Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 207

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 207: This butt, it’s a pity

Tuoba Xiaoniao continued to retreat, and under terror, she slipped, nearly colliding with Ye Chuan.

A sword light suddenly appeared before her eyes.

Liu Hong, who was pressing forward, took this advantage and initiated a swift and fierce attack with the sharp flying sword in her hand.

Tuoba Xiaoniao also wielded the flying sword in her hand. Ding, two flying swords collided with each other. After that, Tuoba Xiaoniao immediately felt stuffy in her chest as if an invisible heavy hammer smashed her chest. As for Liu Hong, she laughed and rushed forward, then palmed Tuoba Xiaoniao flying.

“Hahaha, today, no one can save this brat, hahahaha……” Liu Hong laughed heartily. Now, she was in front of Ye Chuan with a ferocious complexion although she had a graceful bearing.

As expected, Tuoba Xiaoniao who used to be equally matched with Liu Hong in former days now already couldn’t withstand even a single blow from her. Now, no one could stop her from making a killing move!

“No, don’t……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao struggled to look up. Now, even if she wished to make a move to save, it was already too late, but seeing the puppet doll at the side of Ye Chuan, she suddenly had a gleam of hope.

Just a moment ago, seeing this puppet doll, she had felt uncomfortable and also creepy. But now, she placed high hopes on this puppet doll. She wished the stronger this puppet doll, the better.

When handling matters, the actions of Ye Chuan very often appeared random, but in reality, hidden tricks were concealed behind those actions. Suddenly taking out this puppet doll, was this the move without any reason? Impossible!

Tuoba Xiaoniao closely watched this strange puppet doll, so was Liu Hong.

Using Cyan Feather Technique to rush to the front of Ye Chuan, just when she was about to stab Ye Chuan’s chest, she suddenly noticed this puppet doll standing in front of Ye Chuan, so she carefully size it up. Just like Tuoba Xiaoniao, she felt this puppet doll was strange in a first glance, but she couldn’t specifically tell what was strange.

“This small lamp is pretty good, smelly brat, is he using the stratagem of the empty city? Or, is he playing a trick?”

Liu Hong with sinister complexion suddenly stabbed towards the puppet doll, but when her sword was about to pierce through the space between the eyebrows of the latter, she suddenly retracted her hand and retreated three meters back, then again cautiously size up this still puppet doll. She kicked a small stone which heavily hit this puppet doll.

Pada! The strange puppet doll fell down to the ground and was still motionless with a genial smile on its face. The Cyan Lotus Lamp on its hand also fell to the ground.

Liu Hong further retreated several steps with alert looks. After a while, seeing this puppet doll still had no movement, her complexion eased as she breathed a sigh of relief in secret.

Not far away, Tuoba Xiaoniao who had placed all her hope on this puppet doll however sunk into her great disappointment.

“Haha, hahahaha, smelly brat, you can only use this kind of useless cheap trick to scare people, hahaha……”

Liu Hong laughed heartily, and laying down the misgivings in her heart, she rushed forward and using her flying sword as a dagger, she ruthlessly stabbed the chest of Ye Chuan.

“Ah, noble son Ye……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao screamed, also she didn’t know where she got the strength but she gritted her teeth and standing up, she recklessly rushed forward to avenge Ye Chuan.

Even if one has an extremely high cultivation base, if his/her heart was impaled by a flying sword, who could survive?

Tuoba Xiaoniao was very angry. She had never thought that Liu Hong would be so ruthless.

Meanwhile, Liu Hong who had succeeded with one attack laughed heartily. She had schemed all along the road and her heart was perturbed for so long, but to her surprise, this didn’t take much time and energy in the end. But in the next moment, her laughter ceased abruptly.

The sharp flying sword in her hand was unable to go deep into the body of Ye Chuan merely after reaching two inches deep. As if her flying sword was stuck in the steel plate, it was unable to go even a tiny bit deeper. Like this, she could leave a deep wound on the body of Ye Chuan, but that was far from being fatal!

“How can this be?”

Liu Hong was greatly surprised. She didn’t believe her flying sword couldn’t penetrate any deeper. She released all of her strength, but the flying sword still didn’t go even a tiny bit deeper. Even when she tried to pull her flying sword out, she was unable to pull it out. In just this fashion, her flying sword was stuck in the body of Ye Chuan. This scene was just like the scene when Ye Chuan had stabbed small demonic dragon with his blade.

