Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 197

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 197: How about accompanying me for the night

After comprehending for a little while, the more Liu Hong looked at this large small crystal man, the more she liked it. Her gaze became scorching hot as she didn’t conceal the craze of her heart. Or to say, she was unable to cover up even though she wanted to cover up.

Obtaining an earth grade technique, it was a great merit to Five Style Sect, and obtaining a heaven grade technique, that obviously was an extremely big contribution. But, if she was to bring back this large small crystal man, wouldn’t the entire Five Style Sect boil over?

Very calculating Liu Hong had always been calm, but now, she couldn’t control herself, then staring at Ye Chuan, she said, “Noble son Ye, what is your following plan?

“Return, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, I’m sorry, I am announcing my withdrawal, I can no longer accompany you all to continue exploring Myriad Beast Forest and this Paradise Realm.”

Since the fish was smoothly hooked, Ye Chuan sneered in his heart, but on the surface, he pretended exactly the opposite as he continued, “My requirement is very simple, having this small crystal man was enough. The technique recorded on this small crystal man is enough for me to comprehend for my lifetime. Leaving Paradise Realm, I will return to Cloud Mist Sect, then I will resign from all of my duties and enter seclusion cultivation. When we meet again, perhaps, thousands of years might have already passed, or perhaps, we will never meet again.”

The more Liu Hong wanted to obtain this small crystal man, the more Ye Chuan made it difficult, retreating in order to advance. Thus, the doubts of people were dispelled even more, like this, they no longer had any doubts on this small crystal man. Now, let alone Na Shui and Na Shan, even originally still suspicious Tuoba Xiaoniao was also convinced.

Not that the discerning ability of everyone was inadequate, rather the counterfeit of Ye Chuan was too real. Even Liu Hong, this vixen, wasn’t able to see through the flaws, no need to mention about average people.

“How’s this okay? Noble son Ye, you are still young, you are at the young and promising age when you should exhibit your talent. Furthermore, you have yet to experience many glorious matters, how can you retreat into seclusion at such a young age?”

Liu Hong continuously shook her head wanting to bewitch Ye Chuan to abandon this idea.

If Ye Chuan left now, no need to mention that she would lose a free labor, later, where could she find him to obtain this small crystal man?

This won’t do!

She absolutely cannot let Ye Chuan leave like this!

The eyes of Liu Hong turned, beginning to think hard for a way to make Ye Chuan and small crystal man stay here, if the need arises, then she might be forced to make some sacrifice.

“But, the problem is, I feel that I no longer have any glorious matters I have yet to experience.”

Ye Chuan consciously or unconsciously looked at the towering chest and sinning white legs of Liu Hong and said in all seriousness, “My request is really not big, having this small crystal man is enough.”

“Ye Chuan, I will speak straightforwardly, give me this small crystal man, what do you want in return?” Liu Hong was unable to bear anymore and she directly came to the point. After thinking for a bit, she said this directly as she wasn’t patient enough to slowly grind Ye Chuan. She was truly worried that Ye Chuan would leave with this small crystal stone.

“That’s impossible.” Ye Chuan shook his head.

“Brat, don’t be fool enough to reject a face-saving offer!” Na Shan of Five Style Sect walked over and fiercely said.

“Yes, it is your honor that you are able to give something to Big Senior Apprentice-Sister.”

Na Shui with only one leg also came over. His complexion was sinister and his right hand was already grabbing the hit of the sword hanging on his waist as he said with a murderous look, “Without our protection, if you were alone here, then could you have obtained this small crystal man? Now, if you don’t speak out your requirement, then be careful, you might not obtain anything in the end.”

“You all……, are you threatening me?” The complexion of Ye Chuan became cold, and blade light flashed as he wielded an extremely thin sharp blade.

Immediately, the atmosphere became dangerous with swords drawn and bows bent.

Big Lu and Tuoba Xiaoniao, seeing this situation, retreated to one side. Clearly, Liu Hong had set her eyes on this small crystal man. And among six people, Five Style Sect clearly had three people, and although Ye Chuan was Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple and his background wasn’t small, but he, after all, was a single person. A single hand cannot compete with four hands.

