Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 211

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 211: We have already done that

Dong! A muffled sound resounded as the fist of Ye Chuan collided with the huge cauldron of Tuoba Xiong.

The hand of Ye Chuan made a cracking sound. First, his phalanx deformed and broke, then was wrist bone, elbow and his entire arm. After that, he was sent flying as if a kite with a broken string. Now, his right hand hung limply.

Since the gap between their cultivation realm was so big and he was using his bare hand to confront the heavy cauldron, the result was obvious!

Ye Chuan lost, a single round decided victory or defeat. After entering Paradise Realm, he had made a huge progress in his cultivation, but he was still not the opponent of Tuoba Xiong in a head-on collision. No need to mention his right hand was useless now, blood was seeping out from the corner of his mouth as his internal organs also had suffered heavy injuries.

The disciples of Black Cauldron Sect cheered loudly, but originally overbearing and ferocious Tuoba Xiong’s complexion however was somewhat ugly.

After inflicting Ye Chuan heavy injuries in one move, Tuoba Xiong also felt uncomfortable. Instantly, he felt as if a heavy hammer smashed his chest. Now, in this huge cauldron that was known as indestructible in former days, there was a deep hole in it. And around this hole, there furthermore were cracks. This was something left behind by the fist of Ye Chuan.

Circulating five Heaven Swallowing Talismans together, 90,000 jin strength suddenly exploded, this made even Tuoba Xiong feel somewhat unwell. If he was caught unprepared, then even he would have been in trouble!

“What is that?”

“A single fist cracked the huge cauldron?”

The disciples of Black Cauldron Sect who were cheering loudly noticed the anomaly of Sect Master Tuoba Xiong and the huge cauldron in his hand, then all of them closed their mouth simultaneously and didn’t utter a single word as their heart shook.

In this confrontation, Ye Chuan lost, but his single fist left behind a huge hole on the huge caldron. If that fist had directly smashed the body, then what would have happened?

How high was Ye Chuan’s cultivation? How come he had such a terrifying strength?

The edge of the stone forest become very quiet, everyone turned pale with fright. Some later stage Xiushi realm experts asked themselves, but all of them concluded that they didn’t have such a terrifying strength like Ye Chuan and also didn’t have such an abnormal body. Substituting anyone else, the smash of this huge cauldron of Tuoba Xiong would have instantly turned him into a meat pulp.

Tuoba Xiong carried the huge cauldron on his shoulders and pressed forward step by step. Now, his complexion was ugly and his killing intent was even heavier. The higher the cultivation of Ye Chuan, the faster his cultivation speed, so the more he couldn’t let him live. He lowered his voice, “Boy, stand up, considering it was not easy for you to cultivation to this level, this lordship will reward you by leaving your corpse intact!”

Unfortunately, he had obtained only a drop of demonic dragon blood, so it was insufficient to reach the toughness level of legendary Demonic Dragon, and his cultivation realm also was still too low!

Ye Chuan secretly sighed, then rejecting the hand of Zhu Sijia, he stood on his own. After that, he swung his right hand and making a crackling sounds, his right hand that appeared to be useless just a moment ago unexpectedly reverted back to normal with a vague white light glimmering on his right hand.

Tuoba Xiong paused and his complexion changed again.

This abnormal recovering ability of Ye Chuan shocked him greatly. He was still young in age, moreover, his cultivation was merely Rank 4 Xiushi realm, but it was already so hard to deal with him. If he could cultivate without any interference and once he breaks through to the later stage of Xiushi realm or even Daoist Master realm, then what would happen? At that time, in the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range, who could suppress him?

Tuoba Xiong’s stomach made a gurgling sound as his energy fluctuation steadily rose and his killing intent become even heavier. His gaze was solemn looking towards Ye Chuan, he no longer looked down upon Ye Chuan. Advancing several steps, he suddenly shouted loudly and holding the heavy huge cauldron high, this time, he was determined to kill Ye Chuan.

A bone-chilling killing intent hit Ye Chuan on his face and the long hair of Ye Chuan was blown back. The robe he was wearing automatically fluttered even though the wind wasn’t blowing. Moreover, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that were standing near Ye Chuan were pushed far away by an invisible power.

At the edge of the stone forest, a red light suddenly flashed as surging heat waves appeared in the sky.

In the hand of Ye Chuan, a furnace with surging flame suddenly appeared, which was indefinitely taking in and sending out scorching hot flames. This made people present feel deep danger.

Heaven Burning Furnace!

