Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 194

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 194: Demonic Snake Guard

Ye Chuan jumped to the top of a stone and sat cross-legged, then he began to carefully examine this golden small man he had found within the body of this human-faced snake.

This lifelike small man has no runes, no lines and no red specks. Touching it, it felt soft as if a flesh, bearing a remarkable resemblance to a real living small person, but it had no trace of life. Smelling it, a unique fragrance would permeate via nasal cavity into the internal organs, and the pores of the entire body would open up comfortably. This smell didn’t resemble the smell of a flesh rather was somewhat similar to the fragrance of fruits.

“Strange, what exactly is this? Such a strange thing was sealed within such a powerful human-faced snake.”

Ye Chuan was confused. Even with the experience of his past life, he unexpectedly was also unable to see through the origin and profound mystery behind this golden small man. But, he was sure that this was a rare treasure as the Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body was getting hotter.

“Your Excellency, can you let me out and take a closer look?”

The voice of old evil spirit Hei Kui resounded in the mind of Ye Chuan.

Sensing the aura of this golden small man, he pondered and recalling a section of a very old memory, he was very excited. But, without looking at it carefully, he didn’t dare to confirm.

A cyan light flashed and a puppet doll appeared beside Ye Chuan.

If Liu Hong and others were here, they might be so scared that they would have goosebumps all over. The puppet doll beside Ye Chuan actually stood up and stretching out its hands, it took the golden small man from Ye Chuan. It had a smiling face as before, no matter whether it was excited or angry, its chubby face was always smiling with the appearance of a little wealthy boy, but its eyes however were bright and piercing. After taking the golden small man, it carefully examined it, and its eyes burned with excitement.

“A species of demonic ginseng, yes, this is a species of demonic ginseng!”

Old evil spirit He Kui who had possessed this puppet doll exclaimed excitedly, and then continued, “Your Excellency, this is a species of demonic ginseng. Swallowing and refining it, it will be as effective as cultivating for at least a thousand year, moreover, you might inherit memory fragments or a technique of demonic people. Quick, swallow it immediately, if it is exposed in the air for a long time, then its effect will decrease!”

“Hei Kui, are you sure? Is this also something that came from the world beyond the highest heaven?” Ye Chuan asked. After taking the lifelike golden small man, he wasn’t hasty to swallow it.

“I’m sure, this is also a thing of the world beyond the highest heaven. I once saw it in a portrait.”

Old evil spirit Hei Kui paused for a bit and continued, “A very long time ago, when my Puppet Sect was still in the golden age, I had once seen it. At that time, I was still young and was a puppet boy under my master, and one time, when I went to the sacred land of Puppet Sect with my master to worship the ancestor, there, I saw a portrait our ancestor holding such golden small man. According to my master, that was a species of demonic ginseng, and it was something discovered together with Puppet Technique by our ancestor at that time. According to the legend, a supreme expert of the world beyond the highest heaven used a kind of demonic technique to seal a drop of fate root and essence blood, which after going through innumerable years of absorbing the worldly spiritual qi, gave birth to it.”

Hei Kui lowered his voice. The distant memory that was covered in dust gradually became clear as if he had returned to the time when he was still a puppet boy.

“A kind of demonic technique, Demonic Dragon……”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself, and after a short while, he swallowed this golden small man and began to refine on the spot.

A majestic energy fluctuation suddenly erupted within the body of Ye Chuan and a golden light wandered around his skin as if he was plated with a layer of gold. This energy steadily rose and just like a flood, it began rampaging within his body, and finally, it accumulated in his dantian, slowly condensing a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman, which had a human face and snake body, unexpectedly was a human-faced snake talisman!

Ye Chuan was greatly surprised, but he didn’t have time to carefully observe this new Heaven Swallowing Talisman as a formula of a profound technique appeared in his brain. He immediately immersed in it and began making gestures according to this unique formula.

Within the stone forest, now, old evil spirit Hei Kui possessing the puppet doll had his mouth wide open and his mind was shaking looking at Ye Chuan.

Immersed in his technique, when Ye Chuan had begun to comprehend this unique technique, his body unexpectedly dimmed down, and in the midst of the cold wind, his body rippled and twisted, sometimes becoming a venerable Buddha, sometimes becoming a ghastly skeleton, and sometimes becoming a human-faced snake with golden light wandering around it, but no matter what he became, one would feel monstrous pressure from him. This pressure made Hei Kui, this old evil spirit, shiver from the depth of his soul.

This master, who exactly is he? Is he seriously only a little younger generation Big Disciple of a sect?

Hei Kui shivered, this moment, he felt that Ye Chuan was far from being as simple as hidden. It was by no means an accident that he lost and was subdued under his hand!

After an hour, the continuously changing Ye Chuan gradually reverted back to the same old way, and the monstrous energy fluctuation within his body also gradually settled down.

“Demonic Snake Technique, Demonic Snake Guard, yesterday’s drop of essence blood will bring up a Demonic Snake Guard of today……”

Ye Chuan slowly opened his eyes, and above his fingertip, a vague cyclone was rotating, moreover, there was also a vague figure of a human-faced snake. This was the mark of demonic ginseng left behind by the human-faced snake. And after blowing it, it dissipated without a trace.

Sure enough, old evil spirit Hei Kui didn’t speak wrongly, refining this demonic ginseng, Ye Chuan inherited a technique called Demonic Snake Technique. It was a good technique to move stealthily like snake and ambush. The human-faced snake he had encountered just a moment ago was a special guard called Demonic Snake Guard.

“Master, what realm did you reach?” Old evil spirit Hei Kui asked as he looked at Ye Chuan with full of excitement and expectation.

If he was also able to refine a demonic ginseng, then how wonderful that would be!

His cultivation would take a great leap and he would also be able to inherit a technique of the world beyond the highest heaven, and then, hopefully, he would be able to cast off this puppet body and reconstruct his body becoming a human again.

“Rank 4 Xiushi.” Ye Chuan indifferently replied.

“What, broke through just a trivial small rank? How is that possible?” Old evil spirit Hei Kui cried out in alarm.

This demonic ginseng at least have the same effect as cultivating for thousand years, so breaking through three ranks in succession and even breaking through to Daoist Master realm at one go, he had thought of all these possibilities, but how come Ye Chuan only broke through from Rank 3 Xiushi to Rank 4 Xiushi?

“It is already very good, Hei Kui, don’t worry, if I find this kind of golden small man again, then you can have a part of it.”

Ye Chuan indifferently smiled knowing the desire of old evil spirit Hei Kui. Then waving his hand, he sent him into Cyan Lotus Lamp again.

What did old evil spirit Hei Kui want, he knew with a glance, but what he wanted, the old evil spirit Hei Kui however was unable to understand.

What was truly important was the strength, and he was satisfied being able to condense a new Heaven Swallowing Talisman. Then cultivation realm however was less important.

Ye Chuan stood up, then with a stamp, more than ten meters tall stone under him made a cracking sound as a big crack appeared on it.

90000 jin!

One Heaven Swallowing Talisman increased his strength by 18,000 jin, now with five Heaven Swallowing Talismans, they strength he could exert even surprised himself. This was the strength merely after condensing five Heaven Swallowing Talismans, if he was able to condense 180,000 Heaven Swallowing Talismans like stated in Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique, then how powerful his body would be?

Ye Chuan looked up and issued a long, loud cry as his fighting intent surged!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Heh he’s really a tiger wearing pig’s skin. Wonder how many talismans before he can fight an entire large realm above himself comfortably.

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