Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 193

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 193: Give you a feast

Ye Chuan suddenly accelerated and directly entered into the rolling dust and sand in the air.

Then a blade light suddenly flashed in the midst of dust and sand in the air.

And from the midst of dust and sand in the air, a muffled groaning sound came, then Ye Chuan retreated as fast as lightning, and only after a backflip, he firmly landed on the stone.

Now, eight extremely thin sharp blades were quietly clipped between his fingers, and when the blood dripped from the blades and landed on the stone below, along with the sound of frying, a wisp of black mist rose, and a hole appeared on the place where the blood had dripped.

The blood on the blades wasn’t the blood of Ye Chuan, rather was the blood of that human faced snake.

In the midst of dust and sand in the air, Ye Chuan accurately determined the position of the human-faced snake and used his eight sharp blades, leaving numerous deep wounds on the human-faced snake. But, he himself also wasn’t completely fine, he himself was also soaked with the poison sprayed by this human-faced snake. Moreover, he had a bloody hole in his right hand which was badly mangled.

The attack of this strange looking human-faced snake was especially strange. Its mouth could spray venom and its blood was also hyper-toxic. Being soaked by its blood, even the stone wasn’t able to bear being corroded!

In the windy night, the surging dust slowly dispersed, and the figure of human-faced snake slowly manifested. Just five-six meters away, at an unknown time, it had already climbed up to an adjacent stone, and with its head held high, it was coldly staring at Ye Chuan. On its head, belly and tail, there were few obvious injuries, from where, it was continuously bleeding, and its blood was slowly corroding the stone into a snake-shaped ravine.

One man and one snake, under the dim light of night, were staring at each other.

In the first head-on exchange, both sides were injured. Sharp blades and 72,000 jin violent strength coupled with Inch Blade Technique that was used for close combat made Ye Chuan’s attack so swift and fierce that the human-faced snake with a thick layer of stone armor wasn’t able to resist. But in turn, the human-faced snake’s deadly venom and strange attack also caught Ye Chuan by surprise.

The injury in his right arm was still expanding and his flesh was continuously festering, moreover, Ye Chuan’s right arm and even half of his body were gradually getting numb. If this continuous, then perhaps, before long, his entire arm would be destroyed. So waiting in vain absolutely wasn’t the means of solution, he must quickly end this battle!

In grave difficulties, Ye Chuan’s complexion was tense.

Even though it was a golem, it unexpectedly had blood and had vitality unlike other usual golems. This simply was hard to believe, was this the means of Demonic Dragon?

Ye Chuan kept calm and silently sized up this strange human-faced snake.

At the same time, the human-faced snake was also sizing up Ye Chuan, and after refusing to budge for a little while, its tail suddenly put forth its strength on the stone, and it soared as it jumped towards Ye Chuan. It opened its mouth wide and sprayed out deadly venom. This venom changed into a water mist as it splashed towards Ye Chuan.

As for Ye Chuan, he rapidly retreated, and then the stone where he had a foothold just now emitted dense smoke with a hissing sound, and instantly, it was corroded three inches deep by this human-faced snake’s venom as if it was razed out by a sharp sword.


The human-faced snake held its head high and ferociously rushed forward again.

Ye Chuan again retreated dodging the attacks of the human-faced snake. Now, one man was being chased around by one snake in the stone forest.

If he was to lead this human-faced snake to the place where Liu Hong and others were waiting for an ambush, then they could certainly get rid of it, but merely after thinking, Ye Chuan discarded this thought. Without thinking, he knew that after getting rid of this human-faced snake and finding the treasure, Liu Hong was sure to look for all kinds of reasons to again snatch away that treasure. After taking a lot of troubles, the final result will be sewing a wedding dress for another, nothing else.

Ye Chuan dodged while scanning all the terrain around them.

The wound of his arm wasn’t looking optimistic, he must treat it as soon as possible, but the wound of the human-faced snake was also not light. Once it runs out of blood, it would die.

In the dim light of the night, suddenly a cyan light flashed, and on the stone, an Evil Eyed Cow Demon appeared. Then lowering its head, it aimed for a while, then shoot a cyan light towards the human-faced snake.

The human-faced snake that was straightly rushing after Ye Chuan strangely swayed its nearly ten meters long body all of a sudden. The cyan light brush past it, then, opening its mouth, it swallowed that Evil Eyed Cow Demon. And a scene of a snake swallowing an entire cow while still alive could be seen here. And even though the blood of Evil Eyed Cow Demon was still flowing out from the corner of the human-faced snake, it swung its tail and continued to rush towards Ye Chuan.

“Come again!”

While continuously retreating, Ye Chuan again summoned an Evil Eyed Cow Demon to obstruct the attacking human-faced snake.

The real strength of Evil Eyed Cow Demon relied on crowds. Fighting alone, its combat ability was low, clearly wasn’t the opponent of this human-faced snake. After wailing mournfully, this Evil Eyed Cow Demon was also swallowed by this human-faced snake. One after another, it swallowed two Evil Eyed Cow Demons. This variant golem was incomparably fierce and was even more terrifying compared to many yao beasts of Wilderness World.

“I will give you a feast, come and continue!”

Ye Chuan jumped to another stone and again summoned another Evil Eyed Cow Demon.

Witnessing Evil Eyed Cow Demons were being swallowed by this human-faced snake, he didn’t get angry rather sneered.

One man and one snake were in the midst of dangerous chasing.

The human-faced snake continued to chase ferociously, and Ye Chuan continued to run all around dodging it. He didn’t personally attack, rather just summoned one Evil Eyed Cow Demon after another to obstruct it. And without exception, all of these Evil Eyed Cow Demons were swallowed by the human-faced snake. The human-faced snake was incomparably vigorous, but slowly, it unwittingly began to slow down, not only because of the great loss of blood, even more, because its body was bloated.

After swallowing about a dozen of Evil Eyed Cow Demons, the stomach of human-faced snake had swelled nearly five times compared to before. With such stomach, it became slower and slower. In the end, it was even unable to leap forward, and since it couldn’t jump from one stone to another, it could only crawl on the ground. Like that, Ye Chuan easily led it by the nose around the stone forest.

Summoning Evil Eyed Cow Demon, he didn’t expect them to really obstruct or kill this human-faced snake, rather intentionally let them die, exploding in the stomach of the human-faced snake!

The killing move of Ye Chuan slowly displayed its effect.

The human-faced snake had wisdom and was also powerful, but unwittingly fell into the trap, as seeing Evil Eyed Cow Demon, it instinctively swallowed it. The more Evil Eyed Cow Demons it swallowed, the closer it was to the death, and when it became aware of this, it was already too late. At an unknown time, Ye Chuan had already led it to an especially dense stone forest and with its big stomach stuck in the middle of stones, it was unable to move.


The human-faced snake put forth its strength to struggle, and suddenly, putting forth strength on its head, it bashed its head against a seven-eight meters tall stone, turning that stone over, then taking the chance, just when it was about to leave, the crushed stone under it suddenly exploded and a figure appeared.

Now is the chance!


Ye Chuan had circled around and hid among the crushed stone below the only way the human-faced snake could take, and seeing a great opportunity, he attacked with all his strength. This time, he used only a single blade, but this single blade cut open the stomach of the human-faced snake that was about to explode. This human-faced snake rolled on the ground for a little while and then became motionless.

Ye Chuan stepped forward and felt about for a little while, then from inside the head of the human-faced snake, he took out a lifelike small golden man. It seemed this was also a crystal stone for refining, but was lifelike as if it had a life. Compared to the small crystal men found inside dog-headed golem, tiger-headed golem and other golems, this was completely different.

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