Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 204

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 204: Demonic Dragon Guard

Ye Chuan didn’t even glance at Liu Hong and quickly chased after Tuoba Xiaoniao and others, and very soon, the five people joined together and cooperated to break out of the encirclement.

From behind, a wisp of strong wind came as Liu Hong stepping on flying sword caught up to them without uttering a word. Her figure was still bewitchingly charming, and her shining white legs were still revealed, moreover, after comprehending Cyan Feather Technique, she looked even more light and graceful with exquisite bearing, but in the eyes of Big Lu, she nevertheless was insipid, he didn’t have even a trace of the previous infatuation. As for Na Shan and Na Shui of Five Style Sect, they also didn’t even turn their head to look, pretending to not know she had already caught up to them.

After running wildly for no less than two hours, at the distant place, they finally saw the edge of this stone forest.

Outside of this stone forest was a towering imperial palace which was shrouded in dense grey mist. They didn’t see a small bridge and flowing river, and also didn’t see flowers, plants and trees, merely saw a wide expanse of continuous flying eaves. When the strong wind blew, the grey mist rippled and they vaguely saw ‘Chaotian Palace’, these three ancient words that were dazzling with golden light. Although looked grand and magnificent, in the entire broad Paradise Realm, it appeared as if it was merely a corner of an iceberg, just an auxiliary palace.

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped his steps, not because he wanted to enjoy the sight of grand and powerful Chaotian Palace, rather because of a group of golems that blocked their path.

Perhaps they were determined to spell an end to Ye Chuan’s group inside this Myriad Beast Forest, all the golems in front of them were especially powerful. In a single glance, they could see many more than 10 meters tall golems everywhere, and in the sky, there was a group of fierce tyrannical birds circling around. Moreover, at the edge of this stone forest, there furthermore was a group of human-faced golems too. Along the entire way, they had discovered only two human-faced snakes, but here, there were at least 20-30 of them. These innumerable golems rushed towards them from all direction.

Tuoba Xiaoniao and others also stopped and seeing the situation in the front, their complexion changed greatly.

“Noble son Ye, what should we do?”

Na Shan of Five Style Sect looked pale and at the juncture where his life was at stake, he couldn’t afford to think about his face, and he took the initiative to ask Ye Chuan for instruction.

Ye Chuan didn’t speak and continuously looking at the golems in the front, his complexion became more and more strained. After a good while, pointing at that group of human-faced golems, he explained in a low voice, “Take note of that group of human-faced snakes. I will count down from five, then I will rush forward to draw the attention of those human-faced snakes, at that time, you all, take advantage of that time to rush ahead from the right to break out of the encirclement. Run as fast as you all can, otherwise you all might not be able to break out.”

“Noble son Ye, then what about you?” Tuoba Xiaoniao blurted out.

“I have my own means, Xiaoniao, didn’t you say I am a very bad fellow? Bad fellows don’t die so easily, I will live past millennium disaster!” Ye Chuan said with a bad smile, and without waiting for the answer of Tuoba Xiaoniao, he began the countdown in low voice, “5……, 4……, 3……”

When Ye Chuan counted to 1, he jumped and rushed towards human-faced golems. Na Shan, Na Shui and others simultaneously changed direction and rushed forward from the right. Tuoba Xiaoniao had a complex expression looking at the back view of Ye Chuan as she spared no effort to keep up the pace with everyone. At that time, from behind, a wave of sounds brushed past her as Liu Hong stepping on a flying sword rushed ahead of everyone.

Straight ahead there were many golems, but there were many golems at the right side too. Moreover, tyrannical birds circling in the sky also issued a long, loud cry and rushed towards Tuoba Xiaoniao and others. Even if there weren’t any golems blocking their path, this group of tyrannical birds was enough to get rid of this group of five.

Tuoba Xiaoniao and others suddenly became nervous, and with those tyrannical birds approaching closer and closer, they could even see the stone feathers that forged their wings, moreover, they clearly saw those pairs of sharp claws emitting pallid light.

