Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 208

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 208: Xiaoniao’s delicate fragrance

“Noble son Ye, you…, how is the condition of your injury?”

Tuoba Xiaoniao walked a few steps towards Ye Chuan and suddenly stopped again. Seeing the wound on the chest of Ye Chuan, she was deeply worried and sick at heart. She wanted to help him bandage the wound, but looking at that strange puppet doll at the side of Ye Chuan, she couldn’t help but be frightened in her heart.

Whoever saw it, who would think that this puppet doll can move?

Just moving was also fine, but it could quietly pull out a dagger and kill a person. This was even more terrifying than ghosts!

Now, the puppet possessed by the old evil spirit Hei Kui had a small lamp in his left hand and a bloody dagger in its right, but it still had a smile on its face. This strange appearance frightened Tuoba Xiaoniao very badly. Especially, that cute appearance with a genial smile caused her hairs standing on end.

“This injury is very serious, I’m afraid that…, I’m afraid that this time I will really not survive. Liu Hong, that she-devil was too ruthless!”

Ye Chuan replied assuming a weak appearance.

“No, I’ll immediately help you stop bleeding!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao was anxious and she hastily walked over, then tearing her own robe, she helped Ye Chuan bind up his wound. Looking from far, the wound was nothing serious, but when bandaging, she was able to see his wound from a close proximity, and noticed that Liu Hong was indeed too ruthless. If her sword had stabbed half-an-inch deeper, then Ye Chuan would have lost his life on the spot under her sword.

After taking off the upper garment of Ye Chuan, crisscrossed scars appeared before the eyes of Tuoba Xiaoniao. All along the way, Ye Chuan had the most merit in killing golems, and the greater part of the golems that encircled and intercepted them had died in his hand, but he had also similarly received wounds, merely they were not visible on the surface.

“Why did you help me?”

Tuoba Xiaoniao asked with red eyes. At this moment, she suddenly noticed that the feeling of resentment and misunderstanding between her and Ye Chuan were nothing. Ye Chuan who was bad on the surface was in fact not as bad as she had imagined, and was even better than the overwhelming majority of people.

“Do I need a reason to help you?”

Ye Chuan smiled and wantonly had a good view of Tuoba Xioaniao’s slender neck without any scruple. With two people very near to each other, a fine and continuous virgin fragrance that was better than any other perfume assailed his nostrils. “If you are to die, then where would I look for my wife?”

“Who is your wife?”

Tuoba Xiaoniao stamped her foot, to her surprise, Ye Chuan was still cracking a joke at this time. His injury was still dripping with blood but he was still using his glib-tongue. “Noble son Ye, this…, this puppet doll is……”

“Nothing, this is merely a puppet doll, I have a technique to control common puppets. Xiaoniao, do you like this doll? If you like then you can have it as a gift. At daytime, when you have nothing to do, you can hug or play with it, and at nighttime, you can use it as a pillow.” Ye Chuan replied with a smile yet not a smile on his face. As for two-faced old evil spirit Hei Kui, he nearly passed out.

Ye Chuan had subdued him after he possessed this puppet doll, this was still fine as after seeing the capability of Ye Chuan, he felt that he would not lose his face even if he met his old opponents in the future. But, if Ye Chuan gave him to Tuoba Xiaoniao as a present, then thereafter, he had to spend his time together with this endearing little bird-like woman, moreover, he would be used as her pillow at night. Wasn’t that asking for his life?


Tuoba Xiaoniao shook her head and turning around, she happened to saw puppet doll rolling its eyes towards her which badly scared her. With such strange puppet doll around her all the time, she will not know how she died. Pausing for a bit, Tuoba Xiaoniao asked with the greatest of care, “Oh, by the way, noble son Ye, before rushing out of the stone forest, a black-robed woman seemed to have appeared at your side, who was that woman?”

Tuoba Xiaoniao suddenly recalled the sea demon who had used her innate technique to instantly petrify all stone golems inside the stone forest, and became confused. Now, she discovered that Ye Chuan was more and more mysterious.

Ye Chuan smiled and just when he was about to look for a reason to act in a perfunctory manner, he suddenly sensed something and lowered his voice, “Someone is coming.”

