Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 210

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 210: The strongest attack

Nearly 300 elites of Black Cauldron Sect quickly spread out and surrounded the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. Every one of them was full of killing intent.

After entering Paradise Realm, their group had appeared in a swamp. That place was more dangerous than both Myriad Beast Forest and prairie. All the disciples that followed Tuoba Xiong were elites, among this group, the lowest cultivation level was Rank 2 Xiushi. With a large number of powerful people and also Tuoba Xiong, a Daoist Master realm expert here, their fighting capacity was much higher than the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect present here. Confronting the tough with toughness, these 60-70 disciples of Cloud Mist Sect might not last even half a stick of incense time before complete wipeout.

This old fellow is really cruel and ruthless!

Ye Chuan coldly snorted and no longer looking idly, he stood up and slowly walking to the front, he said, “What a coincidence, Sect Master Tuoba, we meet again.”

“Yes, what a coincidence.”

Tuoba Xiong grinned hideously and said ferociously, “Ye Chuan, are you going to cut off your head yourself or do you want my help? You can choose. Quickly make the decision, afterward, this lordship still needs to continue exploring this Paradise Realm. If you kill yourself, then only you will die, if we have to make a move, then it will be not limited to you.”

“Your Excellency Sect Master, we don’t have any big resentment between us, do you truly want to take this step?”

The complexion of Ye Chuan was still a little pale and blood was still oozing from his wound. Now he gave the impression of weakness, but he still walked towards Tuoba Xiong while speaking, “How about I make a formal apology to you? Isn’t that fine?”

“That won’t do, I want your life.”

Tuoba Xiong flatly refused and a trace of grin appeared on his sinister complexion. Today, he was determined to kill Ye Chuan.

Make a formal apology? What sort of joke was this? After he racked his brains, he nearly annexed Cloud Mist Sect, but at the final moment, because of Ye Chuan, he failed to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth, could this be settled with a trivial formal apology?

“I’ll give you a large amount of reparations, whatever you want, you just need to speak.” Ye Chuan continued to walk forward and now he was already five meters away from Tuoba Xiong.

Tuoba Xiong hideously laughed and said, “Boy, my Black Cauldron Sect is flourishing, we have whatever we want, do we need your reparations?”

After the Great Competition of three major sects, Tuoba Xiong found Ye Chuan as the largest obstacle if he wanted to annex Cloud Mist Sect, so how could he spare him, this thorn in his flesh, for trivial reparations?

Ye Chuan was calm and collected and slowly continued to walk forward, “Your Excellency Sect Master, you truly hate me so much, but can you not kill me? If you kill me, then aren’t you afraid of Heavenly Yao Sect looking for you to trouble? Don’t forget, although Cloud Mist Sect is declining now, Cloud Mist Sect after all is in alliance with Heaven Yao Sect. The ancient treaty of alliance still exist. Don’t you fear Heavenly Yao Sect sending an expert to completely wipeout your Black Cauldron Sect?”

Ye Chuan became the fox that borrows the tiger’s fierceness using the name of Heavenly Yao Sect.

“Since I dare to make a move, I naturally don’t fear. Boy, give up, I have already inquired clearly. Heavenly Yao Sect and Cloud Mist Sect have a treaty of alliance, but that has nothing to do with you brat. After you are killed, Cloud Mist Sect can select another person to be the sect’s Big Disciple. Moreover, that Heavenly Maiden also has already left your Could Mist Sect.”

Tuoba Xiong coldly smiled and then continued, “Furthermore, don’t think yourself clever, don’t have a vain hope to walk over and make a surprise attack. That will only make you die even more miserably.”

Old ginger is hotter than young ginger, with a single glance, Tuoba Xiong was able to see through the thoughts of Ye Chuan, but he was still fearless of Ye Chuan’s attack.

As a Rank 4 Daoist Master realm, if he couldn’t even deal with Ye Chuan, this trifling Rank 2 Xiushi, then he had lived his life for nothing.

