Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 209

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 209: Want to exterminate someone, exterminate them

Before Ye Chuan could take a rest for a bit, a large group of people walked out of the thick fog. There were nearly 300 people in this group.

Walking in the front was a big fellow with a beard all over his face. He was nearly 2 meters tall and was carrying a heavy bronze cauldron on his shoulder. Behind him, a group of agile and brave experts wearing the standard war robe of Black Cauldron Sect and holding a spear or heavy sword or carrying a big cauldron were following.

Black Cauldron sect, Tuoba Xiong?

Looking from far away, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect suddenly got nervous.

Unlike Ye Chuan, after approaching the stone coffin that was the entrance to the Paradise Realm, they didn’t appear at Myriad Beast Forest, rather appeared at a boundless grassland. That place didn’t have golems instead yao beasts ran wild there. At that place, there were many yao beasts and they even attacked in crowds. And under the leadership of Zhu Sijia, they opened up a bloody path and suffered untold hardships to arrive here, but they encountered the troops of Black Cauldron Sect here, misfortunes never come singly.

Cloud Mist Sect had just experienced an internal strife and had lost many elites. Great Elder was still far away in the capital, and Second Elder and older generation disciples had stayed behind to take care of the things of Cloud Mist Sect. So only younger generation disciples of Cloud Mist Sect without any Daoist Master realm expert had entered this Paradise Realm. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan had brought Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi, these two Daoist Master realm experts, but just after entering this Paradise Realm, they were separated. It was unknown where they were teleported. And in such moment, they suddenly encountered Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong and his group on a narrow path, now, how should they deal with this situation?

Along with Zhu Sijia, all the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect present here were nervous. Each and every one of them was tense and some were even trembling.

Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan was the backbone of younger generation disciples. If he wasn’t injured then the situation might be slightly better. But now, Ye Chuan was so seriously injured that he couldn’t even stand up, in this situation, what’s to be done?

Fatty Zaho Dazhi sweated profusely, and his calves, failing to live up to expectations, trembled.

“Eh, let me see, who is that? Isn’t that dignified Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, hahahaha…..”

Tuoba Xiong immediately recognized Ye Chuan from far away and he roared with laughter while leading numerous experts of Black Cauldron Sect towards him. Now, he had a sinister expression with a hint of a gruesome and hideous grin.

Some days ago, he nearly conquered Cloud Mist Sect colluding with Cloud Mist Sect’s Third Elder Bai Yanhu, merely at the final moment, because of Ye Chuan, he failed to build a mound for want of one final basket of the earth.

At that time, under the pressure of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia and Kumu warrior Tian Ku, moreover, having a scruple about Heavenly Yao Sect behind those two people, he had no choice but to retreat with the tail between legs. But after returning to Black Cauldron Sect, the more he thought, the more unreconciled he was, and he added this debt on the head of Ye Chuan. Only a bit more without the interference of Ye Chuan, then Cloud Mist Sect and Black Cauldron Sect would have merged into one becoming Cloud Cauldron Sect. After that, annexing Five Style Sect, he could have unified the three major sects of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, accomplishing his long-cherished wise of many years!

“Tuoba Xiong, what do you want?”

Seeing Tuoba Xiong pressuring them with murderous looks while speaking, numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect trembled with fear and retreated in succession. Zhu Sijia however stepped forward bravely.

Since the seniors of the sect were absent and Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan was severely injured, at this moment, Zhu Sijia had an unshrinkable duty. Although she was also nervous in her heart, she toughened her scalp and stood out, otherwise, all the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect present here might die here.

“Hahaha, little girl, you say, what do you think I want to do?”

Tuoba Xiong looked ferocious and continued to pressure them. On that day in Cloud Mist Sect, due to the misgiving he had about Heavenly Yao Sect, he was forced to leave but now was different. This Paradise Realm was completely isolated from the outside world, even if he made a move, no-one will come to the rescue, moreover, Ye Chuan appeared to be severely injured and couldn’t seem to be able to flee even if he wanted to flee. Such a good chance to kill him, what’s there to wait?

