Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 195

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 195: A large Small Crystal Man

A few shouting sounds of men and women came from afar.

Hearing the shout of Ye Chuan, Liu Hong and others shouted back impatiently, seemingly, blaming Ye Cuan for taking too much time. But, they only shouted, no one dared to come over to see whether Ye Chuan had encountered danger or not.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, you cannot wait any longer so quickly?”

Ye Chuan sneered and left as he continued to explore the way.

After a little while, yet another golem suddenly broke out from the stone, blocking the path of Ye Chuan.

This was a common dog-headed golem, so Ye Chuan simply punched without using any technique. Then this golem whose body couldn’t be damaged by even flying swords suddenly exploded, and he found a small crystal man within its body. This small crystal man was engraved with many runes, similarly had a record of a technique of the world beyond the highest heaven.

If it was before, obtaining such small crystal man, Ye Chuan would have become somewhat excited, but now, after tasting the benefit of demonic ginseng, this kind of small crystal man nevertheless was rather boring.

Ye Chuan thought for a bit, then squatting down, he put away this small crystal man.

He didn’t need the technique recorded in this small crystal man, but he could give it to Flame Devil, fatty, Zhu Sijia and others to rapidly increase their strength. What he didn’t want, in the eyes of many people, they however might be treasures!

And after pausing slightly, Ye Chuan followed another narrow winding trail and walking as if on wings, very quickly, he encountered yet another golem, and then this golem also fell under his single punch.

At night, this Myriad Beast Forest was very quiet as if a huge grave. It appeared very dangerous and unfathomable, so Liu Hong and others didn’t dare to easily walk out, but Ye Chuan however was going back and forth as if a wind. Slowly, his speed became faster and faster, and the range of exploration increased from 10 li to 20, 30li……, encountering more and more golems, and his harvest was also growing. He found flying swords, armors and also many small crystal men, but he didn’t encounter any human-faced snake-like ‘human face beast body’ golems. Later, finally after he could no longer fit the treasures he found in his clothes, he simply threw all of them into the space inside Cyan Lotus Lamp.


Inside a rugged, hard to enter stone forest, Liu Hong was standing on a stone looking at a distance.

Ye Chuan, who had gone to explore the way, was already missing for no less than six hours, and the greater part of the night had also passed just like this without any news of Ye Chuan. At first, they still heard fighting and shouting sound from far away, but later, it was very quiet without any sound.

“Miss Liu, noble son Ye, he might have met some danger, how about we dispatch some people to reinforce him?” Tuoba Xiaoniao came over to Liu Hong and after hesitating repeatedly, she said.

Thinking about that appearance of Ye Chuan with a bad smile, she was angry in her heart but for an unknown reason, seeing Ye Chuan didn’t return even though it had already been a long time, she unexpectedly was worried about him. Her heart was very contradictory.

“Humph, a good person doesn’t live long, but bad person survives millennium disasters, that brat is more cunning than anyone else, how can he die so easily?”

The disciple of Five Style Sect, Na Shui said with sinister complexion.

From the time he had lost his leg, Na Shui always was sinister when speaking, and mentioning Ye Chuan, he even more wouldn’t have a good complexion.

“Miss Liu, it’s already been so long without any movements, this truly is rather strange. Even if Noble son Ye hadn’t encountered any danger, he might have gotten lost, how about I and Tuoba Xiaoniao go to look?” Big Lu slightly frowned and said. Although he was charmed by bewitchingly charming Liu Hong, his innate character was still good unlike Na Shan and Na Shui brothers.

“No, wait a bit.”

Liu Hong rejected the suggestion of Tuoba Xiaoniao and Big Lu. After tasting the sweet taste of being captain, she was unwilling to give up her power all the more and also was unwilling to take risks for the sake of Ye Chuan, “Na Shui is right, noble son Ye is bright. He is unlikely to be in a danger and also unlikely to get lost, merely might have gone a bit farther, so we should just wait patiently believing in him.”

