Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 203

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 203: She-devil’s road to ruin

After saving Na Shui of Five Style Sect, Ye Chuan continued to lead everyone, running wildly in the stone forest. And unwittingly, a subtle change appeared in the midst of their formation.

Now, Ye Chuan was still rushing in the front, opening a way. Liu Hong stepping on her flying sword was closely following behind, and behind her was Tuoba Xiaoniao, Big Lu, Na Shan and Na Shui. They four followed after Ye Chuan while helping each other breaking out of an encirclement as they vaguely increased a distance from Liu Hong, rejecting her.

Needless to say Big Lu who was disappointed on Liu Hong, who didn’t try to even save him when he was in mortal danger, after escaping by the sky of his teeth, even Na Shan and Na Shui, these two brothers who originally were the trusted subordinates of Liu Hong, now, being dissatisfied with her began to drift apart. As a result, gorgeously dressed Liu Hong, from a team captain with attendants crowding around change into a person in utter isolation.

Who was Liu Hong?

She was a woman who was skilled in discerning what people thought from their body language and also was a woman adept at scheming. She quickly realized the attitude of people around her, but she was not only not ashamed, instead, she calmly followed behind Ye Chuan with a cloudy complexion. And without saying anything, she pretended to know nothing, but sinisterly looking towards Ye Chuan, she would frequently initiate a swift and fierce attack, stabbing the eyes of golems. She was quick and ruthless.

This woman really was a heavenly-gifted she-devil!

Ye Chuan also didn’t turn his head but was acutely aware of the vicious glare of Liu Hong, still, he just sneered.

In the exploration of this Paradise Realm, he didn’t want to deliberately complicate the issue, but, if Liu Hong didn’t know how to be sensible truly thinking she could do whatever she wanted after comprehending a bit of Cyan Feather Technique, then it would be her fault.

Dong, dong, dong, a series of muffled sounds resounded again, then the grey mist shrouding Myriad Beast Forest became denser and denser, and the golems wandering around also became all the more violent.

At that time, Ye Chuan in the front suddenly stopped.

In the left side of his front, roughly 100 meters away, behind a group of dog-headed golems, he indistinctly saw a unique fellow. This was a human-faced snake body golem whose entire body made up of a stone lump and even the fine scales of its tail were forged with stones. It was incomparably strange and a single glance could make people have their hair standing on end.

Human-faced snake!

Another human-faced snake appeared. Hiding behind a group of dog-headed golems, it seemed to have misgivings about the strength of Ye Chuan and also seemed to be waiting for a favorable opportunity to initiate a ferocious surprise attack. These kinds of human-faced beast body fellows were comparatively harder to deal than Tyrannical Birds.

“You all, go ahead, I will catch up very soon!”

Ye Chuan suddenly left the ranks and rushed towards the human-faced golem. When he reached in front of a dog-headed golem, before it had time to attack, his single punch sent it flying.

Human-faced snakes were abnormally violent and were hard to deal with but the treasure sealed within them were also similarly unusual. After tasting the benefit of demonic ginseng, Ye Chuan couldn’t let this chance slip off.


Human-faced snake hiding behind dog-head golems suddenly help its head high and opening its mouth, it spat out a mouthful of deathly venom. And at the same time, all the golems around rushed towards Ye Chuan, ignoring Tuoba Xiaoniao and others as if dog-headed golems, tiger-headed golems and other commonly seen golems listened to the command of this human-faced snake. Tuoba Xiaoniao and other immediately felt a great decrease in pressure, so they were relieved, but as for Ye Chuan, the pressure suddenly increased vastly as he was completely surrounded by golems.

This sudden change made Tuoba Xiaoniao and others stop and they didn’t know whether they should continue forward to break out of an encirclement or rush over to help Ye Chuan. Big Lu, Na Shui of Five Style Sect were feeling even more contradictory. The reason told them that they should take advantage of this chance to break out of an encirclement, but their lives were just saved by Ye Chuan, so how could they abandon Ye Chuan alone to deal with such danger and leave?

