Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 191

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 191: Hidden Treasure Forest

Nearly after an hour, the entire group of people set out again.

Two small crystal men nominally were given to Na Shan and Na Shui respectively, but in fact, they ultimately fell into the hand of Liu Hong. Now, Liu Hong, who was already bewitchingly charming in former days, appeared even more gorgeous, greatly charming Na Shan, Na Shui and Big Lu until they were completely infatuated. Throughout the way, they did everything to please her. As for Ye Chuan and Tuoba Xiaoniao, they secretly distanced themselves from Liu Hong, slowly falling on the back of the team.

Because of Liu Hong, two of them unwittingly walked side by side and had common ground for the first time.

Walking side by side, Ye Chuan discovered endearing little bird Tuoba Xiaoniao who appeared gentle and weak on the surface, in fact, the balance of her figure was pretty good. She wasn’t tall like Zhu Sijia and also not as plump as Liu Hong, but her body was lithe and graceful. The places that should be sunken were sunken and the places that should be protruding were protruding, without any obscurity.

“Boy, what are you looking?”

Sensing the repetitive gaze of Ye Chuan wandering around her body, Tuoba Xiaoniao’s complexion slightly reddened and somewhat angrily said.

“I am wondering, if your father had brought you instead of that Big Bird pretending to be you when coming to Cloud Mist Sect to propose a marriage alliance at that time, then how wonderful that would be. Perhaps, now, you and I might have already had child.” Ye Chuan replied with a bad smile on his face.

“Ye Chuan, you bastard!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao was embarrassed and also angry, then lifting her leg, she thought to run wanting to go far away from Ye Chuan.

Just opened his mouth and he mentioned a child, what kind of person was this? His skin was truly thick enough, and he truly was sufficiently shameless!

“Don’t run, I am merely joking.”

Ye Chuan moved sideways and blocked thin-skinned Tuoba Xiaoniao, then taking a quick glance at Liu Hong walking in the front, he whispered, “Xiaoniao, working together with them is meaningless. If encountered monsters, then we have to take risks and rush forward, but if found good things, all of them will be theirs. How about, only us two form a team and walk another way.”

Ye Chuan was completely disappointed with Liu Hong, this very calculating and also stingy woman. He didn’t want to play with them. Inside Myriad Beast Forest, there were many complicated narrow winding trails and also many paths.

“This……, there are more people here, so I think it’s better to travel together with them.”

Tuoba Xiaoniao was somewhat perturbed. She also didn’t want to travel together with Liu Hong, but looking at Ye Chuan, she discarded this thought.

Compared to Liu Hong, she was even more not at ease with Ye Chuan.

Traveling together with Liu Hong and others, at most, she would only get fewer benefits, but if she was to travel together with only Ye Chuan, then perhaps, she might be unable to protect her innocence, truly becoming his wife and even bearing his child. Other people entered Paradise Ream empty-handed and return with all kinds of treasures. And she also entered empty-handed but have a child when returning, then wouldn’t that be the greatest joke?

Tuoba Xiaoniao trembled all over and looked towards Ye Chuan full of vigilance, then quickly distanced herself from him. The more she thought the more terrified she became.

“Ai, am I so terrible?”

Ye Chuan sighed and looking at Tuoba Xiaoniao who resembled a frightened lamb, he said: “As a matter of fact, I am a pure person, everybody says so.”

“Yes, you are too pure, pure evil person.”

Tuoba Xiaoniao turned sideways and slipped away from the side of Ye Chuan, then very quickly, she ran away, leaving behind her lithe and graceful back view and faint fragrance. She didn’t dare to stay alone with Ye Chuan.

“Heh heh, evil person? I like it, but, one day, I will get you, Xiaoniao.”

Ye Chuan evilly smiled and looking at Tuoba Xiaoniao quickly running behind Liu Hong, he suddenly felt like it wasn’t urgent to leave.

In his previous lifetime, when he concealed the heaven with his hand, what kind of women he hadn’t seen?

