Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 190

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 190: Lesson still not enough

The voice of Na Shan suddenly attracted the attention of everyone, and everyone went over, even Na Shui who had only one leg was no exception. Enduring the pain, he hopped over.

In the small crystal man found within the body of the dog-headed golem, there was a record of a powerful earth grade cultivation technique. This tiger-headed golem was so strong, so what about the small crystal man extracted out of this golem?

Everyone was full of expectations. Ye Chuan also was somewhat excited.

The cultivation technique came from the world beyond the highest heavens might be the cultivation technique personally left behind by Demonic Dragon, so even though he had once mastered three thousand techniques, he also couldn’t help but feel excited.

Comprehending the technique of the world beyond the highest heaven, he could pry on the trace of the profound mysteries of the world beyond the highest heavens and set foot on an even brilliant pinnacle. For Ye Chuan, who had concealed the heaven with his hand in his previous life, this technique was more attractive compared to the usual techniques and treasures.

“Yes, there is a small crystal man, but it is bigger than previous one and is somewhat light cyan in color. It is a cyan small crystal man. Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, look!” Na Shan of Five Style Sect was endlessly excited, taking out the cyan small crystal man from inside the cracked chest of the tiger-headed golem.

The small crystal man found inside the dog-headed golem was white in color, and although the material was crystal but it was somewhat greyish white; the small crystal man found inside the tiger-headed golem however was cyan in color, cyan without any impurity, one could tell that it was of high quality even with a single glance. In addition, there were no runes around cyan small crystal man, merely were many red specks and red lines, appearing even more profound technique.

“Master, this is also the technique from the world beyond the highest heaven. I can sense, the aura of the world beyond the highest heaven is even denser in this cyan small crystal man.”

From inside the Cyan Lotus Lamp, old evil spirit Hei Kui who had possessed the puppet doll shouted and his voice exploded in the mind of Ye Chuan. Sensing the aura of cyan small crystal man, this old evil spirit was even more excited than Ye Chuan.

Liu Hong took the cyan small crystal man from the hand of Na Shan, then carefully observed it. The entire cyan small crystal man was engraved meticulously. Holding it, she could feel indistinct cold current seeping into her body which slowly circulated in a profound path. This path, it was indistinctly similar to the red lines of this cyan small crystal man.

Sensing it carefully for a little while, Liu Hong determined that a technique was indeed recorded in this cyan small crystal man, moreover, it was a very profound and amazing technique. It might be top-earth grade or even a heaven grade technique!

Heaven grade technique, even in the entire Five Style Sect, there were only a very few of them!

If she was to bring back this technique to her sect, then without a doubt, she would earn the greatest credit. At that time, no need to mention about Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, temporarily replacing her father to administer Five Style Sect also wouldn’t be a problem, as no-one would object her. And even if they couldn’t find her father in this Paradise Realm, after coming out, she could logically become the new Sect Master!

Liu Hong quickly made up her mind, this cyan small crystal man, she would have it!

Until now, why did she gorgeously dressed up and wandered about among numerous sect’s disciples?

It was to help her father firmly grasp Five Style Sect in his hand. From youngest to eldest, she had an innate desire for power and authority, she absolutely couldn’t tolerate losing her power to others. Now, after her father was drawn into Paradise Realm, his whereabouts unknown and she doesn’t know whether he was dead or alive, so if she didn’t think of a way to strengthen her control over the sect, then it would be troublesome as other elders would definitely seize the chance to take over the power.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, seen enough? If you have seen enough, then return it to me.”

Ye Chuan walked over and with a smile yet not a smile on his face, he looked at Liu Hong who was reluctant to part with cyan small crystal man and continued, “Just a moment ago, you have already said the treasure inside this tiger-headed golem is mine. Big Apprentice-Sister Liu, you are a captain, being so generous is befitting your position, you will not back out, will you?”


The complexion of Liu Hong turned red. Ye Chuan had spoken her thoughts so she was somewhat embarrassed in her heart. She couldn’t hand over this thing, but with Ye Chuan here, what should she do?

Liu Hong slurred, and looking left and right, she pretended to not hear, then seeing Na Shui with only one leg, she suddenly had a plan. “Noble son Ye, I don’t want even better things, merely, to get rid of this tiger-headed golem, brother Na Shui bore severe injury, and even though his contribution isn’t the largest, at least his credit for hard work is greater than anyone else. Everyone can see that brother Na Shui has only one leg now, so how about we give this treasure to him?”

“I agree, brother Na Shui pressed forward without the regard for safety, if it was not for him taking the initiative to go into the battle, then it would be another person with only one leg instead of him.” Na Shan of Five Style Sect immediately agreed.

“This cyan small crystal man is mine!” Na Shui said in his hoarse voice while gloomily looking towards Ye Chuan with hatred.

It was clear that one was unable to trip the tiger-headed golem stretching his leg, but Ye Chuan didn’t stop him, instead, let him lose one of his legs. He was sure that this was intentional!

The complexion of Na Shui was sinister and ruthless. He will settle this account with Ye Chuan in the future.

The tiger-headed golem was already dead, and he couldn’t settle accounts with the dead, so naturally, he shifted all his anger to Ye Chuan. Originally, he was only unhappy with Ye Chuan, but now he hated him to the marrow of his bones.

Liu Hong cast an amorous glance at Big Lu.

“This, according to principle……” Big Lu stuttered and scratched the back of his head. The thing that was already agreed to give to Ye Chuan, now giving to Na Shui, he understood that this was naturally wrong. But, the opinion of Liu Hong was also very clear and seeing her watery big eyes, he was unable to utter the latter half of the sentence. And then, stuttering for a little while, he braced himself and said against his will: “But, brother Na Shui’s condition of injury is so serious, he lost his one leg, so giving it to him is also good.”

This idiot really is easy to deal with!

Liu Hong looked at Big Lu in all smiles, then looking towards Tuoba Xiaoniao, she asked: “Xiaoniao, you say, who should get this treasure this time?”

“I abstain from voting.” Tuoba Xiaoniao looked at Na Shui with only one leg and looked at Ye Chuan, then abstained from voting.

In a group of six people, four had already agreed to give the cyan small crystal man to Na Shui. Minority obeys the majority, even if she had opposed, it was also useless, even if she had the heart of help Ye Chuan, she was powerless this time.

“Noble son Ye, look……”

Liu Hong looked at Ye Chuan, clearly wanted to seize this cyan small crystal man by every means possible. With Big Lu at her side, she exerted pressure, but pretended to be in an awkward position. She showed off her cleverness even when taking the cheap advantage.

“You are the captain, you have the final say, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, you have already decided, still, why are you asking me?”

Ye Chuan was completely disappointed with this woman Liu Hong. He looked at Na Shui who had a sinister complexion and indifferently said: “Brother Na Shui, congratulation, you obtain the cyan small crystal man, now, breaking through to Daoist Master realm will no longer be a dream. Merely, there are many red specks and red lines on the cyan small crystal man, moreover, it is spread all over, so lacking a leg, can you still cultivate?”

The more Ye Chuan saw Liu Hong, Na Shan and Na Shui, the more not pleasing to the eye they were.

Have only one leg, and Na Shui, this fellow still want to snatch the cyan small crystal man that belongs to him. It seems, this fellow still hadn’t learned enough lesson, wanting to lose both legs!

“Humph, I don’t need your concern!”

Na Shui coldly snorted, and taking the cyan small crystal man from Liu Hong, he was wild with joy, wholeheartedly looking it.

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