Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 201

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 197: Tyrannical restriction

A loud and clear cry of a bird resounded through the sky.

A Tyrannical Bird completely made up of stones flew over ferociously and its sharp claws, one grabbed towards the cyan small crystal man in the hand of Ye Chuan and the other grabbed towards the head of Ye Chuan. Compared to the common golems, this fellow was more powerful. If its sharp claw successfully grabbed his head, then at least a layer of skin would be stripped off.

“Just a damned bird but also want to go rampant?”

Ye Chuan put away Cyan Lotus Lamp, then firmly nailing his legs on the stone, he held the cyan small crystal man with his left hand and tightly curled up the fingers of his right hand into a fist.

The speed of Tyrannical Bird was astonishing. In an instant, it arrived in front of Ye Chuan, but the moment its sharp claws were about to touch Ye Chuan, its chest suddenly sunken, and unable to bear the ferocious punch of Ye Chuan, its body completely made up of stones was sent flying like a kite with a broken string. And its sharp claws were unable to touch even his hair.


The air rippled and twisted. This punch of Ye Chuan gave rise to the sonic boom along with a loud sound.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. His punch was so fast that an average person couldn’t see it clearly.

A loud and clear cry of a bird resounded once again as Tyrannical Bird that was forced back by a punch staged a comeback, diving straight down from the high altitude. But when it was about to arrive just above the head of Ye Chuan, it abruptly changed direction at a high speed and suddenly appeared behind Ye Chuan, then its sharp claws ferociously advanced towards Ye Chuan wanting tear his body into pieces.

Compared to common golems, this Tyrannical Bird was not only agile and fast, it was very crafty too like great devils, and it wasn’t clumsy and stiff like other golems. Suddenly, its sharp claws ferociously stabbed towards the shoulders of Ye Chuan and using its strength, it wanted to rip Ye Chuan into two pieces.

Ye Chuan took a deep breath, at this juncture when his life was at stake, his eyes glimmered with a trace of ferociousness, he didn’t try to dodge, rather he suddenly turned around and ferociously punched right in the chest of Tyrannical Bird, and with five Heaven Swallowing Talismans crazily circulating within his body, the strength of 90,000 jin suddenly exploded.

One man one bird simultaneously let out a muffled groan.

The instant Ye Chuan forcibly turned around, the sharp claws of this Tyrannical Bird ripped off the flesh of his back, so now, his back was bloody. As for Tyrannical Bird, it was also not in a good shape, suffering such a powerful hit on its chest in succession, a crack appeared on its body. This crack started from the chest and reach all the way to its wings, then it fell from the sky.


Ye Chuan ferociously roared, and regardless of the injuries on his back, he jumped down the stone and ferociously punched once again.

He didn’t know whether this was because of injuries or refining that wisp of energy of the word beyond the highest heaven, his fighting intent was surging and deep in his heart, he thirsted for blood and battle, moreover, he wanted to use the most primitive way to finish off the enemy, eager to personally tear the other party into two.

At an unknown time, the grey mist in the sky of Myriad Beast Forest had already become very dense. In the midst of dense grey mist, dangers were lurking around, and the sky was full of a tyrannical energy fluctuation, moreover, innumerable golems broke out of their stones and were wandering around small and big narrow winding trails. In the temporary station, Liu Hong, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others were visibly shaking and their eyes were also red.

But Ye Chuan who was in the midst of fighting was entirely unaware of these changes. He was ferociously punching this Tyrannical Bird’s head with all his strength. Along with the cry of a bird, this bird golem collapsed and died, and a dark red crystal rolled out from inside its body. Ye Chuan picked it up and examined. This small crystal didn’t record any technique and also wasn’t anything profound, it was merely a lump of majestic pure energy, completely different from all the small crystal men they obtained before.

A loud and clear cry of bird resounded once again.