Far away, from the place shrouded with dense grey mist, suddenly messy footsteps came through.

Tuoba Xiaoniao got nervous, still, pulling out her sword, she stood in front of Ye Chuan. As for Ye Chuan, he continued to sit cross-legged and waving his hand, he put away puppet doll and Cyan Lotus Lamp.

A large group of people staggered out from the thick fog. The person walking in the front was unexpectedly a woman wearing a fiery red war robe. Next was fatty Zhao Dazhi, and after him was men and women wearing the standard war robe of Cloud Mist Sect.

Zhu Sijia?

Are they the people of Cloud Mist Sect?

Tuoba Xiaoniao had her eyes wide open and Ye Chuan was also rather surprised. He hadn’t expected to meet Zhu Sijia, fatty and others here.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother?”

Currently, the war robe of fatty was damaged beyond recognition and he was also panting hard, seemed to be in a sorry plight, but his eyes were very sharp. He was the first person to notice Ye Chuan sitting cross-legged on the ground, then he eagerly rushed towards him while shouting. The steps of Zhu Sijia paused, then she led numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect over to Ye Chuan. This group had 60-70 people, but the greater part of them was covered with blood and they would stagger with each step, as if they had just come out of the gate of hell. And seeing Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief including Zhu Sijia. But, after they reach nearer, they clearly saw the situation and their heart skipped a beat.

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged on the ground without any movement. His chest was wrapped with a thick strip of cloth and his blood was continuously seeping out from his wound. Moreover, his back was full of scars. He appeared to be even more seriously injured compared to any one of them.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you are injured.”

Zhu Sijia swiftly walked over and seeing the wounds of Ye Chuan, her eyes immediately turned red. And seeing Tuoba Xiaoniao with a sword in her hand standing at his side, she couldn’t help becoming a little suspicious.

Wasn’t Ye Chuan always at odds with Black Cauldron Sect? How come he and Tuoba Xiaoniao, this golden daughter of Black Cauldron Sect, were traveling together? What happened between them?

Looking at the sloppily dressed Tuoba Xiaoniao as well as the robe she was wearing, Zhu Sijia quickly understood where that the strip of cloth that wrapped around the wound of Ye Chuan came from. Looking at Ye Chuan sitting cross-legged on the ground and again looking at Tuoba Xiaoniao standing at one side, Zhu Sijia had the feeling that something had happened between them.

“Noble Son Ye, you all can chat slowly, I am leaving first.”

Tuoba Xiaoniao felt rather awkward to see Zhu Sijia and she also sensed the hostility of numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, so bidding farewell, she turned away. Black Cauldron Sect and Cloud Mist Sect had piled-up grievances of many years, moreover, most recently, Black Cauldron Sect and Cloud Mist Sect’s Third Elder Bai Yanhu had colluded together and nearly wiped out the entire Cloud Mist Sect. As a result, the hatred between both sides was not something that would be resolved in a short time.

“Stop, Xiaoniao, where are you going at this time? Stay here, you don’t need to go anywhere unless you are tired of living.” Ye Chuan shouted loudly.

Tuoba Xiaoniao turned around and hesitated, “But……”

“There is nothing to worry about, I am Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple, I have the final say.”

Ye Chuan looked at numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and said, “Everyone, Tuoba Xiaoniao saved I, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother’s life. Yes, we Cloud Mist Sect and Black Cauldron Sect are completely incompatible, and Tuoba Xiong is overbearing, but we must understand that Miss Tuoba herself hadn’t done anything. We must not requite kindness with enmity, what do you all say, isn’t that so?”


“We accept the command of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

Numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect simultaneously bowed to receive the command, then no one again looked at Tuoba Xiaoniao with hostility.

“Jiajia, I want to take a rest. I am leaving this place to you.”

Ye Chuan instructed and slowly closed his eyes. Now, he appeared weak pretending to bear severe injury, but secretly he was circulating five Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body to preserve and nurture his spirit.

But at that time, at the distant place where a thick fog shrouded, he sensed several powerful auras, and someone walking towards them.

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