Very calculating Liu Hong as well as proud, aloof and indifferent Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he was not interested in them, even if he played with them, he wouldn’t take them seriously. On the contrary, junior apprentice-sister Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao, they were his type. And being together with this type of women, he naturally would enjoy and could also slowly **.

Women that can be ** were real women.

** was the most have women taste of women! [T/N: ** in raw]

The corner of Ye Chuan’s mouth curled up becoming an evil smile as he followed behind.

Under the command of Liu Hong, the entire group of people slowly went deep into dangerous Myriad Beast Forest. Generally, after walking every section, they encountered all kinds of golems.

Since she had already experienced the sore straits two times, Liu Hong was a lot calmer. Flying swords stabbed eyes, tripping, digging holes, making trivial mechanisms at the bottom of the stones……, all kinds of means emerged in an endless stream. Moreover, combining these means, they beheaded each and every stone lumps they encountered. Although this woman was very calculating and double-dealing, but in respect to strategy and command, she indeed had a skill. Under her command, the division of labor was clear, and the efficiency of beheading golems became higher and higher.

Liu Hong was responsible for command, Big Lu was responsible to support, Na Shan, Na Shui and Tuoba Xiaoniao were responsible for the main attack, they were to attack the vital parts with flying sword from far away, and as for Ye Chuan, he was especially responsible for leading the enemy. He had to lead each and every golem to the place where everybody was lying to ambush.

Some golems were empty, but most of them had different treasures. Some had pills, some had armors or flying swords and so on treasures, and not many had small crystal men but all of them had cultivation technique recorded on them which could make people covert them. No one could see the ends of the Myriad Beast Forest, and only Gods knows how many golems were hidden inside this forest, and rather than calling it stone forest, it was better off calling hidden treasure forest.

The entire group of people quickly became enthusiastic from the restlessness and nervousness of the beginning. Now, they took the initiative to look for all kinds of golems.

Liu Hong, relying on her captain position, as well as with the absolute support of Na Shan and Na Shui, she took the overwhelming majority of treasures. At evening, after they had hunted no less than 17 golems, she finally, as if squeezing toothpaste out of a tube, gave a bit to Ye Chuan and other people with great difficulty.

Big Lu got a heavy hammer in his share. Whether it had some special power or not, no one could tell for the time being, but it was more than 20,000 jin heavy. It was rather hard for even Big Lu with a heavy build to brandish it, but its power was great. The ordinary golems couldn’t even withstand one firm smash of this hammer, and their body would crack. Originally, he was responsible for support, but after obtaining this heavy hammer, he gradually became the main attacker and began attacking golems in the front.

Tuoba Xiaoniao got a black flying sword in her share. A dark light was wandering around on the surface of this flying sword and not only its flying speed was astonishingly fast, when it stabbed golems, the stone would melt as it actually had corrosion attack. Its might was far higher than ordinary flying swords. After obtaining this flying sword, the combat ability of Tuoba Xiaoniao vastly increased. Seeing this, Liu Hong regretted all of a sudden. Unfortunately, even if she wished to take it back it was already too late, so she could only grit her teeth and swallow her regret.

Big Lu and Tuoba Xiaoniao only got a piece of treasure in their share, and as for Ye Chuan, he got two pieces. Liu Hong gave one additional treasure with the pretext of compensation, merely, one was ordinary wrist guard and another one was a fish scale armor, both were ordinary stuff. As for truly good things, all were collected by Liu Hong for herself. Every time a small crystal man appeared, she would immediately snatch it.

As for the treasures he obtained, casually taking a quick glance at them, he directly gave his fish scaled armor to Tuoba Xiaoniao and wrist guard to Big Lu. These two things, when she was giving out, Liu Hong was still rather reluctant, Ye Chuan however didn’t even look at them properly. Although they were hunting golems together, all good things were seized by Liu Hong, so she cannot blame him for what he was about to do.

A thought rose in the heart of Ye Chuan.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! How can the rest of the group see this and still stomach it. Wonder how Ye Chuan will force them to cough up the loot later.

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