Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 200

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 197: Tyrannical Bird

Altogether there were six small crystal men in front of Ye Chuan. Five were ash gray in color and only one was cyan in color.

Ye Chuan casually scanned those five ash gray colored small crystal men, then putting them away, he focused on the cyan colored small man.

The entire body of this small crystal man was cyan in color, and it was ice-cold to touch. It resembled as if it was forged with glittering and translucent cyan jade. There were many red specks and lines all over it. In a single glance, it looked quite chaotic, but looking carefully, there seemed to be a regular pattern.

“Your Excellency, don’t use your eyes to look, use your spirit to sense.”

The voice of old evil spirit Hei Kui resounded in the mind of Ye Chuan, and he still wanted to speak more, but the restriction of Cyan Lotus Lamp isolated him.

After the experience of refining that demonic ginseng found within the body of the human-faced snake, Ye Chuan naturally knew what should he do, he didn’t need to listen to the nagging of old evil spirit.

At dawn, when the cold wind was the strongest, a cold wind whistled past his ears.

Ye Chuan quietly sat crossed-legged on the ground, and his spirit suddenly came out and floated in the sky, then a small cyan lamp placed in front of him emitted a fine and continuous soft and warm cyan light.

Myriad Beast Forest was dangerous and unfathomable, evil spirits ran wild here, and the night was even more dangerous. If ordinary people had to explore the way, then they would definitely tremble with terror, but Ye Chuan let out his spirit. For exploring the unknown things or comprehending unfamiliar technique, using spirit to sense wasn’t enough. The best way was to immerse in the technique with spirit.

10 li away, Liu Hong and others were still attacking blind golems;

20 li away, a stone located in the west gently vibrated and cracks began to appear. Then a golem suddenly came out from inside this stone, and following the sounds, it also rushed towards Liu Hong and others;

30 li away, from a heap of stones, a dangerous aura was coming. It seems a yao beast was hidden there, ready to make trouble;


After sensing for a little while, the spirit of Ye Chuan could clearly sense even the rustle of leaves in the wind within the radius of 30 li, and then his spirit floated towards the cyan small crystal man, slowly immersing in it. After that, obscure technique and hand gestures appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan. In a trance, Ye Chuan had an illusion, his spirit seemed to have reached a strange world. He seemed to have turned into a cyan small crystal man that was floating on the vast, boundless sea.

The seawater of this sea was black. Every time a strong wind blew over, it would give rise to a black wave that was one kilometer tall. Undulating in the sky above this Black Sea was not the worldly spiritual qi of Wilderness World, rather a kind of indescribable and inexplicable energy. Absorbing a bit of it, he felt that it was so violent that it wanted to tear apart his body. And at the distant horizon, there were continuous snow-capped mountains without end. The energy fluctuation of that place was even more ferocious. Approaching a little, he felt as if his spirit was about to get torn.

Ye Chuan suddenly woke up with a start and his entire body was drenched, moreover, his spirit and body had already fused together.

Now, a hint of grey dawn had appeared on the horizon, Liu Hong and others were still battling with golems. It seems only a very short time had passed. But, he felt as if thousands of years had already passed, and he was physically and mentally exhausted.

Strange, what was that technique?

That Black Sea that he had seen just now, could it be that it was merely a dream, or to say, it was the so-called the world beyond the highest heaven?

Ye Chuan had doubts in his heart, and he subconsciously lowered his head as his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

On the fingertip of his right hand’s index finger, at an unknown time, a faint circular black qi was hovering just like wearing a black ring. This faint black qi gave a strong sense of danger, and it was completely incompatible with the worldly spiritual qi around. And when it continuously circled around, it gave the feeling as if it was tearing the world.

“This, isn’t this similar to the energy fluctuation in the sky above the Black Sea?”

Ye Chuan quickly identified what this was, and taking a deep breath, he silently circulated Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to absorb this wisp of black qi within his body.

A ferocious and violent energy fluctuation rapidly erupted within the body of Ye Chuan. In an instant, Ye Chuan felt strong burning sensation in his ribcage, stomach and throat, a stabbing pain came from all his limbs and bones, and his entire body creaked, moreover, he felt as if his body was unable to bear very soon and explode.

“In the previous lifetime, I only concealed the heaven with my hand, but in this lifetime, I want to swallow the heaven!”

Ye Chuan roared, crazily circulating his five Heaven Swallowing Talismans to forcibly suppress and refine that hint of energy that came from the world beyond the highest heaven. His body continuously trembled, and pain rolled up as if the sea tide, becoming more and more intense, wanting to tear Ye Chuan’s body, will and soul. If anyone else was here, then he/she would have discovered that each and every muscle of Ye Chuan was twisted, and his pores had reddened as if his body was about to explode. This scene was extremely frightening.

Cyan Lotus Lamp suddenly shone and a fine and continuous warm cyan light illuminated Ye Chuan, reducing his pain.

Ye Chuan trembled violently, and under the illumination of cyan light, he slowly simmered down. After a long time, the black qi that came from the world beyond the highest heaven disappeared. Now the five Heaven Swallowing Talismans were even more condensed and a hint of black light circulated around them. And when Ye Chuan stood up, his body unexpectedly made cracking sounds. He had unconsciously grown half-a-head taller, and with his punch, even the air distorted. His realm hadn’t changed, was still Rank 4 Xiushi, and also hadn’t condensed more Heaven Swallowing Talisman, still had five Heaven Swallowing Talismans, but his strength however had reached another level!

“Good lord, this isn’t some cultivation technique, rather a passage to communicate with the world beyond the highest heaven!”

Ye Chuan picked up the cyan small crystal man in front of him and was excited in his heart.

This cyan small crystal man he had obtained unwittingly, compared to obtaining a technique, it can be said that it was much better as it made him have a glimpse of a corner of the world beyond the highest heaven. From now on, the world beyond the highest heaven was no longer purely imaginary legend, rather a truly existed world. That world was far vaster compared to Wilderness World and the worldly power was also hundred times more violent. Or to say, that place was the real Wilderness World!

Millions of years ago, when Ye Chuan could conceal the heaven with his hand, he had heard a sentence that was passed-down by Buddha from ancient times. See mountain is not a mountain, see water is not a water, the world people see is void, is fake and not the true Wilderness World. [T/N: Everything is much more than what meets in the eye]

At that time, when Ye Chuan heard these words, he had laughed away, but now it appeared that this sentence of Buddha had the arcane truth!

When Ye Chuan was excited and lost in thought, Ye Chuan suddenly felt a strong danger.

Ye Chuan suddenly turned around and at the horizon, from the end of this Myriad Beast Forest, suddenly a small black dot appeared, and it was at least one hundred li away. But, in the blink of an eye, that small black dot was only 20 li away, and after another blink of an eye, a huge flying bird appeared in front of Ye Chuan and its big sharp claws went straight for the cyan small crystal man in the hand of Ye Chuan.

How is this a flying bird?

The throat of Ye Chuan dried. The flying bird that appeared in front of him was nearly ten times bigger than ordinary dog-headed golem. Its wings were 100 meters long when stretched and its body was also completely made up of stone. Even very small feathers on its wings were made up of hard stones. No need to speak about its violent power, its movement was also agile and quick, and its sharp claws were even sharper than flying swords. Moreover, its huge stone body make people feel violence and oppression, bearing a striking resemblance to a Tyrannical Bird!

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