Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 21

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 21: Sister Xiaoniao falling from sky

“Step aside, make way!’

A simple and vigorous voice suddenly came from outside the hall, and a robust burly fellow squeezed in. This figure was nearly two meters tall, but wore brightly colored clothing. The face of this person was fully covered with cosmetic and the lips were smeared with even redder than the monkey buttocks lipstick. Carefully looking at this burly fellow, this fellow was a woman. Then with a throat tearing sweet voice, she said, “Who has been secretly in love with me, and going to marry me? Stand up and let this girl have a look!”

A masculine woman squeezed in, then familiarly stood beside Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master Tuoba Xiong.

This is Tuoba Xiaoniao?

Clearly is Da diao ah! [T.L: Xiaoniao = xiao: small/little, niao (diao): bird, and Dadiao = da: big/large]

The heart of all people became cold, and just seeing the face of Tuoba Xiaoniao, they couldn’t bear to look straight at her.

Her figure was definitely curvy. Merely, sunken was her chest, sticking out was nevertheless her stomach, and her whole body had excess flesh. Tall and thin Jin Hua, if he married her, then wouldn’t he be squashed in their first wedding night?

Ye Chuan immediately flashed to one side, and standing beside Zhu Sijia, he secretly became pleased with himself for giving away this chance to Jin Hua.

“This……, Your Excellency Sect Master, is this your noble daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao?” Jin Hua subconsciously shrunk back, while feeling clod in his heart.

Although he was licentious, and also had experienced innumerable women, but this kind of hardcore, he naturally couldn’t enjoy ah.

“Yes, this is my daughter. Noble son Jin, Xioniao’s looks is not bad, when you two stand together, you two really looks like an ideal couple unparalleled in the world. Hahaha!” Tuoba Xiong laughed heartily. The more he looked at Jin Hua the more he like him.

“Yes, ideal couple, unparalleled in the world ah!”

Ye Chuan laughed inwardly, then pulled Jin Hua who was looking for a chance to sneak off, then pushed him beside Tuoba Xiaoniao. When these two people stood together, robust Tuoba Xiaoniao instead resembled man, and thin and tall Jin Hua instead resembled cute and helpless girl. “Xiaoniao, please move a little bit closer to junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua for a hug. His unrequited love of many years finally came to fruition, so he want to hug a beauty back home, don’t let him down.”

“Heh heh, noble son Jin looks so handsome, I like him.” The words of Tuoba Xiaoniao made the legs of Jin Hua tremble, and felt that he had changed into a little lamb that would allow oneself to be trampled upon. He wanted to move away, but Tuoba Xiaoniao stretched her arms and hugged him. And a thick body odor assaulted his nostrils.

If hugged in just this fashion in wedding night, then wouldn’t it……

Jin Hua inwardly thought of committing suicide. All of his excitement were obliterated completely. After facing this Big Bird all day long, what’s the delight of high cultivation and position?

Jin Hua suddenly felt his life incomparably bleak.

Before, he was racking his brains for schemes to seize the Dragon’s Vein Crystal and the position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, and also wanted to get married with the Black Cauldron Sect’s Sect Master’s pearl in the palm in place of Ye Chuan. Now however, he would rather be an ordinary outer disciple, or even a handyman was also fine. But he had already uttered father-in-law words in public, and when he was thinking of breaking off the engagement, unfortunately Tuoba Xiaoniao hugged him tightly as soon as she saw him, so that became beyond the control of him.

Looking at this unexpected scene, onlookers began talking in whisper while pointing out, and secretly sighed for this situation of a fresh flower poked into a pile of manure. And in the current situation, Jin Hua was that fresh flower, and Tuoba Xioniao was first rate cow dung.

“Cough, everybody, calm down a bit!”

Ye Chuan coughed, then looking at everyone around, he said: “Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua still has a cherished desire, that is to never part with Tuoba Xiaoniao. Lord Sect Master, Great Elder, it would be better to select an auspicious date, and today also happens to be a very good day, so how about letting junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua and Tuoba Xiaoniao get married, and have a bridal chamber this evening, please don’t let junior apprentice brother Jin Hua wait for a long time.”

“Well, I’ll listen to my husband’s arrangement.” Tuoba Xiaonian’s words were astonishing, and cutely acted spoiled, unfortunately, her voice was too loud, changing into a roar. And combined with that fierce face and excess flesh all over, she downright looked domineering.