Confronting overbearing Tuoba Xiong, Ye Chuan used his yet another trump card.

In Myriad Beast Forest, even when he was facing the besiege of a large number of golems, Ye Chuan didn’t use this Heaven Burning Furnace that he borrowed from Heavenly Yao Sect. But now, despite the danger of alarming peerless yao beats of this Paradise Realm, he used it.

“Is this……, the legendary Heaven Burning Furnace?”

The complexion of Tuoba Xiong changed again as his footstep stopped, and staring at Heaven Burning Furnace in the hand of Ye Chuan, a trace of restlessness flashed through his eyes.

A peerless treasure that suppressed the fate of Heavenly Yao Sect, the might of this kind of killing artifact was something beyond the imagination of average people.

The cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, but as long as he could bring one-tenth power of this Heaven Burning Furnace into play, or even one percent of its power, it was sufficient to defeat his enemy. With it, a person can even turn defeat into victory and burn opponent to ashes!

“That’s right, this is Heaven Burning Furnace, your excellency Sect Master, come, let’s see whether you can crush me to death with your move or I will burn you to ashes.” Ye Chuan answered. He was calm and composed as if he had made up his mind to perish together with Tuoba Xiong.

“Boy, do you think I am truly afraid of this furnace in your hand?” Tuoba Xiong gritted his teeth and his complexion become even more ferocious. Moreover, along with the rise of his energy fluctuation, his killing intent soared once again.

Both sides, no matter the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect or Cloud Mist Sect, they simultaneously retreated. They retreated far away opening a wide vacant lot.

This round was ten times more intense compared to the exchange before. If they were accidentally affected, then they wouldn’t have a place to redress an injustice of their death.

Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiong were silent and the atmosphere became heavier and heavier as an invisible killing intent of both sides collided. In the vacant lot between the two of them, invisible whirlwind frequently curled up.

At that time, a delicate figure suddenly rushed to the middle of Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiong.

“Xiaoniao, is that you? You…, how come you are here?” Tuoba Xiong exclaimed.

“Father, it’s me.”

Because her skirt was torn and she was not properly dressed, Tuoba Xiaoniao had been hiding among the crowd, not wanting to be seen by her father in her current appearance as she feared he would curse furiously. But, at this critical moment, seeing her father and Ye Chuan were about to perish together, she mustered her courage and rushed out. “Father, stop, don’t attack again. Everything that happened before are misunderstandings. No matter who is right or wrong, let’s write off all the grievances at one stroke, don’t fight again, isn’t that okay?”

“Get away, it’s not your turn to interfere with your father’s matter. Get out of the way! Write off all the grievances at one stroke, hahaha, how is that possible?” Tuoba Xiong was determined to kill Ye Chuan today. He didn’t stop even though his daughter was blocking the way. He pushed forward while speaking and he got closer and closer to Ye Chuan.

Tuoba Xiaoniao suddenly made an astonishing move. She retreated and stuck close to Ye Chuan, then with tears flowing down from her bright red eyes, she said: “Father, if you want to kill noble son Ye, then kill your daughter too.”

“You……, Xiaoniao, you are bewitched, or did you drank the magic potion of this brat?” Tuoba Xiong was so furious that he began to lose control of his feelings.

“I……, father, I……, in this lifetime, either I will marry only noble son Ye or never marry.” Tuoba Xiaoniao with a red face braced herself and said. In order to protect wounded Ye Chuan and also avoid Ye Chuan and her father perishing together, she was ready to risk everything.


Tuoba Xiong flew into a rage. He was so angry with his daughter Tuoba Xiong that he spouted smoke through the seven orifices. And at this moment, the words of Ye Chuan didn’t increase his anger, rather nearly made him vomit a mouthful of blood. “Yes, in this lifetime, Xiaoniao will marry no one but me. Your Excellency Sect Master, we have already done ‘that’. No, wrong, hereafter this junior will correct myself and call you Your Excellency father-in-law. Since the matter has already happened, I will take responsibility.”

Everything in front of the eyes of Tuoba Xiaoniao blackened and she nearly passed out.

What the hell was that ‘that’? In order to prevent Ye Chuan perish together with her father, she only spoke thoughtlessly, but now that Ye Chuan had spoken like that, even if she jumped into the yellow river, she couldn’t wash herself clean.

Tuoba Xiong felt stuffy in his chest and was so angry that his lungs nearly exploded. He wanted to attack Ye Chuan together with his disappointing daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao and sent them flying, but his right hand suddenly went weak and he felt powerless. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart, inexplicably uncomfortable!

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