Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 205

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 205: A drop of Demonic Dragon blood

Tuoba Xiaoniao did her utmost to rush out of Myriad Beast Forest in one breath, then turning around, she saw Big Lu, Liu Hong and others were heavily surrounded by many stone golems. And on the other side, even greater number of golems had submerged Ye Chuan alone. Frequently, tall and big golems would fly out and burst apart, and occasionally, the figure of Ye Chuan was vaguely visible.

On the ground, there were hundreds of golems and even more golems were pouring out from the vicinity. In the sky, there was an entire line up of tyrannical birds circling around, looking for a chance to pounce down. Under this kind of circumstances, even a Daoist Master realm expert might not necessarily be able to escape unscathed, how would Ye Chuan deal with this situation?

Tuoba Xiaoniao’s hands and legs become cold. She thought to turn around and return to save, but she gave up.

With her cultivation realm of Rank 4 Xiushi, to be able to rush out of Myriad Beast Forest was already an absolute luck. Recklessly rushing back would not only not save Ye Chuan, she would only be rushing to her death, moreover, she might even drag down Ye Chuan with her.

Standing at the edge of Myriad Beast Forest, she could still hear a series of muffled rumbling sounds coming from inside the stone forest.

At that time, those 20-30 human-faced snakes that were the final line of defense also moved, writhing their body, they quickly rushed towards Ye Chuan, joining the battle. As for that white jade-like small Demonic Dragon, it held its head high and issued a loud dragon roar, then it also rushed forward. The golems inside the stone forest became even more violent, each and every one of them initiated ferocious attacks without defending, but Ye Chuan still didn’t collapse. However, at the side of Big Lu and others, they were unable to bear much longer.

Na Shui of Five Style Sect who had only one leg wailed mournfully. A dog-headed golem had bitten his neck, then with a crack sound, his neck was broken as he collapsed to the ground.

“Second brother, second brother……”

Yet another disciple of Five Style Sect, Na Shan screamed and spared no effort wanting to rush over and save. But suddenly, a tiger-headed golem rushed over from the flank and directly press him down. Being press down suddenly by a golem that was as heavy as a small mountain, Na Shan whose cultivation wasn’t shallow was flattened. As for Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu Hong standing at the side, from the beginning to the end, she just looked coldly without helping until his death. Even if she had just stretched out her hand and pulled, then Na Shan might have survived, but she didn’t, she just dodged the attack of a golem.

“I… wrong, second brother, we…, all wrong……”

Na Shan muttered and looking at the white clouds in the sky, he stopped breathing.

On his deathbed, he was incomparably regretful. He regretted not following the instruction of Ye Chuan like Tuoba Xiaoniao. If they had run like a mad risking everything, then they would have already rushed out of Myriad Beast Forest like Tuoba Xiaoniao, and they brothers wouldn’t have lost their lives.

A sad and shrill scream resounded once again.

Big Lu also fell. Even though he had a doughty body, he was of no match for numerous golems who had stone lumps for their bodies. After Na Shan and Na Shui died, the pressure on his immediately multiplied by several times, and he wasn’t able to hold on even a few rounds.

On the contrary, gorgeously dressed Liu Hong who pretended to be weak in former days depending on just comprehended Cyan Feather Technique, she moved all around while repeatedly dodging the attacks of numerous golems. Her speed became faster and faster and truly like a feather, she quickly drifted around in the stone forest. Now her bearing was so lithe and graceful that she could dazzle people. Tuoba Xiaoniao who was standing at the edge of this stone forest looked up, but now, she already couldn’t clearly see the face of Liu Hong, she could only see her shining white pair of legs wandering all around.

On the other side, Ye Chuan was also in danger. With 20-30 human-faced snakes joining the battle, dangers were lurking on his all sides. The small Demonic Dragon floated in mid-air, and the outgrowth bones on its back were also ready to make a move. Once it made a move in person, it would be a deadly blow.

Tuoba Xiaoniao suddenly got nervous and her heartbeat accelerated as she felt a feeling of suffocation.

A dimly discernible sound of singing suddenly resounded in the stone forest.

