Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 196

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 196: Cyan Feather Technique

A very large small crystal man attracted the gaze of everyone.

Among the same kind of things, the bigger the better, so this large small crystal man was very attractive for everyone. With such thickly dotted runes, red specks and lines, what kind of powerful technique was recorded in this large small crystal man? Heaven grade, or was it the legendary Sage grade technique that only Sage cultivates?

The gaze of Liu Hong, Na Shui and Na Shan become scorching hot. As for Tuoba Xiaoniao and Big Lu, they were also looking at it with rapt attention.

“Noble son Ye, where did you find this small crystal man? Tonight, what exactly did you encounter? Do not say that this is merely a common stone.”

Liu Hong asked. Her voice was low and she stared fixedly at Ye Chuan. Now, her eyes, that always used to have peach blossom of the spring, were bright and piercing as she asked the doubt in her heart which was also the critical aspect.

Such a large small crystal man, then did he encountered many times larger golem?

How high was Ye Chuan’s cultivation? It was just trifling Rank 3 Xiushi, nothing more. Even if he encountered a common dog-headed golem, he would have a hard time to deal with it, and even if he had hidden his strength, then it would be near impossible for him to deal with a tiger-headed golem. How did he manage to obtain such a large small crystal man?

Liu Hong who was adept at scheming calmed down first and became aware of the suspicious places.

“I picked it up in the stone forest that is 20 li away.”

Ye Chuan paused. He clearly wanted to make use of this opportunity to gain his end by giving this fake small crystal man to Liu Hong, but he made reluctant to part appearance, and while stuttering, he pretended to hide and also pretended that he didn’t to speak too much as he continued, “At that place, there was a corpse of a huge golem, and this small crystal man was inside that corpse accumulating the dust. It is also possible that this isn’t a small crystal man but just a stone. Everybody shouldn’t think much.”

“Let’s go, lead us there to see!” Liu Hong commanded, wanting to strike while the iron was hot. And after examining, the whole thing would come to light.

Ye Chuan brought back this small crystal man that perturbed people’s mind, but this was honestly too big, so all of them felt that there seemed to be something wrong.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, is it necessary to go? If you want to go, then you can go by yourselves. I am honestly too tired to carry this crystal and also don’t want to go.” Ye Chuan shook his head.

“Big Lu, you carry it. Noble son Ye, now, we are in the same boat. If there truly are such huge golems, then we have to go and take a look to prepare ourselves in advance. Rest assured, this small crystal man is something you found, no-one will take it away!” Liu Hong assured Ye Chuan with sweet words and honeyed phrases.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister……”

Na Shan and Na Shui called out in unison as their eyes revealed an ominous glint.

Such a priceless treasure, so easily promising to give it to Ye Chuan, wasn’t that a great loss for them and great profit for Ye Chuan?

And compared to Na Shan, the complexion of Na Shui with only one leg was even uglier.

If he had known earlier that such treasure would be found, then how could it be the turn of Ye Chuan to explore the way? He had obtained a mediocre small crystal man after losing a leg, moreover, that was also in the custody of Liu Hong with the pretext of storing, but Ye Chuan just went out for a walk and easily obtained this kind of priceless treasure, wasn’t this too unfair?

“Both of you, shut up, noble son Ye, please!”

Liu Hong raised her hand and gave strict orders to Na Shan and Na Shui, then with her signal, Big Lu obediently bend over and carried the heavy small crystal man. This woman was very calculating and double-dealing, but in terms of grasping the heart of people, she indeed had a skill. With the appearance of solemn team captain, she made a prompt decision and issued the orders.

“Fine, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, since you must go, I also cannot stop you. But, it’s dangerous at night, and in the vicinity of that stone forest, there are piles of many corpses, very probably, there is a very powerful golem or evil spirit. If someone gets attacks or happens anything, don’t blame me for not warning.” Ye Chuan replied. And hearing this, the complexion of everyone suddenly changed becoming nervous in their heart.

