong wind hit directly on people’s face, they felt stinging pain.

Now, Tuoba Xiaoniao was unable to open her eyes, and the space between her eyes jumped as she felt great danger. Even a slight carelessness would result in her death without leaving an intact corpse. The wind blades of Feng Ren would slice into several hundred pieces!

The disciples of three sects quickly began screaming.

Needlessly to say the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and Black Cauldron Sect, even the disciples of Five Style Sect, witnessing the strength of the full power attack of Feng Ren, they involuntarily screamed and kept watching without blinking their eyes.

At that time, a gentle force came through her waist. At the time of danger, Ye Chuan took the initiative to push away Tuoba Xiaoniao. He didn’t want her to take risks.

“No, noble son Ye, I am not leaving!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao screamed loudly and subconsciously hugged Ye Chuan, in an instant, she herself also didn’t understand why she behaved this way. Without thinking, she instinctively wanted to protect Ye Chuan. She didn’t want Ye Chuan to die here.

Was this paying a debt of gratitude as Ye Chuan had saved her in the stone forest, or something else?

Tuoba Xiaoniao also was unable to explain clearly and also failed to understand, everything happened too quickly, and everything was her instinctive response.

The five Heaven Swallowing Talismans within the body of Ye Chuan circulated insanely and without uttering a word, he suddenly rotated moving to the front of Tuoba Xiaoniao, then he palmed while shouting loudly.

No matter what technique you use, and even if you have thousands of sharp blades, I will receive them head on!

Ye Chuan didn’t summon Evil Cow Legion from inside the space of Cyan Lotus Lamp to receive the enemy and he also didn’t summon sea demon Hai Lili and old evil spirit Hei Kui possessing the puppet doll to assist in battle, but he directly received the enemy’s attack bare-handed. Also he didn’t know whether it was because the strength of Feng Ren was too strong or he was subjected to the invisible restriction of Paradise Realm, his battle intent was surging, and that drop of demonic dragon blood that was already refined and seeped into his all limbs and bones, as if accumulating again, evolved into the legendary demonic dragon physique, impervious to sword or spear.

Ding ding ding ding……

Along with a series of loud and clear sound in succession, sand flew about and stones hurtled through the air.

Ye Chuan didn’t even bat an eyelid, even though he wasn’t the match of the opponent, he also wasn’t afraid to confront the tough with toughness. His right hand took up a position, his left hand held Heaven Burning Furnace, and even more powerful killing move still existed behind. But, before he could collide with Feng Ren, a tall and big figure arrive in front of him. He waved a huge and heavy cauldron to block the attack of Elder Feng Ren.

Hesitant Tuoba Xiaon suddenly made a move!

The wind blades of Feng Ren were very powerful, an ordinary heavy armor could never withstand it. With thousands of wind blades attacking together, even a Daoist Master realm expert would struggle to deal with them, but who was Tuoba Xiong?

He was the Sect Master of Black Cauldron Sect and a powerful overlord of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. He naturally knew how to handle Feng Ren, this old opponent. Between the two, they already had unknown numbers of clashes and battle at an earlier time.

“Tuoba Xiong, do you truly think that I am afraid of you, a savage bear?”

The complexion of Feng Ren changed, and his body suddenly swayed left and right. It looked somewhat similar to Ye Chuan’s Matchless Style Technique, but the range of swaying was even greater. Then, leaving behind afterimages, he directly leaped swiftly towards Tuoba Xiong. In the sky, ear-piercing void breaking sounds resounded in succession. Now the things that appeared in front of people weren’t wind blades, rather translucent afterimages. They opened their mouth and issued silent roar, and holding sharp spear, sharp sword, dagger, bows and arrows, they rushed towards Tuoba Xiong just like a mighty torrent.

“Wind Nation?”

Tuoba Xiong exclaimed and his complexion become solemn, then a rune appeared on the huge cauldron he was carrying on the shoulders along with the red light.

