Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 19

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Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 19: I leave my hope on you



Pa pa pa!

The successive sounds of firmly lashing resounded. And only after hitting a dozen or so times without any soft-heartedness, Ye Chuan finally stopped.

Poor Jin Hua, he was already beaten to half death, and his shining buttocks were drenched with blood once again. At the beginning, he gave out loud blood-curdling scream, but afterwards, he could only gave out a muffled groan.

“Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, are you alright?”

Ye Chuan hypocritically helped silkpants Jin Hua to stand up, then with his face filled with concern and guilt, he said, “Ai, I really don’t want to hit, but was that hard?”

“I……I’m fine, senior apprentice-brother, as long as……, as long as you are mollified and forgave me.” Raising his head and seeing the face of Ye Chuan who had ruthlessly beaten him, Jin Hua could only pretend to be he was fine, but inwardly he was spurting blood.

Delivering himself to the doorsteps to take a beating until his buttocks was filled with injury once again, even he himself felt that he had become sufficiently humble. He wished that he could call his numerous followers to tear apart this Ye Chuan.

But thinking about the instruction of his father and Third Elder, he had no choice but to endure. Even if all of his teeth were knocked out, currently he could only contain tears and resist. He have to endure.

“Well, I forgive you, hereafter, we are not fellow apprentice-brother, we’re blood brother, a single family not two family. Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, I have a bottle of Dragon Horned Snakeskin Ointment, it is very effective for the treatment of various kinds of skin wounds, but when applying, there will be a little bit of pain. I will help you to apply a little bit of it, see whether you can endure it or not.”

Ye Chuan took out a bottle of medicine ointment, then he dipped in a small branch into it, and applied the ointment on the wounds of Jin Hua’s buttocks.

Hearing that it would be a little bit painful, Jin Hua got nervous, but it was also not good to refuse, so he was forced to have his heart in his mouth and let Ye Chuan apply the ointment on his injury, as if an oppressed lamb.

Fortunately, after the ointment was applied, he didn’t feel any pain in particular, only felt a little cooler.

“How is it, can you endure it?” After applying the ointment, Ye Chuan asked.

Jin Hua nodded his head, “Fortunately I’m able to endure it, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, you can continue, thank you.”

“Okay, I will gently apply it, endure it, your wounds will heal in no time.”

Ye Chuan evilly smiled, and secretly circulated Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body, then lightly poked Jin Hua with that small branch. Immediately after that Jin Hua this silkpants gave out a blood-curdling scream once again


That was simply daydreaming, this kind of stinging pain was something people cannot endure!

Dragon Horned Snakeskin Ointment in itself was not up by much, and also wouldn’t give people stinging pain like this, but adding the power of Heaven Swallowing Heaven Talisman and Ye Chuan’s skill, it would suddenly become different.

“Don’t move, endure, endure, it will be over soon.” Ye Chuan held down Jin Hua without letting him to struggle free. Then deliberately smeared the ointment on the buttocks wounds of Jin Hua slowly, making him taste buttocks splitting pain.

Acting dumb, Ye Chuan this brat is definitely acting dumb. He is intentionally doing this.

Jin Hua gnashed his teeth. Once again he wanted to resist with all his strength as he had already reached the end of his patience, but for the sake of overall situation, he again had no choice but to endure with great difficulty with sullen heart once again. Seeing the appearance of Jin Hua screaming himself to hoarse, the onlookers continuously shook their head showing sympathy.

“That truly is a Dragon Horned Snakeskin Ointment ah, this however is a rare ointment, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is really considerate.”

“Smearing so carefully, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother truly is taking no account of old grudge, his heart is so broad.”

Pointing at Ye Chuan, the onlookers greatly praised Ye Chuan.

Hearing this, the heart of Jin Hua who was already driven beyond his forbearance sullied even more. Ye Chuan was obviously acting dumb, and intentionally regulating him, but everyone said otherwise. He had paid such a big price, he brought a bramble and asked for a punishment, and endured humiliation in order to carry out an important mission, but how could these onlookers turn a blind eye to those things and spat out nonsense like this. No one spoke a single sentence of good words about him.

Jin Hua waited until the bottle of ointment was completely smeared with great difficulty. After that Ye Chuan helped Jin Hua who was bleeding blood in his heart to get up, and said, “Junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, how is it, is it better now?”

“Better, much better, thank you Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.”

Jin Hua tearfully nodded his head. After that with a meaningful glance, he took wine flagon from the hands of his follower, then personally poured a cup of wine to Ye Chuan. And taking the advantage of time when no-one was paying attention, a pill hidden inside the nail of his right hand’s middle finger which was Breaking Yang Water pill dropped inside the wine cup. After that he respectfully served it to Ye Chuan, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, Jin Hua present you a drink of my respect. From now on, you are our Cloud Mist Sect’s through and through Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, whoever dares to disrespect you, I, Jin Hua will be the first person to not let him off! Please drink this cup of wine, form now we are no longer only fellow apprentices, we are blood brothers!”