“Tuoba Xiong, you are a dignified Sect Master of Black Cauldron Sect and also a Daoist Master realm expert, if you are capable, then go look for our Great Elder. Personally making a move to deal with us younger generation disciples with the cultivation of only initial stage of Xiushi realm or even Wuzhe realm, aren’t you embarrassed?” Zhu Sijia calmly criticized hoping to stop Tuoba Xiong who was bearing down menacingly.

Sure enough, the steps of Tuoba Xiong paused as if he was somewhat embarrassed, but immediately afterward, he continued to advance in large strides, and while approaching nearer and nearer, he sinisterly said, “I only want the life of Ye Chuan, that brat. Little girl, if you are sensible, then get out of the way. Otherwise, don’t blame this lordship for ruthlessly killing all of you!”

The killing intent of Tuoba Xiong surged. He didn’t even try to cover up his killing intent.

Zhu Sijia hesitated and fierce contradictions rose in her heart.

Tuoba Xiong appeared as if he will not rest until he killed Ye Chuan today. Trying to stop him forcibly will not only not stop him, instead that would definitely enrage this tyrannical bear, then among all the people here, not a single one might be able to leave alive from here. But how could they helplessly watch their Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan dying in the hands of Tuoba Xiong?

“Zhao Dazi, heed my command, immediately lead all the fellow disciples away from here, quick!”

Energetic Zhu Sijia didn’t hesitate for long and quickly made a decision.

It was absolutely impossible for her to helplessly watch Ye Chuan dying before her eyes, but she also couldn’t let so many disciples of Cloud Mist Sect die in vain. The only solution was, she stays behind and let fatty and others leave this place.

“Senior Apprentice-Sister Jiajia, then what about you?” Fatty asked.

Zhu Sijia pulled out the sword hanging on her waist and said tensely, “You don’t need to care about that, just leave, fatty, immediately lead junior apprentice-sisters and junior apprentice-brothers and roll far away for me, quick!”

“Jiajia, I will not leave!” The eyes of fatty were bright red and taking out a dagger from his bosom, he stood in front of Zhu Sijia gritting his teeth. Then, squarely facing Tuoba Xiong, he said, “Damned coward, come, if you want to kill senior apprentice-sister Jiajia and Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, then you have to kill me first!”

Fatty who was as timid as a mouse in former days suddenly stood out despite his calves were still trembling. Although he was still tense and afraid in his heart, he didn’t hesitate and regretted when standing out.

“Protect senior apprentice-sister Jiajia, protect Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

“Apprentice brothers and sisters, fight with them!”


The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously stepped forward bravely and pointed their sharp sword at overbearing Tuoba Xiong.

Among this group of people, some had shallow cultivation of merely Wuzhe realm and some were severely injured, but none of them escaped. All along the way, without the outstanding command of Zhu Sijia, none of them would have been able to unite and look after each other, and the entire group might have already died long ago in that prairie where yao beasts ran wild. After experiencing the internal strife, the younger disciples of Cloud Mist Sect not only didn’t became downhearted, instead became even more resilient and united. This was something Cloud Mist Sect had seldom seen for the past many years and also lacked for the past many years.

“Hahaha, good, good, since you all want to die so badly, then I will fulfill your wish. Everyone, surround and kill all of them. Don’t leave anyone alive! Hahahaha……”

Tuoba Xiong laughed heartily and his killing intent vastly rose.

If this was outside, then he still had to compromise to some extent, but in this solitary Paradise Realm, he could completely do whatever he liked without any misgivings. Want to kill anyone, kill him, want to exterminate someone, exterminate them.

In the Paradise Realm shrouded in grey mist, the insane temperament of Tuoba Xiong completely was let loose. Everyone else was also the same. Compared to ordinary times, all were even more ruthless and tyrannical.

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