“Eh……, no, boy, you……, did you breakthrough to Rank 4 Xiushi?”

Tuoba Xiong suddenly felt amiss and he carefully looked Ye Chuan up and down.

He clearly remembered that during the recent internal strife of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan was merely Rank 2 Xiushi. And in this short period of time, he unexpectedly had already broken through to Rank 4 Xiushi?

“Yes, that’s right, Rank 4 Xiushi. Your Excellency Sect Master, do you dare to play a game with me?” Ye Chuan said. Even though Tuoba Xiong had already seen through his plan, he still continued to walk forward, approaching Tuoba Xiong.

“Humph, boy, you want to play a game with me? This lordship is not free, after killing you, I still need to continue exploring this Paradise Realm. Now, go to hell!”

Tuoba Xiong suddenly made a move, ferociously swatting towards Ye Chuan. He said he wasn’t free with mouth and appeared he disdained to bet with Ye Chuan, but in fact, he truly feared Ye Chuan, this brat, a little. After experiencing the slyness and resourcefulness of Ye Chuan three times, he truly feared him a little, so he wanted to immediately swat him to death.

Ye Chuan suddenly swayed left and right.

It would appear his body was swaying left and right at an astonishing speed; but in fact, that was not swaying rather his body was flickering and the speed was too fast that it gave people an illusion.

“Eh, is this style technique?”

Tuoba Xiong suddenly stopped attacking and found this unbelievable.

This style technique used by Ye Chuan was somewhat similar to the wind style of Five Style Sect, but was more superior. In an instant, the true mingled with the false making people unable to predict where he would appear in next moment.

A powerful and imposing energy fluctuation suddenly exploded from within the body of Tuoba Xiong, then he suddenly lifted the heavy bronze cauldron he was carrying on his shoulders. With a single palm attack, it was difficult to hit Ye Chuan, but directly sweeping with his heavy cauldron, even if Ye Chuan’s footwork was even more powerful, he will not be able to dodge!

Ferocious Tuoba Xiong attacked with all his strength. He didn’t hold back even a bit. In the spilt-second, the air within the radius of 10 meters become heavy and as if shrouded by an invisible domain, the swaying of Ye Chuan slowed down.

A Daoist Master realm expert was a Daoist Master realm expert, it was hard to touch even if he was in the front. A singe all-out attack of a Daoist Master realm expert was not something that could be handled by a Xiushi realm expert.

Ye Chuan’s complexion was strained and crazily circulating five Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he brewed the strongest attack. Since he failed to make a surprise attack, he was forced to directly confront the tough with toughness. Even if he wasn’t the opponent of Tuoba Xiong, he at least wanted to help Zhu Sijia and others by fighting for a little bit of time so that they could flee for their life.

Whoosh! A low and deep ear-deafening sound resounded. The small mountain-like heavy cauldron in the hands of Tuoba Xiong swept towards Ye Chuan.

Now, both sides, no matter the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect or the disciples of Black Cauldron Sect, everyone retreated in panic, no one dared to approach.

Ye Chuan who was swaying left and right suddenly stood still as he brewed the strongest attack. The heavy cauldron approached nearer and nearer. Now, it was only 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meters……, and before a breath of time, it was already close at hand. Meanwhile, the right fist of Ye Chuan suddenly swelled and with a black light circulating around it, his fists appeared as if a heavy hammer forged with a black iron.

The people were looking with wide eyes, waiting for the next scene. Now, everyone didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

Will Ye Chuan who is only Rank 4 Xiushi crushed to death by this single attack of Tuoba Xiong? Or will the counterattack of Ye Chuan be more powerful? Can he inflict serious injury to Tuoba Xiong who had far higher cultivation realm?

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect understood that this was the perfect chance to break out of the encirclement, but at this moment, no one turned around to leave. The battle between Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiong affect the nerve of everyone.

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