Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 198

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 197: Gifting you a string of char siu

“Humph, take this! Ye Chuan, the sky isn’t bright yet, continue to go and explore the way!”

Liu Hong tossed out all small crystal men in her possession, giving them to Ye Chuan with a gloomy complexion, then turning around angrily, swaying her buttocks, she left after instructing Big Lu to move this large small crystal man to her tent. She wanted to comprehend and memorize Cyan Feather Technique this very night.

“Still want me to explore the path? If I found a large small crystal man again, then no one is allowed to snatch it from me.”

Ye Chuan evilly smiled and taking a quick glance at Liu Hong’s big buttocks, he turned away.

He had refined this fake large small crystal man, thinking only to play tricks on Liu Hong, but to his surprise, he smoothly got quite a few real small crystal men. The people from the ancient times were not wrong, as they say ‘casually poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you’, he obtained everything without wasting any time and energy!

Roughly looking several small crystal men in his hand, Ye Chuan put them away, then gradually proceeded into the darkness to explore the way once again.

“Humph, this idiot!”

“Yes, complacent of what, only an idiot will be like this!”

Behind, Na Shan and Na Shui muttered. Their complexion was sinister and ruthless following the back view of Ye Chuan.

Liu Hong got her wish fulfilled obtaining the large small crystal man. Ye Chuan lost a peerless treasure but all the small crystal men they had found before were given to him, only they, brothers, were empty-handed, so they naturally were indignant in her heart. Speaking logically, among the small crystal men given to Ye Chuan, two of them nominally belonged to them.

But, returning to point, if they were the one that found this large small crystal man, then they would have never surrendered it and would have quietly left midway. He clearly had great fortune to obtain that large small crystal man but being an idiot, it was taken away from him, if this isn’t being an idiot, then what is?

Some people, the more they got along, the deeper their emotion, but some people, the more they got along, the deeper they hate.

Na Shan and Na Shui were the same. They hated Ye Chuan more and more. Seeing him, their teeth would itch.


Ye Chuan who had left by himself paused his step, then turning his head, he looked at Na Shan and Na Shui and smiled coldly as he thought of a way to deal with them, then he walked as if on wings on this narrow winding trail.

Of course, the commotion of tonight was already enough, so he thought to find a place to cultivate quietly. He wanted to comprehend the techniques of the world beyond the heaven recorded on the small crystal men. But, since Na Shan and Na Shui didn’t know how to be tactful, he would let them know who the real idiot was.

Liu Hong had designated the surroundings within the radius of 10 li as the limit of exploration, but Ye Chuan quickly advanced, exceeding that limit and reached 20 li, 30 li…

At this time, the temporary station became quiet.

Inside the tent, Liu Hong began to comprehend Cyan Feather Technique recorded in large small crystal man. This technique was incomplete, moreover, Ye Chuan had reversed the sequence and had even added a number of other techniques, greatly confusing her. Outside the tent, Na Shan, Na Shui and Big Lu were resting leaning against the stone, and their breathing slowly become long-drawn-out. After the journey of the entire day, they were greatly tired.

Tuoba Xiaoniao was also resting leaning against a stone, but she however wasn’t able to calm her heart. When she shut her eyes, the image of Ye Chuan with that bad smile would appear in her mind.

“Damned rogue!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao turned over and crushed Ye Chuan while lying down to rest. Moreover, recalling the reaction of Liu Hong, she couldn’t help chuckling.

At that time, the stone beneath her slightly trembled.


Tuoba Xiaoniao was the first one to wake up with a start, she immediately turned over and sat up, then she touched the ground, yes, it indeed was trembling, but it didn’t resemble earthquake, the vibration didn’t come from the depth of underground, rather was coming from distant place as if something giant was advancing towards them with a heavy step, step by step.

Is a golem coming?

Tuoba Xiaoniao got nervous and she didn’t dare to neglect this. She immediately jumped on the top of a tall stone and looked around. Sure enough, not far away, a 5-6 meters tall golem appeared in the west side stone forest. It was walking towards them step-by-step. It had a dog head and humanoid body, was a dog-headed golem.

“Enemy, a dog-headed golem is coming, be careful!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao shouted loudly, alerting everyone. Na Shui, Na Shan and Big Lu woke up with great alarm and grabbing their weapons in succession, they went to their respective position for an ambush.

After entering this Myriad Beast Forest, they had already met quite a few dog-headed golem so they were familiar with the method to deal with this dog-headed golem. But this dog-headed golem coming from the west side was especially huge, and the slightest bit of carelessness would make their ambush fail and they would be wiped out.

The movement of the dog-headed golem was slow, but its every step covered a great distance. And not long after, it arrived at the stone forest where everyone was located. And then Ye Chuan who was running in front of this dog-headed golem, after leading it over here, he quickly disappeared, leaving this dog-headed golem for Tuoba Xiaoniao and others to deal with.


Suddenly seeing four people appearing around it, this dog-headed golem held its head high and roared, then it strode towards Big Lu.

But, at that time, three flying swords suddenly streak across the sky and directly stabbed towards the eyes of this dog-headed golem.

Na Shan, Na Shui and Tuoba Xiaoniao had simultaneously made a move. After experiencing many battles, they could now cooperate with tacit understanding.

The dog-headed golem raised its hands to block those flying swords, and along with ‘dingding’ sounds, three flying swords flickered and a smoke curled up from its chopped right arm. It would be hard to even scratch the stone lumps of this dog-headed golem with ordinary flying swords, but the black flying sword of Tuoba Xiaoniao however was different, no need to mention about its sharpness, it still had the secondary corrosion effect which instantly corroded the right arm of this dog-headed golem.

Roar! The dog-headed golem roared once again and just after it put down its arms, a heavy hammer arrived in front of it, and its protruding mouth was smashed flat. Its face suffered heavy damage.

Seizing the opportunity, Big Liu carrying a heavy hammer attacked with all his strength. And in the next moment, three flying swords counterattacked, this time, the dog-headed golem failed to block and both of its eyes were simultaneously stabbed by flying swords. Now that it was blind and had suffered heavy damage on its face, it changed into a live target like a headless fly.

“Hahaha, very good, with additional effort, the small crystal man inside this dog-headed golem is mine!” Na Shan laughed heartily and began to wantonly attack this dog-headed golem with his flying sword as he waited for this dog-headed golem to collapse to the ground.

“No, big brother, this time, it’s mine.”

Na Shui was unwilling to be left behind. He used his only remaining leg to jump from one stone to another while attacking with all his strength to compete with his brother Na Shan for the credit. And both of them treated Tuoba Xiaoniao and Big Lu as an air. But, while they were battling without any care, they suddenly sensed something was wrong, so turning their head, they saw another dog-headed golem was rushing over here.

They had yet to deal with this dog-headed golem inside the camp, how come another one popped out? Ye Chuan, that brat, how was he doing his job?

Na Shui who had only one leg was startled and also angry, he couldn’t wait to behead Ye Chuan, but at this moment, his brain practically turned into a blank space as at the entrance of the camp, yet another golem appeared again, one, two……, no less than three golems rushed in. And Na Shan and Na Shui who were violently attacking dog-headed golem immediately became their target.

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