“Nothing is impossible, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, your buttocks are exposed.”

Ye Chuan suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Liu Hong with a smile, merely this smile was very cold. “This sword stab was truly ruthless enough, unfortunately, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, your strength seemed to be a little lacking. Ladies are ladies, learning something is bad for them, like learning to fight and kill others, moreover, exposing buttocks and gnashing your teeth, aren’t these inappropriate? I wonder how I offended you.”

From an unknown time, Ye Chuan’s body was no longer trembling and his twisted muscles had also reverted to their original state. On the surface, there didn’t seem to be any changes, but if a Daoist Master realm expert was here, he/she would have discovered that the bones of Ye Chuan were completely different from before. His bones were sparkling and translucent just like a white jade, moreover, they were compact and solid. In his dantian, one more vortex was continuously spinning, which vaguely appeared as if a demonic dragon.

Demonic Dragon Rune!

A new Heaven Swallowing Talisman was on the verge of being condensed.

After refining that drop of white broth-like demonic dragon blood, the cultivation of Ye Chuan didn’t change, was still at Rank 4 Xiushi, but with the sign of additional Heaven Swallowing Talisman condensing, his body had completely transformed. His entire body including flesh, blood and bones, all were substantially strengthened, changing into a demonic dragon-like body. Merely, it was a pity that he had obtained only a drop of demonic dragon blood, otherwise, the sword of Liu Hong wouldn’t have even penetrated two inches deep, or even might not be able to stab his skin!

Feeling the changes in his body, Ye Chuan thought it was a pity.

As a matter of fact, not long after Liu Hong appeared, he had already suppressed the effect of refining the demonic dragon blood, but he continued to sit still. On one hand, he wanted to see how vicious this girl Liu Hong was, and on the other hand, he wanted to seize this chance to test the doughtiness of his body.

If any other disciple of three major sects was in the place of Ye Chuan, then possessing such doughty body which even a flying sword couldn’t penetrate, they would definitely be wild with joy. But Ye Chuan found this still insufficient. Cloud Mist Mountain Range was too small. His vision had long been on the entire Wilderness World, and even the mysterious and unpredictable world beyond the highest heaven. With this small amount of strength, let alone sweeping over the entire Wilderness World, even looking for the people who had trapped him in the God Burial Valley in his previous lifetime for revenge was very far away.

“Brat, you consider yourself powerful, but, I don’t think so!”

Liu Hong gnashed her teeth but making a prompt decision, she quickly retreated. The moment Ye Chuan opened his eyes, she knew that she wouldn’t succeed.

“If you don’t think so, then forget it, but, how can it be so easy to retreat!”

Ye Chuan coldly smiled but he still sat motionlessly. As for Liu Hong, the space between her eyebrows suddenly twitched, feeling a strong sense of danger. This danger didn’t come from Ye Chuan in the front, rather came from behind her!

Not good, it’s that puppet doll!

Liu Hong suddenly realized and just when she wanted to turn around, she felt a pain in her butt as a dagger had ruthlessly stabbed it.

Not far away, Tuoba Xiaoniao immediately reached out her hand to cover her mouth, and an incredible expression appeared on her face.

That puppet doll motionlessly lying on the ground had suddenly taken out a sharp dagger from its bosom and had jumped up. It had jumped neither high nor low, but its dagger happened to stab the pert shining white buttocks of Liu Hong. It was unknown whether this was deliberate or not. Poor Liu Hong, now her pert buttocks that she had always been intensely proud of and which had made countless disciples of three major sects drool suddenly bled like a pig. And she hopped away like a startled rabbit in defeat.

“Ah……, Ye Chuan, I will never let you off……”

Liu Hong fled and her voice came from far away which was filled with bone-deep hatred.

This brat, he wasn’t using stratagem of the empty city, rather truly had a move. He bided for the time until the final moment to let this puppet doll make a move. Moreover, there were so many places to stab, but it only stabbed her buttocks, this clearly was intentional. This brat, he was truly sinister!

Liu Hong gnashed her teeth and walked away filled with rage and hatred.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Hyorinmaru! Wounded like that how is she going to outrun any of the three present?

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