Wind Nation was the advanced killing move of Wind Blade, and also was the legendary technique of Five Style Sect. Even among the successive Sect Masters of Five Style Sect, not all, only a few had comprehended and mastered it. Feng Ren had always been unreasonable and hard to deal with, and he was the strongest elder of Five Style Sect, but who would have thought that he had unexpectedly grasped this technique without anybody knowing it.

This old bastard unexpectedly was hidden!

Tuoba Xiong was startled and angry. He shouted and his body swelled, then carrying huge cauldron, he attacked head-on.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, thanks, let’s cooperate and kill him together!”

Ye Chuan suddenly raised his head and uttered a long, loud cry, then pushing Tuoba Xiaoniao to one side, he rushed forward and silently muttered a law. After that, the flame of Heaven Burning Furnace in his hand suddenly rose sharply, and a more than ten meters long fire snake flew towards Feng Ren.

Seeing the opportunity, Ye Chuan made a move without the slightest hesitation, and three people collided together.

Wu! The after images all over the sky dispersed and the atmosphere rippled as the three people collided. Tuoba Xiong flushed with agitation and took a deep breath. Ye Chuan suffered few injuries. And ruthless and ferocious Feng Ren let out a muffled groan as he retreated several steps in succession. His right hand suffered heavy damage and was shivering continuously, moreover half of his eyebrows were burned.

Even if Feng Ren was more powerful, he couldn’t withstand these two opponents.

Merely Tuoba Xiong, this old opponent, alone was hard to deal with, and with the addition of Ye Chuan who had Heaven Burning Furnace, he ate a loss in this head-on collision.

“What are you thinking, Tuoba Xiong, do you seriously want to protect this brat?”

Feng Ren gnashed his teeth, and after ferociously looking at Ye Chuan, his gaze moved to Tuoba Xiong.

In this encounter, he thought that he could finally kill Ye Chuan to avenge his disciple, but to his surprise, Tuoba Xiong who was always against Ye Chuan unexpectedly stood out to block his way, what a miscalculation!

“This lordship will truly protect him, what do you think you can do?”

Tuoba Xiong answered, overbearing as always. In any case, Feng Ren was a Daoist Master realm expert who could stand side by side with him, but he didn’t give him even a bit of face.


Feng Ren was infuriated, he took a step forward and with the reappearance of a whirlwind around him, his killing intent flourished once again.

At that time, a rumbling sound suddenly came from the depths of the ground, shaking the entire place.

The disciples of three sects simultaneously turned to look and saw the auxiliary palace shrouded in the grey mist rose gradually, and the three big words ‘Chaotian Palace’ dazzling with golden light become increasingly clearer. Moreover, the grey mist shrouding this place gradually become thin, revealing a fan-shaped magnificent palace door. On both sides of this palace door, there were human face snake bodyguards. Their sharp claws clutched and their eyes were tightly closed. Their lower body coiled on the ground, but their heads were held high. They looked as if they would open their eyes and pounce immediately.

“The passage to the palace appeared. Look, it’s the palace!”

“Chaotian Palace, can it be that this is Chaotian Paradise Realm?”


The disciples of three sects created an uproar, everyone calmed themselves and looked at the palace that was getting clearer and clearer. Feng Ren was also the same. He muttered something, and he understood that he had no time to attend to Ye Chuan.

Everyone here had entered Paradise Realm and faced mortal dangers for the sake of obtaining the inheritance of this Paradise Realm. All the conflict, resentment and the battle between people were secondary to the inheritance of this Paradise Realm.

“Everyone of Black Cauldron Sect, heed my order, enter the palace to find your fortune, disperse!”

Tuoba Xiong shouted loudly, then rushed towards Chaotian Palace carrying a heavy cauldron. But, there was a figure faster than him, skilled in wind style, Feng Ren was at the foremost. Behind them, the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect followed in succession.

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