Ye Chuan looked up and saw quite a few Tyrannical Birds in the sky. One of them dived straight down towards him, and others flew towards the temporary station where Liu Hong and others were staying. And after getting rid of the Tyrannical Bird that approached him, he rushed towards the temporary station. He saw Liu Hong and others had already fallen into a hopeless situation, suffering the joint attack of a group of golems. Now, in the sky, there were several Tyrannical Bird circling around, and the ground, there were more than ten golems.

“Eh, something is wrong, all of them are bedeviled, this is……, a power of restriction!”

Ye Chuan prepared to make a move to rescue but he suddenly noticed something amiss.

Inside the temporary station, all five people including Liu Hong were fighting without sparing no effort. Their eyes were very red and even Tuoba Xiaoniao who always resembled a delicate endearing little bird was dashing ahead regardless of her safety to kill. Even though her body was already covered with blood, she didn’t even think to dodge, rather she blindly rushed towards numerous golems. This wasn’t tenacious, clearly was bedeviled, and they were gradually losing their original intention.

Ye Chuan calmly thought and he quickly realized the changed of Myriad Beast Forest. It seemed, after he comprehended the mystery of that cyan small man and his spirit touched a corner of the world beyond the highest heaven, he unwittingly activated the restriction of Myriad Beast Forest. Looking all around, he saw more and more golems were pouring out, and even though Liu Hong and others were extraordinarily brave like this, if this battle continued like this, then they were screwed!

Ye Chuan suddenly held his head high, then uttered a long, loud cry. This roar, as if tigers roaring and as if dragons roaring, reverberated throughout the entire Myriad Beast Forest.

“What’s going on here? How come so many golems appear all of a sudden?”

Quick, run over to noble son Ye, quickly run!”

Liu Hong and others trembled and their eyes reverted back to their original state, then looking all around, everyone turned pale with fright. Still, Liu Hong reacted the fastest, she subconsciously stepped on her flying sword and rushed towards Ye Chuan. After that, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others quickly followed.

“There is a drastic change in Myriad Beast Forest, let’s go, we are running all the way, the sooner the better.”

Ye Chuan didn’t have time to explain, he immediately rushed forward, but a Tyrannical Bird appeared in front of him blocking his way, however, before it could even use its sharp claws to attack, a ferocious punch of Ye Chuan sent it flying.

After forming a team and entering Myriad Beast Forest, Ye Chuan had concealed his strength, coldly looking at the rampant Liu Hong and Na family brothers. But now, when the situation was grim, he couldn’t afford to conceal his strength.

The complexion of Liu Hong, Na family brothers and others changed as they looked at Ye Chuan in disbelief.

Just a moment ago, even when all five of them joined forces, they were unable to kill a single Tyrannical Bird, but here, a casual punch of Ye Chuan send one flying, what did this explain?

This kid, sure enough, he was deeply hidden!

The five people had different expressions, Big Lu and Tuoba Xiaoniao’s eyes shone as they saw a hope getting out of this difficult situation. As for Na family brothers, they trembled and a trace of fear and uneasiness flashed in their eyes. Liu Hong’s expression however was somewhat complicated. After comprehending Cyan Feather Technique recorded in that large small crystal man and achieving success in its cultivation, she was in high-spirit and vigorous, resolving to become number one in the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range, but in an instant, this beautiful dream was shattered by Ye Chuan.

“Run, quickly run, if you all don’t want to die then keep up the pace!”

Ye Chuan ran without even turning his head.

He had a premonition that the restriction of Myriad Beast Forest had just begun, and more and more powerful golems would come out. If they didn’t leave now, then even if a Daoist Master realm expert was here, then he might also die here.


Liu Hong and others came back to their senses, and everyone hastily kept pace with Ye Chuan. Even though they were stepping on the flying sword, they could only keep up the pace with Ye Chuan who was opening a way in the front with difficulty. Tuoba Xiaoniao was still well as she could fly on her flying sword. But Big Lu was anxious as he could only advance forward by jumping along the stones like Ye Chuan, but his speed however was much slower than Ye Chuan. Even after he discarded the hard-earned heavy hammer, he was still unable to keep up with the speed of others and he slowly fell far behind everyone.

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