“Go, quickly run, I’ll immediately catch up!”

Ye Chuan shouted loudly, ordering Tuoba Xiaoniao and others to leave quickly, and he however ran wildly stepping on the head of numerous dog-headed golems, rushing towards the human-faced snake who was hiding behind and issuing commands, then he ferociously released a punch.

A ferocious punch gave rise to a violent wind.

The abdomen of this human-faced snake was sunken. This single punch of Ye Chuan would definitely crack open its stone body if hit. With the sudden eruption of Ye Chuan’s 90,000 jin strength, let alone stone, even if its body was made up of iron and steel, it would still be unable to withstand his punch.


The human-faced snake issued a hiss as its body strangely swayed and twisted, and then the punch of Ye Chuan brush past it.

After that, the human-faced snake landed on the ground and suddenly pounced on Ye Chuan, and its poison fang suddenly enlarged in the eyes of Ye Chuan. After dodging the attack of Ye Chuan, it instantly initiated a ferocious counter-attack.

“What a long snake, unfortunately, you are dead!”

Ye Chuan sneered and extremely thin sharp blades became visible between his fingers. It appeared as if his punch had failed, but his blades had ruthlessly cut open the abdomen of the human-faced golem. After a horizontal cut, taking advantage of retracting his hand, he cut it vertically too. Now, the human-faced snake had many huge cross wounds and blood flowed out from those wounds, and its blood corroded the stone below it.

“Give me something good!”

Ye Chuan moved sideways to dodge the blood gushing out from the abdomen of this human-faced snake. And just when he was about to kill this different type golem, a sword light suddenly flashed before his eyes as Liu Hong stepping on a flying sword rushed ahead directly reaching out her hand towards the abdomen of this human-faced snake, wanting to seize the treasure sealed within the latter’s body.

All along the road, Ye Chuan who had opened the path in front had killed many Tyrannical Birds, dog-headed golems and tiger-headed golems, but he never even glanced at the treasures sealed within their body. But, here, he suddenly left the ranks to behead this human-faced beast body human-faced snake. This was obviously too abnormal. The only explanation was the treasure sealed within the body of human-faced snake far surpassed ordinary small crystal men and its value might be ten times or even hundred times higher.

Liu Hong didn’t say anything, but she secretly paid attention to every move of Ye Chuan and suddenly at the critical moment, she suddenly made a move.

After tasting the sweet taste of Cyan Feather Technique, she yearned for even more peerless treasure and aspired even stronger fighting capacity!


Liu Hong who had made a preemptive move suddenly screamed and retreated. Now, her right hand was dripping with blood. Just now she searched inside the abdomen of this human-faced snake, but let alone finding a treasure sealed within its body, her hand was nearly corroded. Like this, she was delayed and the heavily injured human-faced snake took advantage of this time to reach a heap of stones and disappeared among them. Ye Chuan was a step too late.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, you truly came in perfect time!”

Ye Chuan sneered, and shooting a single glance at the bloody hand of Liu Hong, he turned around and left, again leading Tuoba Xiaoniao and others to break out of an encirclement. Behind, Liu Hong snorted coldly and stepping on her flying sword, she followed behind. Looking at Ye Chuan in the front, her complexion became even more sinister.

She made a preemptive move wanting to snatch the treasure within the body of that human-faced snake, but to her surprise, she didn’t obtain a thing and even didn’t know what was sealed within its body, instead nearly lost her hand!

Liu Hong ferociously stared at the back view of Ye Chuan and her eyes showed an ominous glint. Now, she didn’t have even a trace of her sweet and gentle appearance of former days.

The path leading to she-devil, the more Liu Hong walked the farther she reached. Don’t know whether she was also affected by the tyrannical restriction of Myriad Beast Forest or she began to suffer from qi deviation cultivating Cyan Feather Technique which was in a mess, she became more and more ruthless and tyrannical.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Honestly she’s becoming too much of a liability. Better to off her here for the safety of the rest I’d say.

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