The group of five involuntarily slowed down and their eyes were full of fear. Rushing ahead at full speed like this, wouldn’t this deliver them directly to the doorstep of these tyrannical birds to be torn into pieces?

Together with Liu Hong, the entire group quickly became suspicious. Some subconsciously went left and some went right to dodge, no one dared to be the first to meet these tyrannical birds first.

“Speed up, rush forward in a single breath!”

A low and compelling voice suddenly resounded in the mind of Tuoba Xiaoniao. That was the voice of Ye Chuan.

Tuoba Xiaoniao slightly hesitated, then gritting her teeth, she rushed up in the front. Although she had many prejudices against Ye Chuan, for an unknown reason, her heart had inexplicable trust in him.

200 meters, 100 meters, 30 meters……

Tuoba Xiaoniao who was rushing in the front gritting her teeth got closer and closer to tyrannical birds. She knew that if she faced these tyrannical birds by herself, then she was certain to die.

But, although it was very dangerous ahead, Tuoba Xiaoniao still ran straight ahead and looking up, she saw the sharp claws of these tyrannical birds were assuming a posture of tearing her into pieces. Behind, Na Shan and others who were still hesitating on what to do simultaneously cried out in alarm and as for Tuoba Xiaoniao, she simply closed her eyes and paying attention to nothing, she continued to rush forward.

Whoosh! A bone-chilling gale blew against her face and she felt pain in her cheek.

In the moment of this head-on collision, Tuoba Xiaoniao was so nervous that her heart nearly jumped out of her mouth, but the expected scene of her torn into pieces didn’t appear. After rushing more than 10 meters, she turned around to look and saw the group of tyrannical birds had suddenly increased their altitude. After that, in the sky, they turned around and rushed towards Ye Chuan. Not only this group of tyrannical birds, even those golems that were formerly blocking her path were rushing towards Ye Chuan. Now, all golems were in a state of disorder.

Ye Chuan while rushing towards those human-faced snakes took out that cyan small man and instantly, all of those golems were drawn towards him.

Why did Ye Chuan do this?

Is it for her?

Tuoba Xiaoniao’s steps paused but immediately afterwards, she gritted her teeth and rushed forward reaching the wide expanse of flat land without any golem. Behind, Na Shan, Na Shui, Big Lu and Liu Hong were not so lucky. Their hesitation for a moment got them surrounded by golems.

Behind human-faced snakes, suddenly a roughly 3 meters long spotlessly white small dragon with sharp outgrowth bones on its back who looked as if it was just born appeared. But, among stone golems, it had the greatest authority. Raising its head high, it issued a dragon roar, and then the golems attracted by the cyan small crystal man divided themselves into two groups. One group rushed towards Ye Chuan and the other groups surrounded Big Lu and others.

“Wishing you a good luck, my lady, if predetermined by fate, then we will meet again.”

The voice of Ye Chuan once again resounded in the mind of Tuoba Xiaoniao, then with his body issuing cracking sounds while trembling, he suddenly emitted a majestic energy fluctuation. He completely released the suppressed true power of his five Heaven Swallowing Talismans and rushed straight forward.

Even though he was surrounded by innumerable golems, Ye Chuan was nervous and restless but he even more was excited. After entering this Paradise Realm, it was the first time he was so excited.

Demonic Dragon!

This is a Demonic Dragon, newly born Demonic Dragon that came from the world beyond the highest heaven!

Ye Chuan immediately identified that spotlessly white as if jade little dragon. The deductions he had made before when he had seen that stone coffin were really correct. This place really was the legendary Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm. Killing this newly born demonic dragon, he might obtain the inheritance of this Paradise Realm, comprehending the arcane truth of the world beyond the highest heaven.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! An existence even higher than he was in his past life huh. Really lucked out this time. Wonder what happened to the masters that were supposed to be here.

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