Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 213

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 213: Feng Ren

“Your Excellency Sect Master, I swear, everything I said is the truth. Ye Chuan, this brat is too detestable, why are you still not killing him?”

Liu Hong was anxious and also furious as she got agitated.

If no one believed her words, then she could only watch Ye Chuan fleeing from here helplessly. And if this continues on like this, she could do nothing to put him to death, and later if she wanted to kill him again, then that would be even more difficult!

“Ai, they said women easily grow to hate someone because of unrequited love for that person, and jealousy can make people insane. Liu Hong, why are you doing this?” Ye Chuan shook his head. On the surface, he had a distressed expression but in his heart, he was sneering, “You see for yourself, will anyone believe in you?”

Liu Hong looked all around, sure enough, the expression of people didn’t look good, no one believed her.

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect naturally hated her to the bones, if they could, they would have rushed up in a crowd and killed her with a sword. As for the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect whose eyes were shining previously as they placed high hopes on her, their complexion was also not good, unintentionally showing hostility.

“Your Excellency Sect Master, everything I said is really the truth. Kill, quickly kill Ye Chuan. I don’t know what is going on with this brat, his body suddenly became very doughty, if you don’t kill him now, then no-one will be able to kill him afterward!” Liu Hong really got anxious. She was dying to personally make a move, but recalling the still bloody wound on her butt, she didn’t dare to rush up.

“Beat it, attack or not, do I, Tuoba Xiong need you, a little girl, to give me an order? Beat it as far away as possible, otherwise, this lordship will kill you first!”

Tuoba Xiong said with a gloomy complexion, then he suddenly lifted the heavy huge cauldron and smashed it down. Liu Hong swiftly jumped to one side, and her complexion became unsightly.

Tuoba Xiong breathe heavily with a gloomy complexion as he had a contradiction in his heart.

No need to mention he was not quite willing to let Ye Chuan off just like this, just thinking how Ye Chuan would call him father-in-law hereafter every time they meet, he truly wanted to vomit blood. But, after resolutely making a move, if what Ye Chuan had said turned out to be the truth, then wouldn’t her daughter, Tuoba Xiaoniao, hate him for the rest of her life?

With regarding the character of his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao, Tuoba Xiong understood it better more than anyone else. Usually, she was gentle, delicate and didn’t like to fight, but on the matter she set her mind on, no one could change her mind. She was soft outside but hard inside and also stubborn just like her mother. If he truly killed Ye Chuan, then she might commit suicide on the spot!

“Hahaha, Tuoba Xiong, you are talking too big! Bullying our Five Style Sect when our Sect Master isn’t here, bulling small being big, and threatening our Five Style Sect’s golden daughter, do you think there is no one in our Five Style Sect?”

A cold and gloomy voice came from far away.

From the distant place that was shrouded with dense mist, a large group of people wearing the standard war robe of Five Style Sect walked out. In the front of this group, there was an old man as thin as a bamboo pole. The war robe he was wearing appeared spacious, as if only a skeleton was inside it. He was so thin that he appeared as if a wind could blow him away. But his eyes were so sharp that no one dared to look straight at them.

When Tuoba Xiong was hesitating, yet another expert arrived. Five Style Sect’s Elder, Feng Ren, leading a large group of Five Style Sect’s disciples walked over. Their number was about the same as Black Cauldron Sect.

The complexion of Ye Chuan changed slightly, and he secretly circulated five Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body.

Tuoba Xiong alone was already hard to deal with, and the addition of Five Style Sect’s unreasonable and hard to deal with Elder Feng Ren, the situation became even more anything but reassuring. Some time ago, in the Great Competition of three major sects, the personal disciple of this old fellow who was that time’s Big Disciple of Five Style Sect, Gushan Leng, died in the life and death arena. This old fellow must have definitely taken this into account!

His pair of sinister eyes swept Ye Chuan.

The guess of Ye Chuan wasn’t wrong. The complexion of Elder Feng Ren was not good. He viciously stared at Ye Chuan for a good while. His gaze was sinister and malicious, moreover, his killing intent was no less than that of Tuoba Xiong.