“Good, good!”

Ye Chuan took the wine cup, then while Jin Hua was restlessly thinking whether his scheme would fall through and stand expose or not, Ye Chuan drained the cup in one gulp.

The little tricks of Jin Hua, although was able to deceive the onlookers, but Ye Chuan however had seen through it clearly. But, he simply didn’t care about it. As a once Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he had once taught the founder of Cloud Mist Sect Ghost Hand Medicine King, this kind of pill and poison concocting great master, so not only was his hand able to conceal the heaven, in the aspect of pill and poison concocting, his attainment was also unrivalled under the heaven. So Jin Hua wanting to poison him was naturally displaying his slight skill before an expert.

“Ha ha ha, good, good, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother really is bold and uninhibited.” Jin Hua laughed excitedly. He had personally watched Ye Chuan gulping down Breaking Yang Water, so he was endlessly excited inwardly. All of his haze and sullen cleared off. Brat, now I will see how you will still be overbearing, and see how you will get married.

Just imagining the miserable situation of Ye Chuan being driven out by the bride on his wedding night made Jin Hua burst with joy. This moment, he felt that all the humiliations and sufferings he had suffered were worth it.

“Good wine, junior apprentice-brother Jin Hua, never thought that you also have such temperament. Well, since you treated so nicely to me, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is feeling embarrassed for not preparing you anything, so what kind of gift should I give you?”

Ye Chuan didn’t reveal the scheme of Jin Hua, instead pretending to know nothing, he pretended to feel embarrassed. After pausing for a brief moment, he took out Dragon’s Vein crystal, “How about this, this is the Dragon’s Vein Crystal sealed within my body by Sect Master. I have never refined it, so instead of wasting it with me, I will give it to you as a gift. Junior apprentice brother Jin Hua, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I figured out that in this lifetime, I have no hope for cultivation, and even if I persist on, I am destined to not become an expert, so I might as well leave my hope on you. In the future, when you refine this Dragon’s Vein Crystal and become great expert, for Sect’s glory, resolutely suppress the power and prestige of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect.”

“Ah, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, this……” Jin Hua had never expected this, so he was looking at Ye Chuan in disbelief. And all the onlookers in one side were also similarly looking at Ye Chuan in disbelief.

This was not an ordinary treasure, rather a Dragon’s Vein Crystal that could make people’s cultivation advance by leaps and bounds! Many people wanted to obtain it, but all of them were powerless to obtain it, but here Big Senior Apprentice-Brother was giving it away as a gift like this.

Jin Hua was dumbstruck. For a long time, he had dreamed about snatching this Dragon’s Vein Crystal which was within the body of Ye Chuan, as well as snatching his position of Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. For this, he had secretly done many shameful acts, but unfortunately, Ye Chuan dissolved all of them one after another. But who would have thought that, one day, Ye Chuan would actually take the initiative to give him this Dragon’s Vein Crystal as a gift.

Meat pie fell from the sky, happiness came so suddenly that Jin Hua was dumbfound and was unable to react in any way. He subconsciously thought that Ye Chuan was making fool of him and again was acting dumb to deceive people.

“Junior apprentice brother Jin Hua, take it.”

Not waiting for people to see more, Ye Chuan suddenly used his secret art and sent this Dragon’s Vein Crystal inside the body of Jin Hua. In this split second, the latter sensed powerful energy fluctuation within his body. If he was able to refine it, then no need to talk about quickly breaking through to Rank 3 Xiushi, even breaking through to Rank 5 Xiushi was undoubtedly not a problem.

“Ha ha ha, hahahaha, good, good, thank you Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I, junior apprentice-brother respectfully accept your gift.”

Jin Hua finally responded while laughing heartily. The instant Dragon’s Vein Crystal entered into his body, he felt a little bit strange, and he felt like vomiting, because this Dragon’s Vein Crystal moved as if it had a life, making him feel like he had swallowed a living fly. But carefully sensing, that majestic power was not wrong, it was definitely a genuine Dragon’s Vein Crystal.

This brat is not acting dumb, he truly is stupid!

Giving away Dragon’s Vein Crystal like this, isn’t this proving his idiocy? Gulped down Breaking Yang Water, so his marriage will definitely spoil, and without Dragon’s Vein Crystal, how could he still occupy the position of Sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother?

Looking at stupid Ye Chuan, Jin Hua laughed heartily and became wild with joy.

Ye Chuan was also laughing, laughing even more brilliantly than Jin Hua.

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