Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 202

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 197: Anxious broken leg

The group of people that were running wild in stone forest quickly alarmed golems wandering around in the surroundings.

All the golems that rushed out to block the way were either sent flying or directly killed by a punch of Ye Chuan. Now, Ye Chuan was in the front, Liu Hong was close behind him, then was Na Shan and Na Shui, and then Tuoba Xiaoniao. The strength of Ye Chuan had greatly benefited them. But it was different for Big Lu who was left far behind. At an unknown time, a long string of golems was chasing behind him, and the numbers of golems were increasing. Just looking at this scene could cause people tremble with fear and their legs go soft.

A loud and clear cry of birds came from further behind.

A Tyrannical Bird took the lead to chase. Flapping its huge wings, it bore down menacingly and its claw ferociously reached towards Big Lu to grab him. Big Lu quickly reacted, dodging the first attack of this Tyrannical Bird, but he was not so lucky in the next moment as a piece of his right leg’s flesh was torn off by this Tyrannical Bird. And after he was slightly slowed down, a string of golems behind him nearly caught up to him. There were dog-headed golems, tiger-headed golems, furthermore a number of ferocious big fellows. If he was submerged by them, then he might not even leave an intact corpse.

“Miss Liu, save me, Miss Liu, save me……”

Big Lu screamed, wailing to Liu Hong for help. He wanted to run faster however he couldn’t. Under the attack of Tyrannical Bird, dangers were lurking on all sides, and he basically lacked the strength to break out of this encirclement.

Liu Hong slightly paused and then coldly continued to fly forward as before with indifference expression.

Before, in order to draw Big Lu to her side, she spoke with him affectionately, and this instantly charmed Big Lu who hadn’t even touched the hand of a woman before. But now, Myriad Beast Forest had changed all of a sudden, and seeing Big Lu was useless, moreover, was dragging her down, she didn’t even look at him.

“Save me, save me……”

Seeing Liu Hong was getting farther and farther away without even looking back, Big Lu was increasingly disappointed in his heart.

Before, Tuoba Xiaoniao had secretly warned him to be careful of Liu Hong and said not to believe in her, but at that time, he didn’t take that warning seriously. Now, he finally saw the real face of Liu Hong. When there was no problem, she used sweet words and honeyed phrases to make him the spearhead of the attack, but when in true danger, she nevertheless didn’t even bother to take a single glance at him.

This woman is too heartless!

The heart of Big Lu instantly became cold, and his limbs also became ice-cold, but he felt pain in his shoulder as the Tyrannical Bird ripped off a piece of flesh. Now, the other golems were only several meters behind him. At this moment, let alone bare-handed, even if he had that heavy hammer, he would certainly die. Now, he was on the brink of being submerged by the tide of golems.

“Big Lu, grab firmly!”

When Big Lu had given up all his hopes and was waiting for the death, he suddenly heard a voice as a thick cord appeared in front of him. He subconsciously grabbed it and was pulled forward by Ye Chuan. Behind, numerous golems simultaneously roared as their attacks failed.

Hearing the call for help and wail of Big Lu, Liu Hong was indifference, but Ye Chuan who was rushing in the front however suddenly made a move. At the critical moment, he pulled out Big Lu from the edge of the life and death.

“Thank you, thank you, noble son Ye.”

Big Lu who had just escaped from death was endlessly excited as tears filled his eyes. He had never thought that, at the last moment, the person who would save him wasn’t gentle and thoughtful Liu Hong, rather Ye Chuan whom he had somewhat looked down upon for his trifling cultivation of Rank 3 Xiushi.

“Try to keep up, don’t fall behind!”

Ye Chuan patted the shoulder of Big Lu then began to rush forward again, opening the way. He punched and an ear-piercing sound of sonic boom resounded as a Tyrannical Bird was sent flying again.

In former days, such violent power of Ye Chuan made people jumpy, but at this very moment, it sounded like the world’s most beautiful music. Looking at Ye Chuan summoning up all of his courage and energy to advance forward without letting a teammate fall behind, Tuoba Xiaoniao suddenly became absent-minded, and nearly crashing against the golem that appeared from the flank, she woke up with a start.

Dong, dong, dong, a series of sounds came from far away.

This continuous sound was low and powerful as if was coming from the far-off horizon and also as if coming from the depth of the ground.

The grey mist floated in the air, and the golems wandering around became even more violent. Each and every one of them dashed ahead regardless of their safety chasing after Ye Chuan and his group. Standing at a high place and looking all around, one could see all kinds of golems were rushing towards them from all direction and they were so many in numbers that it could make the scalp of people tingle.

Ye Chuan accelerated once again, leading everyone inside Myriad Beast Forest like a hurricane.

Along the way, he had beheaded or sent flying unknown numbers of golems. Sometimes, treasures would burst out of those golems but they wouldn’t pick them up as they didn’t have time. Everybody used all their strength to run wildly.

Perhaps, he knew that falling behind meant certain death, or perhaps, he received a stimulation, Big Lu’s potential erupted and his speed vastly increased as he closely followed Tuoba Xiaoniao. Over time, Na Shui with only one leg fell behind. Overrating his own abilities, he had lost one of his legs and was seriously injured, moreover, his injuries had yet to recover fully, so although he was flying with his flying sword, his stamina was slowly unable to keep up. Shortly after he fell behind, innumerable golems began to surround him from all sides.

“Big brother, save me, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, save me, Big Senior Apprentice Sister……”

Seeing a large group of golems was getting nearer and nearer, Na Shui with only one leg wailed mournfully as if a slaughtered pig, shouting himself hoarse. He didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to helplessly watch himself being torn apart by numerous golems!

“Second brother……”

Na Shan of Five Style Sect quickly turned around and saw his brother Na Shui had fallen into the encirclement of golems, then crying out in alarm, when he was about to rush back and make a move to save his brother regardless of everything, a hand pressed his shoulder.

“Don’t go, it’s already too late, we are unable to save him.”

Liu Hong indifferently said as she reached out her hand to stop Na Shan. Na Shui was already screwed and she didn’t want to lose Na Shan, the only remaining follower, too. After cultivating Cyan Feather Technique, her speed had increased vastly, even if she didn’t use flying sword she might not necessarily be any slower than Ye Chuan, but she didn’t have any intention to make a move to save Na Shui. She didn’t even have any intention to put on a show of trying to save him.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, he is my younger brother, my biological younger brother!”

Na Shan roared loudly with a look of sadness.

Liu Hong was dumbfounded, in her memory, reverent and respectful Na Shan had never defied her. Now, Na Shan, who was obedient like a sheep in front of her in former days, roared violently as if a wounded yao beast.

“Ah……, save me, big brother, save me, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, save me……”

Na Shui wailed mournfully as he felt a burst of unbearable pain. Now, his remaining leg was also bitten by one dog-headed golem and a bone cracking sound resounded as it wanted to bite off his leg. Now, he was completely surrounded by the tide of golems.

“Idiot, now that you cannot fly in the sky and run in the ground, why don’t you run underground?”

A familiar voice suddenly resounded right beside the ears of Na Shui. Moreover, the stone under him suddenly blew open and a figure broke out from the ground, then that figure punched the dog-headed golem that was biting the only leg of Na Shui, and then pulling Na Shui underground, he rushed forward.

Ye Chuan made a move once again. He used earth style to save Na Shui. Although he didn’t find this fellow pleasing to his eyes, at the critical moment, he decided to make a move.

Is it him?

Is it Ye Chuan that save me?

Na Shui found this hard to believe, then with tears streaming down his cheeks, he felt too ashamed to show his face.

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