“Old dog Feng Ren, what do you think, do you dare to fight 300 rounds with me without dodging? And whoever loses, that person has to bark three times!”

Tuoba Xiong’s complexion was sinister and seemingly aggressive to anyone he saw, he didn’t give any face to Elder Feng Ren.

The old face of old man Feng Ren suddenly became bright red, as if he had once already braked after losing. But, an old fellow was an old fellow, he quickly reverted back to normal state and said, “Tuoba Xiong, don’t show off your ability first, this time, I didn’t come to fight with you, merely want to discuss a matter with you.”

“Want to speak then speak, want to fart then fart!” Tuoba Xiong said.

The complexion of Feng Ren changed again. He was also irritated, but still enduring, he coldly said, “It’s very simple. Just like you, I want to kill this brat, Ye Chuan. If you are not making a move, then step aside, I will attack! I will avenge my disciple who died in life and death arena without even closing his eyes in death!”

Along with Zhu Sijia, the complexion of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples became tense.

Previously, Tuoba Xiong wanted to kill Ye Chuan, now, Feng Ren, this elder of Five Style Sect, also wanted to kill him. This time, Cloud Mist Sect would truly lose this battle. Misfortunes never come singly!

Tuoba Xiong became silent without expressing his position.

“What, Tuoba Xiong, can it be that you really want to marry your daughter to this brat surnamed Ye? Heh heh, be careful, just after marrying, your daughter will remain a widow like that!”

Feng Ren sneered as he increased his pressure. And while walking ahead, he was swaying unstably, but his energy fluctuation steadily rose and the air around rippled as if a cyclone circled around him. Vaguely, blade lights glimmered around him, and that cyclone changed into sharp blades.

Wind Blade!

Feng Ren walked while secretly used a deadly move of Five Style Sect. As the elder who had most authority within Five Style Sect, not only he made a name for himself by his wind style, his Wind Blade was also a peerless technique of Five Style Sect. With this technique, he didn’t need to approach a person to kill him as he could instantly use thousands of wind blades. Unless the opponent had reached the similar level of Daoist Master realm like himself, only a very few had the ability to escape this deadly move.

Once, there was a loose cultivator who had just broken thought to Daoist Master realm, he feared neither Heaven nor Earth, and he happen to have a conflict with Feng Ren. The result, not only was he cut into 360 pieces by Feng Ren in a head-on fight, every piece was exactly the same in size and weight, and just like a butcher, he placed them on a table top. At that time, the loose cultivators as well as the disciples of Five Style Sect who were watching all this immediately vomited on the spot!

“Xiaoniao, quickly go, go to your father’s side.”

Ye Chuan finally loosened his hand holding on the slender waist of Tuoba Xiaoniao, and staring at approaching Feng Ren, he crazily circulated five Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, and an indistinct white light began to circulate around his bones and skin, evolving his Demonic Dragon body.

Tuoba Xiong was overbearing, but maliciously approaching Feng Ren made people feel even more danger.

But, Tuoba Xiaoniao who was too ashamed to face anyone and was slightly struggling just a moment ago to shake off Ye Chuan’s hand suddenly didn’t struggle, furthermore, she clung to Ye Chuan, then squarely faced sinister and fierce looking Feng Ren. “No, noble son Ye, I will not leave. Father, I said, I will not marry anyone else in my life except noble son Ye, if noble son Ye dies, I will also not live. You can watch me and noble son Ye die with folded arms in the hand of this demon, but later, I will see how you will face my dead mother.”

Tuoba Xiaoniao looked towards her father, Tuoba Xiong, standing at one side with eyes full of tears. She looked weak and delicate, but with a determined attitude, she didn’t leave half-a-step away from Ye Chuan.

Blue veins appeared in the hands of Tuoba Xiong, and didn’t utter a word, but his breathing became even heavier as he was stimulated by the final words of Tuoba Xiaoniao.

Common people only knew that he was overbearing and unreasonable, but who knew that he was once a passionate noble son who led a befuddled life. But, since the untimely death of Tuoba Xiaoniao’s mother, he changed, becoming a person who was obsessed with cultivation, and dreamed to become the overlord of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, moreover, he no longer touch another woman.

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