When did I, your father have this kind of cherished desire? Jin Hua was shocked as well as angry, while loudly wailing mournfully in his heart. And he also wanted to struggle free and run like mad away from this sect, but his body was as if octopus firmly hugged by Tuoba Xiaoniao.

“Congratulation Sect Master!”

“Congratulation senior apprentice-brother Jin Hua!”

People stepped forward and congratulated one after another, but this caused Jin Hua to wail mournfully while dripping blood within his heart. If gaze alone could kill a person, then Ye Chuan who was standing at one side and watching the play would have already been killed 100 times.

“Heh heh, its ShowTime, and now it’s only the beginning.”

Ye Chuan coldly laughed, looking at Jin Hua who was spitting blood in his heart. Compared to directly punching his head, this was more pleasurable, dark pleasurable. This taste, tsk tsk, I have not tasted for a very long time.

Want to scheme against I, your father?

I will make you so that not even a residue is left of you!

“Ye Chuan, did you say something?” Zhu Sijia turned around, and questioningly looked at Ye Chuan. As hall was too noisy, she didn’t hear clearly.

Ye Chuan laughed, “It’s nothing, what I mean is, I’m too envious of junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua. Tonight is his wedding night with an endearing little bird.”

Poof, Zhu Sijia laughed, while her luminous eyes wander about. Looking at Tuoba Xiaoniao and Jin Hua’s build, the position of an endearing little bird would be somewhat indecent.

“Hahaha, good, good, this evening shall be bridal chamber.”

Tuoba Xiong laughed, right, the more he looked at Jin Hua the more satisfied he became, then he waved his hand, “Great Elder, now I am taking back Xiaoniao, and very quickly I will sent her over with dowry, you should also make preparation.”

“This……, isn’t this too fast?” Great Elder was stunned.

“Not fast, Great Elder, quickly make preparation without losing any time. You see, junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua already couldn’t wait till dusk.” As soon as Ye Chuan opened his mouth, Jin Hua felt like spitting blood again.

Seeing his son was about to get married with this kind of big bird, Jin Zhikun was unable to bear and wanted to step forward to prevent this. But Third Elder shook his head. And he readily taking the hint, and was forced to give up.

Although Tuoba Xiaoniao was ugly, but in the face of interest, ugly doesn’t matter.

“Yes yes yes, not fast, good deeds must be strike while the iron is still hot. Quickly make preparation without wasting any time. Great Elder, I am taking my leave, hahahaha!”

Tuoba Xiong laughed heartily, then with Tuoba Xiaoniao and other group of elite personnel of Black Cauldron Sect, he swaggered off, intending to prepare for tonight’s wedding. Only now did Jin Hua who was continuously hugged tightly by Tuoba Xiaoniao just like octopus was finally able to catch his breathe.

“Hall Master Jin, what do you think?” Great Elder looked towards Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun, and slightly frowned. Just as fast as this marriage came that fast it was decided, so how could he not think something was wrong.

“I agree with every decision of Great Elder.”

Looking at Third Elder, Jin Zhikun carefully replied. Jin Hua opened his mouth to protest, but he was slapped down.

“Third Elder, what about you?” Great Elder asked.

“There is no harm, this way is very good, after all, alliance by marriage is a good thing.” Third Elder answered, while narrowing his eyes. Don’t know what he was thinking.

“Fine, then it’s settled, tonight’s the bridal chamber.”

Great Elder instructed then standing up, he left.

“Congratulation, congratulation!”

People came forward to congratulate, then every person left with a smile, but Jin Hua however was crying without tears.

After Tuoba Xiaoniao had left, no one including his father, Third Elder and Great Elder asked about his opinion for this marriage. All treated him as nonexistence as if air from the start. Before, he was jealous of Ye Chuan and secretly hated about why good things never fell onto him, now, however he couldn’t reject the fallen good thing.

“Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, congratulation, can’t wait for your tonight’s wedding night.”

Ye Chuan also stepped forward to congratulate, then calling Fatty Zhao Dazhi and Zhu Sijia, they left together. While leaving, he whispered something in the ear of Fatty. After that Fatty somewhat hesitated, then looking at Zhu Sijia, he dashed away.

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