Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 206

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 206: Bedeviled

“Noble son Ye, noble son Ye……, what happened to you?” Tuoba Xiaoniao approached Ye Chuan. Seeing Ye Chuan had broken out of the encirclement, she was finally relieved, but seeing Ye Chuan was standing still, she couldn’t help becoming perturbed again.

Ye Chuan didn’t answer, or even, he basically didn’t hear the voice of Tuoba Xiaoniao. His mind was completely focused on this drop of Demonic Dragon’s blood on his fingertip. After that, without uttering a word, he suddenly sat down cross-legged on the spot and began to comprehend and refine this drop of demonic dragon blood left behind by that small demonic dragon at the edge of this stone forest. This white broth-like demonic dragon blood slowly quivered and flowing along his finger, it reached his palm, then, as if a fireball, it became increasingly hot, emitting an incomparably violent energy fluctuation.

This energy fluctuation was completely different from the frequently seen energy of this Wilderness World. It was bloodthirsty, violent and had an aura of destroying everything. A very small drop of blood contained power far higher than a human-headed snake.

Tuoba Xiaoniao got nervous and quickly understanding the intention of Ye Chuan, she took out her flying sword to help him by becoming his dharma protector.

The drop of demonic dragon blood on the palm of Ye Chuan gave her a very dangerous feeling. She felt fear rising from her innermost soul as she felt a kind of inexplicable innate pressure!

At the edge of the stone forest, suddenly a cyan light flashed.

At the side of Ye Chuan, suddenly a smiling chubby puppet doll with a small cyan oil lamp on his hand, just like a lucky boy, stood in front of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan didn’t utter a word and his mind was completely devoted in this small drop of Demonic Dragon blood, but before refining it, he summoned old evil spirit Hei Kui and also used Cyan Lotus Lamp to be prepared for all contingencies. It was not like he didn’t have faith in Tuoba Xiaoniao, rather this Paradise Realm was unfathomable and dangerous. No need to mention about others, that Demonic Dragon might return at any time to kill him, and with the cultivation of Tuoba Xiaoniao, she would be unable to stop it. But, old evil spirit Hei Kui who had possessed puppet doll was different, in a direct fight, even sea demon Hai Lili was not necessarily his opponent and coupled with Cyan Lotus Lamp he had obtained in God Burial Valley, it was enough to stop that demonic dragon.

Tuoba Xiaoniao retreated half a step, and she worriedly sized up this puppet doll that had suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chuan. This puppet doll appeared cute, but she felt somewhat strange. Looking at it, she felt somewhat uncomfortable in her heart.

The palm of Ye Chuan slowly spread, then that boiling hot demonic dragon blood slowly entered his body from the center of his palm. A violent energy fluctuation immediately came from within the body of Ye Chuan. His arm trembled and the fingers of his right hand twisted, which spread to his wrist, elbow……, upper arm, triceps, brachial, deltoid and others muscles, all of them also twisted into a fried dough twist.

Ye Chuan let out a muffled groan and his entire body trembled with blood seeping out of his pores. The energy fluctuation from within his body become more and more violent, and just like a mountain torrents breaking out, it wanted to rip apart his body. His spinal column made cracking sounds and his back bulged as if a row of sharp outgrowth bones wanted to spring out like that of Demonic Dragon.

“Noble son Ye, noble son Ye……”

Tuoba Xiaoniao called out as she became even more nervous.

The current appearance of Ye Chuan resembled demonic cultivators’ demonic change of the legend, once this got out of control, either his body would explode ending his life on the spot or he becomes a Demonic Draconian without intellect who would kill anyone he sees!

The throat of Ye Chuan made mumbling sounds, seemingly asking Tuoba Xiaoniao to quickly leave. But listening carefully, it again resembled indistinct dragon roar. Moreover, it was completely different from a normal dragon roar, it had an invisible energy fluctuation, affecting the spirit of other people.

Tuoba Xiaoniao retreated several steps in a state of alarm.