“Okay, all of you, lay down your swords, Na Shan, Na Shui, what are you two doing? Do you still have I, this Big Senior Apprentice-Sister in your eyes?”

After intentionally letting Na Shan and Na Shui come over to threaten, Liu Hong again smoothened things over and said, “Noble son Ye, how about you give me this small crystal stone, and I will immediately give half of the treasure in my possession we found before?”

“That won’t do.” Ye Chuan shook his head.

“Then, I will give all the small crystal men as well as other treasures found before.” Liu Hong didn’t give up continuing to raise the stakes.

Ye Chuan still shook his head.

“I will give you all the treasures found before, moreover, regardless of any treasures we found next, you alone will take half of them.” Liu Hong made greater temptation, drawing a larger pancake.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, if our place was exchanged, would you believe? And would you be willing?” Ye Chuan didn’t soften and became solemn as if this small crystal man was a priceless treasure.

In the operation of this time, Liu Hong had already collected quite a few small crystal men, if they were brought outside Paradise Realm, they were priceless treasures that couldn’t be bought even with any sum of wealth. But, this kind of things, they were nothing much in the eyes of Ye Chuan, nevertheless, even if he didn’t want it, he could also give them to fatty and others. But, if he accepted just like that, then his act might be a bit unrealistic, moreover, how could he easily let Liu Hong obtain it?

“Then you say, what do you want for you to hand over this small crystal man?” Liu Hong was somewhat impatient and her complexion became sinister as she hesitated whether to completely fall out with Ye Chuan and attack or not.

“I want you, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, to accompany me for the night, how is that?”

Seeing Liu Hong was about to explode, Ye Chuan finally relaxed, and pausing for a bit, he said in all seriousness, “Just a moment ago, didn’t you say I am still young, moreover, I have yet to experience many glorious things? So, I want to try something and have experience in that field.”

The entire group of people was dumbfounded.

Asking Liu Hong to accompany him for the night in front of everyone, what did Ye Chuan want to do? He truly was shameless!

The complexion of Na Shan and Na Shui turned green, and the complexion of Big Lu also wasn’t good-looking. Bewitchingly charming Liu Hong was already a goddess of her heart. If she truly agreed to accompany Ye Chuan for the night, then what would she become?

“Damned rouge, smelly shameless!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao cursed in a low voice and blushed to the roots of her ears as if Ye Chuan wanted her to accompany him for the night instead of Liu Hong.

Originally, she was still somewhat sympathetic to Ye Chuan and was disgusted with Liu Hong as well as her rude and unreasonable followers. But as soon as Ye Chuan opened his mouth, that bit of sympathy immediately disappeared. Rogue really was rogue, what can you expect from a dog but barking, he was unwilling even though he was given so many treasures, but he wanted her to accompany him for the night in exchange. Shameless and lecherous to this extent, perhaps, there was no second such person in this entire Wilderness World. [T/N: what can you expect from a dog but barking: no good words are to be expected from a scoundrel]

Tuoba Xiaoniao looked at Ye Chuan with her eyes filled with contempt.

Liu Hong was also in a daze, but she didn’t get angry like Tuoba Xiaoniao, instead slowly laughed, moreover, she intentionally stuck out her plump bosom for Ye Chuan to see, then with thousands of amorous feelings wandering about in her gaze, her complexion changed as she said: “Noble son Ye, this……, doesn’t this appear too inappropriate?”

“It’s inappropriate, I was just joking, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, you don’t need to be so serious.”

Ye Chuan continued with a smile yet not a smile, “This small crystal man, originally, I didn’t want to give it to anyone, but, since Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu want it, then you can take it away, and it’s fine to just give me those small crystal men of before. I am a man with a wife, and some matters, I naturally have to experience with her, just now, I was merely joking, that’s all. Xiaoniao, what do you say?”

“Who is your wife?” Tuoba Xiaoniao shouted in anger and shame.

Na Shui, Na Shan and Big Lu were relieved hearing this, but the clear complexion of Liu Hong however changed into cloudy. Just now, she wanted to put good use to her honey-trap, and take advantage of this time to make Ye Chuan submissive, but in the blink of an eye, Ye Chuan said that he was merely joking. That feeling was terrible!

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