This sound of singing was very faint, it was like a passionate maiden pouring out her heart and also like a singing of a fairy that had fallen to this mortal world. This sound of singing felt as if it was purely imaginary that didn’t belong to this mortal world. Obviously, no one could clearly hear what this singing was, but that voice and that rhythm were mesmerizing causing people to enter a trance.

Tuoba Xiaoniao who was standing at the edge of the stone forest became absent-minded and she instantly forgot where she was. She seemed to have returned to Black Cauldron Sect, returning to her carefree childhood times. She stood there motionless, forgot her nervousness, anxiety and troubles, forgetting everything.

Inside Stone Forest, with Ye Chuan as the center, within the radius of 1 kilometer, all golems simultaneously stopped and stood motionless, maintaining different postures. It appeared as if time seemed to have frozen in this instant. If Tuoba Xiaoniao came back to her sense at this moment, then she would have discovered that at the side of Ye Chuan, at an unknown time, a graceful black-robed woman with a fair and smooth skin which let alone herself, all the girls she had ever seen couldn’t compare had appeared. And looking at the moist ground below her feet, she appeared as if she had just come out of the water.

Sea Demon’s song!

Ye Chuan who was unable to break out of this heavy besiege summoned the female Sea Demon, Hai Lili, from inside the space of Cyan Lotus Lamp. And the sudden use of Sea Demon clan’s innate technique had a great effect.

Making Tuoba Xiaoniao and others separately break out of the encirclement and he himself rushing towards the group of human-faced snakes to draw their attention by himself, Ye Chuan hadn’t done this on impulse, rather he had already made the preparation. This mysterious Sea Demon, after taming, had become one of his trump card! At this moment, summoning her was far more useful than summoning old evil spirit Hei Kui who had possessed the puppet doll. The effect of her unique innate technique was amazing.

Now’s the time!

Ye Chuan who had been continuously withstanding the attack of numerous golems suddenly put away cyan small crystal man and Sea Demon, then he rushed towards white jade-like small Demonic Dragon. After that, with a pallid light flashing in his hand, he wielded his extremely thin sharp blade.

Like numerous ordinary golems, this mysterious small Demonic Dragon was also stationary. Now, it was not only a good time to break out of the encirclement, it was also an only good chance to kill this Demonic Dragon!

Ice-cold blade light streak across the sky of Myriad Beast Forest filled with grey mist.

The blade of Ye Chuan, as he had wished reached the skin of small Demonic Dragon, and a drop of white broth-like blood flowed down the blade. But, next, this sharp blade was stuck before reaching its bone. His blade was actually stuck on the neck skin of this Demonic Dragon. Ye Chuan had used the strength of all five Heaven Swallowing Talismans, but the result was this, he still was unable to pierce through the throat of this small Demonic Dragon. With this level of strength, if the target was even human-faced snakes, then those kinds of stone lumps would have been cut off.

A sharp blade with the addition of 90,000 jin strength was actually unable to properly cut even its skin, then how strong was its body?

Moreover, this was just a newborn small Demonic Dragon, if it was a matured Demonic Dragon, then how terrifying it would be?

Ye Chuan was shocked and when he was about to use the remaining eight blades, the tail of this small Demonic Dragon suddenly moved, then flying back, it changed into a white light, rushing out of this Myriad Beast Forest.

“Little kid, where are you running?”

Ye Chuan chased after it with all his speed, displaying his unparalleled style techniques so as to catch it. Unfortunately, he was a step too late even though he spared no effort. When he rushed out of this Myriad Beast Forest, this small Demonic Dragon had already plunged into the thick fog shrouding the Chaotian Palace. Behind, the earth shook and those innumerable golems sunk into the ground. Now that dangerous Myriad Beast Forest reverted back to the original calm state with a thick fog enveloping it. Now, in Ye Chuan’s hand, he only had a broken blade, moreover, a drop of liquid which was the blood of that Demonic Dragon flowed to his fingertip from this broken blade. Was this liquid a drop of the blood of Demonic Dragon? Ye Chuan suddenly got excited as he felt Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body becoming boiling hot all of a sudden.

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