She clearly didn’t want to take risks for Ye Chuan, but her words sounded better than a song. Tuoba Xiaoniao frowned and saw that Big Lu was mostly persuaded by Liu Hong, so she had no choice but to give up and merely could look at the distance night sky. But, just after she sighed, she suddenly saw a vague shadow, so she jumped on a tall stone to look carefully. Far away, a human figure was staggering towards them.

Is that Ye Chuan? Is he injured?

Tuoba Xiaoniao’s eyes shone, then rubbing her eyes, she confirmed that it wasn’t her illusion, so stepping on a flying sword, she went to receive him as she said, “Quick, quickly look there, noble son Ye is back, but he seemed to be injured, I will go to take a look!”

“Wait for me, I am also going with you.”

Big Lu followed after Tuoba Xiaoniao towards that distant vague figure. Reaching closer, that figure was really Ye Chuan, but no injury could be seen on latter’s body. He was merely carrying a heavy looking thing covered with a piece of black cloth on his back. From the vague shape, it seemed to be a piece of a large stone. But he was staggering while walking.

Big Lu and Tuoba Xiaoniao who had hastily rushed over were dumbfounded. Why on earth was Ye Chuan carrying a heavy stone when returning from so far away?

“Noble son Ye, what is this?” Big Lu straightforwardly asked as he confusedly looked at Ye Chuan.

“Nothing, just a stone, that’s all.”

Ye Chuan pulled the black cloth to tightly cover the stone and said, “Big Lu, you have come at just the right time, help me carry back this stone, I really cannot move any longer.”

“This damnable place, other than stones, there is nothing, but why on earth did you carry back a stone from so far away?”

Big Lu whispered, but as he was an honest and frank person, he didn’t decline, he bent over and carried the stone, but, he staggered and nearly fell as this stone was heavier than he had expected. It was at least more than 1000 jin in weight. It was rather strenuous to carry for even him, no wonder Ye Chuan was staggering when walking.

“Big Lu, be careful, don’t drop and break it.”

Ye Chuan clapped his hand and walking behind Tuoba Xiaoniao, he returned to the temporary station causing Liu Hong and others to be dumbfounded.

“What is this? Ye Chuan, were you so late in returning for this?”

Liu Hong looked at the stone that was covered with a black cloth and was keenly aware of abnormalities. Who was Ye Chuan, he was a very old fox, so why would he carry a huge stone back from so far away?

“Nothing, really just a stone.” Ye Chuan replied with a sincere face. Unfortunately, the more he tried to cover up, the more suspicious Liu Hong became.

“Let me see.”

Taking advantage of the opportunity when Ye Chuan wasn’t prepared, Liu Hong suddenly reached out her hand and lifted the tightly wrapped black cloth. Suddenly, everyone was greatly surprised and their eyes shone.

Under the black cloth, where was the stone, there clearly was a very large crystal! Accurately speaking, was a large small crystal man, a larger version of small crystal man. Compared to small crystal men they had obtained before, this was hundred times bigger. It was entirely covered with runes, red specks and red lines. The recorded technique was incomparably profound!

Good boy, clearly obtained a priceless treasure but lying by saying it was just a stone!

Such a large crystal, its value was definitely more than the combined value of all the small crystal men she had obtained before!

The heart of Liu Hong shook, and her eyes became brighter and brighter. The reaction of Na Shan and Na Shui was also the same. They immediately walked over in a tacit agreement. But, no one noticed a trace of sneer on the face of Ye Chuan.

This girl, she just sees a treasure and she already wants to seize it turning against a friend, okay, I will give it to you as a gift!

Want to fight with me, you are still too inexperienced!

Ye Chuan sneered as he coldly looked at Liu Hong. As a venerable Heaven Concealing Great Sage that once dominated the world, he could appraise treasures and also could counterfeit. He could be said to be the ancestor of counterfeiting ancestors. Creating a fake small crystal man, it was not too easy, and deceiving experts with a fake crystal man also was difficult, but it was a piece of cake to deceive Liu Hong and others. No one among them could confidentially say that it was a fake.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! After finding out how hard it is to get the tiny crystal man he shows up carrying one many times larger all by himself and nobody suspects anything haha.

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