At that time, a cold voice suddenly resounded, “Idiot, still not attacking to kill him?”


Tuoba Xiaoniao suddenly turned around and discovered Liu Hong also had actually rushed out of Myriad Beast Forest, and at an unknown time, she was already behind her. She had a cold and expressionless face with a sharp flying sword in her hand, and she was looking at Ye Chuan with sinister complexion. Smart Tuoba Xiaoniao quickly sensed killing intent of Liu Hong and said, “Liu……, Miss Liu, you were also able to rush out of Myriad Beast Forest? You……, what do you want to do?”

Seeing the sinister face of Liu Hong, Tuoba Xiaoniao felt all the more uneasy.

Originally, she only detested Liu Hong, this shameless woman who attracted a swarm of bees and butterflies throughout the year, but now, she felt even more inexplicable fear.

She didn’t start to feel this fear now. She vaguely remembered that she felt such fear towards Liu Hong after Liu Hong obtained that large small crystal man and began cultivating something Cyan Feather Technique. From that time, very calculating Liu Hong who originally was full of sweet words and honeyed phrases became somewhat sinister, and her flirtatious gaze of former days had become gloomy, arousing fear in people.

“Heh heh, you all have yet to die inside Myriad Beast Forest, how can I die?”

Li Hong smiled showing her white teeth. Although she narrowly broke out of the encirclement and rushed out of Myriad Beast Forest, the bloody injuries all over her body weren’t light. Her extremely short leather skirt that couldn’t be any shorter was also split open, revealing half of her pert buttocks. She especially looked like she was in sore straits. Seeing the current appearance of Liu Hong, Tuoba Xiaoniao blushed, but Liu Hong nevertheless didn’t seem to care at all, and she coldly said, “This boy surnamed Ye is already bedeviled. Very soon, he will lose his reason and will begin killing anyone he sees. Tuoba Xiaoniao, you say, what do you think I want to do?”

Liu Hong said while walking forward and her cold killing intent increased vastly as she wanted to take this chance to kill Ye Chuan.

Before, she keenly dressed gorgeously to tempt remarkable disciples of three large sects and secretly scrambled for power and profit. Now, after cultivating Cyan Feather Technique, her temperament had huge changes. She was decisive in killing. If she wanted something, then she would directly make a move, no longer deal slowly in patience. Even in Myriad Beast Forest, she wanted to kill Ye Chuan, merely she never had a chance. Now, she finally had a good chance.

“Don’t come, stop, if you continue to come, then don’t blame me for being impolite.” The complexion of Tuoba Xiaoniao became strained as she berated loudly. But being intimated by Liu Hong, she was retreating subconsciously.

“Hahaha, hahahaha, Tuoba Xiaoniao, you want to be impolite?”

Liu Hong roared with laughter and continued to advance without any misgivings, “Before, considering you are the golden daughter of Black Cauldron Sect, I respect you a little. Now, Na Shan, Na Shui and Big Lu, all died, leaving only you and Ye Chuan. So if I kill you two, no one will know that I, Liu Hong was the one that killed you two. Hahahaha……”

Liu Hong continued to advance. After cultivating Cyan Feather Technique, her cultivation had risen suddenly and sharply, so she simply didn’t place Tuoba Xiaoniao who was merely Rank 4 Xiushi in her eyes.

When sea demon used her innate technique to petrify golems, she also took that chance to break out of the encirclement, killing all the way. Na Shan, Na Shui and Big Lu died, only she persisted until the last moment. From this, her strength could be seen and her self-confidence had also swelled to an unprecedented degree. Dealing with endearing little bird Tuoba Xiaoniao was truly nothing for her. The heart of Tuoba Xiaoniao jumped like a helpless little lamb. Confronting this cruel and ruthless she-devil, the outcome was obvious.

Tuoba Xiaoniao was very nervous. Her hand holding her flying sword was trembling as she retreated step by step.

Behind, Ye Chuan was still sitting cross-legged on the ground, completely unaware of the arrival of danger.

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