In this group, the highest cultivation realm was Rank 5 Xiushi. If they truly encountered a huge golem in whose body such a large small crystal man was sealed, then that absolutely would bode ill rather than well and they might be completely wiped out in an instant.

“Let’s go!”

Liu Hong gritted her teeth and said as her desire for treasure won over the nervousness in her heart.

Tonight, no matter what she had to be clear about this matter. She had to see whether there was any problem or not with this small crystal man Ye Chuan had bought back. After that, she could consider everything else.

Late at night, Myriad Beast Forest was very quiet and as if a huge ancient times grave, it was gloomy and stifling.

Under the command of Liu Hong, the entire group of people gathered their courage and began walking a curved narrow winding trail. All of them were nervous throughout the journey. Fortunately, perhaps because of their good luck or perhaps because Ye Chuan had already passed through here, all along the road, they were more scared than hurt. They didn’t encounter any evil spirit and golem. And half an hour later, under the lead of Ye Chuan, they finally reached the stone forest.

Around the stone forest, there were many dead bones scattered. Among them, there were the bones of humans, skeletons of yao beast and there were also many severed stone lumps. And in the middle of the stone forest, there was a huge golem’s corpse lying on the ground. Its build was hundred times bigger than ordinary golems, but everywhere of its stone lump body was filled with cracks.

“This is the place, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, quickly do whatever you want to do, I have a very bad feeling. We might not be able to live if we stay here for a long time.” Ye Chuan said with a sincere look but a hint of sneer flashed in his face.

Just now he had spoken the truth that there was a huge golem’s corpse in the stone forest. When he was exploring the way, he unwittingly discovered it, merely, the small crystal man he brought back was a fake. At that time, when he saw this giant corpse, he thought up a good idea, on the spot, he refined a so-called small crystal man. Mixing the truth with false, he could pass fake imitation for genuine.

Liu Hong didn’t speak and seriously circled a lap around this giant corpse, then coldly snorted, “Let’s leave!”

Liu Hong led everyone to leave hurriedly. Seeing the huge corpse was already terrifying enough and then they heard those words of Ye Chuan, so everyone couldn’t help but get nervous. But, although nervous, Liu Hong was steadfast in her heart as she was able to confirm that Ye Chuan hadn’t lied.

Returning back to the temporary camp, Liu Hong immediately stepped forward and carefully observed the large small crystal man, then used her fingertip to touch red specks and lines engraved on it as she diligently studied it. Slowly, at the bottom of this small crystal man, she discovered three small archaic words “Cyan Feather Technique”, and just comprehending a bit of this technique, she was wild with joy.

“Cyan Feather Technique, what a good Cyan Feather Technique……” Liu Hong muttered and became more and more excited.

She not only thirsted for power but also handled the mattered cautiously. She would clearly examine even a bit of suspicion. Slowly, sensing the unique obscure energy fluctuation coming from this small crystal stone, she was thoroughly convinced. Her pair of eyes became scorching hot again, but she didn’t notice a hint of sneer on the face of Ye Chuan.

As a Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he had many tricks up his sleeves and it was honestly too easy for him to inject a little bit of energy of Heaven Swallowing Talisman in this small crystal man so that it would appear as a priceless small crystal man. But, it however was just a stone with a layer of crystal covering it on the surface.

As for ‘Cyan Feather Technique’, these three words, Ye Chuan had engraved them. Those dense red specks and lines also indeed record such technique, merely, it wasn’t the technique of the world beyond the highest heaven rather a technique Ye Chuan had comprehended in his previous lifetime, moreover, only incomplete version was recorded on this small crystal man. But, as long as Liu Hong gently knock it, that layer of crystal on the surface of this small crystal man would definitely break and she would discover the truth. But, would she dare?

Obviously, Liu Hong wouldn’t dare! She didn’t believe in the words of Ye Chuan, only believed what she had seen, touched and felt. Being too bright, she considered herself infallible, and she really believed this small crystal man was a priceless treasure.

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