Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 199

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 197: This insane woman

“Help, help!”

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, help me, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister……”

Na Shan and Na Shui screamed loudly in unison. They moved left and dodged right repeatedly getting into danger. With those three golems rushing towards them, now, along with those two golems, five golems suddenly rushed into the temporary station which in turn surrounded them two. Both of them wanted to flee quite a few times but they were unable to break out of the encirclement, so they were so scared that they wet their pants.

As for Big Lu and Tuoba Xiaoniao, they were not in danger for the time being as they stood on a tall stone, and even though they wanted to help Na Shan and Na Shui, they nevertheless were powerless. The flying sword of Tuoba Xiaoniao was still able to tie up one or two at the critical moment, but as for Big Lu who was responsible for the frontal attack, his drive was thoroughly extinguished. He could only stand on the stone looking helplessly. With five golems in front of him, even if he was stronger, he wouldn’t dare to jump down to battle with these five golems.

A perfect ambush conversely turned into a besieging. Now Na family brothers were struggling while wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves. Sometimes, they were shouting for help, sometimes, they were shouting curses, and their hatred towards Ye Chuan surged like torrential river water. Now, even if they cursed for three days and three nights, they couldn’t completely vent off their resentment towards Ye Chuan. They had told Ye Chuan to explore the way and if encountered a golem, he had to lead it back, but no-one told him that if he encountered several golems, he had to lead all of them here. Either he had lost his mind, or he was doing this deliberately, wanting to kill the entire group here.

Na family brothers wailed mournfully, and from time to time, they rolled on the ground, repeatedly trying to break out of the encirclement. But they failed and their counterattack was also useless as these five stone golems easily dodged their attack. And on the contrary, if these golems slapped them or stepped them, then even if they didn’t die, a layer of their skin would be peeled off.

“Two idiots, enjoy properly!”

At a distant place, above a stone shrouded in darkness, Ye Chuan was coldly looking at this scene. Seeing Na family brothers were in sore straits, he coldly smiled.

Relying on the advantage of the number of people of Five Style Sect being maximum and their Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu Hong being the team captain, Na family brothers had gotten arrogant, rude and unreasonable. Now, let’s see how they two will be arrogant!

Even if very calculating Liu Hong came out, Ye Chuan had a way to fix her. And he naturally had plenty of ways to deal with this Na family brothers. Using a little trick, he could let these two fellows who craved for greatness and success land themselves in serious trouble.

The five golems surrounded Na family brothers and then ganged up to beat them. Their one punch cracked open stones and their one step would make a big crater. Their power was astonishing. As for Na family brothers, unable to break out of this encirclement, they were so scared that they were half dead with fright as they screamed repeatedly. Very soon, they were covered with blood, clearly, they wouldn’t be able to endure much longer.

At that time, an ice-cold sword light suddenly flew out from inside the tent.

Liu Hong who was in the process of comprehending the supreme technique inside the tent finally came out, becoming one with the sword. She stretched out both arms and just like a fallen leaf stuck on a flying sword, she especially appeared very light. Her eyes shone with pallid light, and suddenly disappearing, she instantly appeared behind a dog-headed golem. Then, two scimitars appeared in her hands, which straightly stabbed its eyes.


Liu Hong coldly shouted, and without even looking at this blinded golem, she jumped towards the next golem. At that time, a washbasin sized fist whistled towards her but even though this fist hit her, as if hitting an empty air, there was no resistance.

At the juncture where her life was at stake, Liu Hong became one with the sword, then stepping on the flying sword, she retreated at an unbelievable speed. As for the fist of dog-headed golem that landed on her abdomen, there however was a half-an-inch gap between that fist and her abdomen. And at the next moment, the sword light flashed as this stone golem was also blinded.


Liu Hong with lithe and graceful body spun in the sky and suddenly jumped towards yet another golem. She looked light and had a graceful bearing, but her attack nevertheless was very fierce. Every blade streak across the sky would cause a golem to lose their eyes. Very soon, several golems that intrude this temporary station lost their eyes and become live targets. Then encountering the counterattack of Tuoba Xiaonio and others they were killed.

