Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 192

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 192: Human-faced snake

At night, the entire group of people camped on the spot inside Myriad Beast Forest.

The entire day, they face danger, again and again, so everybody was exhausted and even were injured. Now, they urgently needed rest.

Liu Hong also made the best use of her time to rest, but she had the harvest of today hidden inside her tent, and especially, those small crystal men, after looking at them for a while, she was exhilarated and she immediately called everyone together.

“Everyone, just a moment ago, I sensed the aura of my father once again, he is behind this Myriad Beast Forest. Perhaps, he has encountered some dangers, his aura is getting weaker and weaker, so if we don’t hurry to save him, then it might be too late. Tonight, the moonlight is not bad, how about we hurry on with our journey?” With red eyes, Liu Hong said with sad appearance.

If she purposed to continue forward to hunt golems looking for more treasures, then all might not necessarily agree, but if she used the pretext of saving her father, then who can refuse her?

Very calculating Liu Hong had always been good at using the weakness of normal human feelings.

“I agree.”

“Setting out at night is also fine, I don’t have any objection.”


Sure enough, like she had expected, Na Shan, Na Shui and Big Lu agreed in succession. As for Tuoba Xiaoniao, she hesitated and said nothing.

Myriad Beast Forest was already dangerous enough at daytime, and when hurrying on with journey at night, if they run into an overlord level golem, then how would that be fine?

Tuoba Xiaoniao was heavy-hearted, but seeing Na brothers and Big Lu had already agreed, what else could she say.

“Noble son Ye, what about you?”

Liu Hong looked towards Ye Chuan, and a trace of pallid light flashed past her eyes, now, only Ye Chuan had yet to answer.

“Do as you please, in any case, it doesn’t matter what I say.” Against the expectation of Liu Hong, Ye Chuan agreed without the slightest obstruction.

“Well, then it’s decided. But, the night is different from daytime, it will be even more dangerous to take action, so I want to slightly change our plan.”

Liu Hong looked at everyone, then lowered her voice, “In order to avoid encountering the sudden ambush of golem when we are unprepared, we need someone to explore the way. In every ten li, we will select a suitable place to lay out the defense, then dispatch a person to explore the path 10 li ahead. If there is no problem, then others will catch up to him, and if ran into a golem, then lead it to the area of our ambush. I will be in the center to command, Big Lu will be our main attacker, Na Shan, Na Shui and Tuoba Xiaoniao, you three will be responsible to support. As for Ye Chuan, you will go and explore the path ahead, how is that?”

Silence reigns inside the tent and the gaze of everybody landed on Ye Chuan.

Liu Hong’s such behavior was not altogether inexcusable. The entire team will be very safe, in fact, only one man will be in true danger, and that one man was Ye Chuan who had to explore the path by himself. He had to continuously be on guard against the ambush of golems and occasionally also other yao beasts, moreover, if he truly encountered a golem, then he was still responsible to lead it into the ambush of others. It was a very dangerous task.

“Well, no problem, I am leaving now, you all can lay out a defense.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head and turning around, he rushed ahead and disappeared.

The remaining people inside the tent were stunned including Liu Hong.

She had basically thought that she might not necessarily be able to persuade Ye Chuan even if she talked around, and if the latter firmly disagreed, then everyone would be at wits’ end. Liu Hong had already found an excuse in secret, she again wanted to make a large pancake under the temptation of false rewards, but to her surprise, she simply didn’t need to use them.

“Humph, this brat is truly tired of living, not fearing death!”

Na Shui with only one leg snorted coldly. His complexion was sinister and ruthless as he eagerly looked forward to the death of Ye Chuan.

“Not necessarily!”

Na Shan coldly continued: “As I see it, perhaps, that brat is striving for merit. In order to obtain even more treasures, he has gone crazy!”

Clearly, it was Liu Hong who was unable to control herself and was impatient to find even more treasures. But Na Shan of Five Style Sect however placed that big hat on Ye Chuan. [T/N: big hat: unwarranted charge]

“Enough, don’t speak, prepare to work, get into your position.”

Liu Hong stood up. Although her graceful and lithe figure was still alluring, her face was somewhat gloomy and cold.


Outside the tent, under the dim light of night, behind a stone, Ye Chuan had a cold complexion, and looking at Liu Hong and others coming out of the tent in succession, he coldly smiled and left.

The exchange of Na Shan and Na Shui confirmed that it had nothing to do with them for him to move out by himself especially at night, but this however was something he had been looking forward the entire day.

When the team hunted golems and found some treasures, all the good things would go to Liu Hong without exception, so he might as well go out and work by himself. Tonight was his opportunity!

Ye Chuan jumped down and landed on a small path, then under the hazy moonlight, he dashed ahead, walking as if on wings. Compared to daytime, he was several times faster and he didn’t fear the hidden danger of darkness.

During daytime, when he was together with Liu Hong and others, Ye Chuan had misgivings, and unless it was a critical moment, he didn’t easily make a move. But now, when he was taking action by himself, it was different. Even though his cultivation level wasn’t high and was the worst among all the members of the team, but with four Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he had a great confidence.

After nightfall, the grey mist in the air seemed to be even denser. The entire Myriad Beast Forest was silent, and the more you look, the more it resembled a huge tomb piled up with stones.

Ye Chuan’s speed was very fast, dashing ahead on the narrow winding trail. And after a little while, Liu Hong and others were left far behind. But just when he guessed that he had already reached the mark of 10 li, he stopped his steps sensing something.

In the front, there was an unassuming stone at the slanted roadside. Suddenly, with a ‘kacha kacha’ sounds, cracks appeared on that stone. And after bigger and bigger cracks appeared on it, it finally exploded.

What is this?

A python completely made up of stone with a human face and snake body?

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk and all the fine hairs all over his body stood erect.

After entering Myriad Beast Forest, although they were repeatedly in danger, they had only encountered beast-headed humanoid golems. This was the first time he encountered such golem with a human face and beast body. Moreover, just looking at it could cause him feel uncomfortable, and his scalp was also tingling.

The space between the eyebrows of Ye Chuan suddenly twitched violently, and the Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body also began to become hot. This was the sign that it had sensed a worldly treasure.

With one look, one would know that this human-faced snake-body golem was not a good thing, and it was very hard to deal with, but he was sure that a treasure must be sealed inside it. And that treasure must be incomparable even if all the treasures of Liu Hong was added together!

Instantly, Ye Chuan made up his mind, he didn’t turn around to lead this human-faced snake to the place where Liu Hong and others were waiting for an ambush. On the contrary, step by step, he went forward to face it head-on.


The human-faced snake held its head high and hissed as its long tail assumed a posture of wanting to attack.

Ye Chuan continued to walk forward and with the blades between his fingers glimmering with pallid light, he wielded the nine blades. While circulating four Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he silently used Inch Blade Technique.

After breaking through to Rank 3 Xiushi and condensing the fourth Heaven Swallowing Talisman, Ye Chuan still had yet to find an expert to truly test all his strength. This human-faced snake in front of him was extremely dangerous, but the more dangerous it was, the more he wanted to fight it. He wanted to see whether the poison fang of this snake was powerful or was his blade faster!

This human-faced snake hissed again, and clouds of dust suddenly flew up in this narrow winding trail, moreover, innumerable bits of stones whistled towards Ye Chuan.

The human-faced snake took the initiative to attack. Unlike all the golems he had encountered before, not only was its entire body a stone lump that was practically invulnerable, it also had powerful techniques. Now, with stone bits and dust filling the entire sky, he couldn’t see from where it would attack!

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