“Cyan Feather Technique, this she-devil, she……, did she truly achieve success in her cultivation?”

At a distant place, Ye Chuan who was looking on with folded arms, standing on the stone exclaimed.

Tuoba Xiaoniao and others weren’t able to see through the technique demonstrated by Liu Hong, but he however wasn’t unfamiliar, that technique was the technique he had carved on that large small crystal man, Cyan Feather Technique. Just as the name suggested, this technique, once achieve success in cultivation, one would be as light as a piece of feather and one’s speed would be as fast as a ferocious Snowy Mountain Cyan Eagle. This technique specialized in movement. Millions of years ago, this was the life technique of an old evil spirit that was called Cyan Feather Old Monster. He was proud and overbearing, so he was beheaded by Ye Chuan and his technique was seized.

That year, after seizing this incomplete technique, Ye Chuan just read it casually and didn’t cultivate it deeply. Tonight, he suddenly had a thought and carved it on that large small crystal man. And no need to mention the sequence of the technique, he still added many other techniques, like this, this technique was in a mess, but was she still able to achieve success in cultivating it? Liu Hong, this she-devil, is she truly a human? What’s more, how long did she cultivate?

The mind of Ye Chuan shook and was speechless.

Originally, he only wanted to tease Liu Hong, this very calculating woman, but it seems, she truly was an authentic she-devil! But, even though her cultivation rose sharply in the short term, but cultivating this messy Cyan Feather Technique, didn’t Liu Hong feared qi deviation and explosion of her brain?

Ye Chuan shook his head as he begun to guess correctly, but this result was something that was truly hard to say.

After getting out of the trouble with the help of Liu Hong, Na family brothers hastily ducked into one side and began breathing heavily. Na Shan was a bit better, his entire body was drenched with sweat, but as for Na Shui with only one leg, his trouser was wet. If Liu Hong was a bit late to make her move, then it would be hard to say whether he could survive or not, but at least he would have most likely lost his remaining leg too.

“Hahaha, fifth!”

Liu Hong laughed heartily and with the flashing of the blade light, the fifth golem also became blind. It was easy to enter but leaving this temporary station however was hard.

A cold light flashed and Liu Hong who was stepping on the flying sword landed on the tallest stone in the vicinity, then holding her head high, she uttered a long, loud cry, “Heaven grade technique, hahaha, this really is a heaven grade technique. I want to incarnate into cyan feather, kill whoever obstruct me, hahahaha…..”

Liu Hong was endlessly excited, and she suddenly slashed out her sword which happened to cut the tent on the ground. After that, the gorgeous tent along with that large small crystal man exploded into fragments.

A priceless treasure was destroyed in just this fashion. Na Shan and Na Shui had regret on their face. They wanted to secretly comprehend this technique, but this chance was lost forever. Liu Hong however was indifferent and she continued to laugh heartily. All the runes, red lines and red specks of this small crystal man, she had already engraved in her mind, so this small crystal man was no longer needed.

“This she-devil, did she truly believes that she can be absolutely lawless?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, this was good for him, since this small crystal man he had forged was destroyed, even if he personally admit that it was a fake, perhaps, no one would believe him. Still, even if Liu Hong become powerful, she also wouldn’t be able to behave wildly, millions of years ago, Cyan Feather Old Monster, this old evil spirit was also at his peak, but didn’t he still die under his sword, how can Liu Hong again be more powerful than him?

Ye Chuan coldly smiled and sitting cross-legged on the spot, he took out several small crystal men and began to comprehend the techniques of the world beyond the highest heaven.

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  1. Lol 😀 What a surprise. First rule of cultivation world is that incomplete cultivation techniques will always be completed.

  2. *sigh* he actually gave out a real technique? i mean WHAT?!? he should just have carved some gibberish to the stone instead… now there is one more headache to be handled o3o

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