Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 189

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 189: Small Crystal Man

Tuoba Xiaoniao and Big Lu also came over and looking at Na Shui with only one leg, they were inwardly apprehensive.

Na Shui who had volunteered to go and trip tiger-headed golem was truly unlucky. Instantly, he lost his one good leg. Liu Hong was also sufficiently ruthless, she cut off the right leg of Na Shui at the base without even batting her eyelid!

When all of them were watching Na Shui, they suddenly felt quake under their foot.


Tuoba Xiaoniao looked down and exclaimed.

The tiger-headed golem that was drawn inside the stone forest where it was difficult for it to turn around, don’t know how but it was climbing on the stone, and because its weight was too big, the entire stone was shaking.


“Quickly run!”

The entire group of people turned pale with fright, then hastily fled to another stone. Liu Hong who was the captain was the first to run. Even Na Shui with only one leg who was still wailing mournfully just now also used his remaining leg to hop, running to one side. Now, he looked pale and his entire body was trembling.

This golem was not only practically invulnerable, it could even climb a tree and jump?

The tiger-headed golem who had climbed the stone terrified everyone. Compared to that dog-headed golem before, this fellow was must more powerful!


The tiger-headed golem roared angrily and chasing after Liu Hong, its huge body suddenly jumped high to another stone. Now, there was only a meter distance between it and Liu Hong. Every time, she went out, delicate and exquisite Liu Hong would dress gorgeously, and usually be in limelight. This time, she however had a bad luck. Since she was too eye-catching, she had to pay the price.

“Attack, stop it, draw it away, quick!”

Liu Hong was so scared that she fled, and behind her, a huge stone lump was pursuing her relentlessly. Every stone, it stepped, all would shake seemingly wanting to collapse, but it didn’t stop chasing after Liu Hong. Bewitchingly charming Liu Hong who was adept at scheming was so scared that she was sweating profusely and she was so tense that her heart was beating very fast.

Big Lu rushed up first and tossed a heavy boulder. Unfortunately, although this boulder could make Xiushi realm expert vomit blood if smashed, but smashing this tiger-headed golem, it didn’t even feel an itch, moreover, it didn’t stop its action.

Two sharp flying swords whistled through the air and stabbed towards the eyes of the tiger-headed golem.

Tuoba Xiaoniao who was hiding at one side and Na Shui of Five Style Sect also attacked, trying to tie up tiger-headed golem who was relentlessly pursuing Liu Hong. The eyes were the biggest weakness of this kind of golems, unfortunately, although the target they were looking for was correct, but their power was clearly insufficient, or to say, the tiger-headed golem was too tough. The tiger-headed golem raised its doughty arm and protected its eyes, then ignoring those flying swords, it continued to chase after Liu Hong. As for Liu Hong who was adept at camouflaging in former days, now she was in a sorry plight and was gasping for breath.

There were so many people that weren’t running, but why was it persistently chasing her?

Hurriedly looking back, she saw tiger-headed golem approaching nearer and nearer. Now, she was tense to the extreme and also felt incomparable injustice.

In order to shake off tiger-headed golem, she had especially bypassed from the side of Big Lu and Tuoba Xiaoniao, trying to lead the trouble away. But to her surprise, this stone lump was completely set on her.

“Na Shui, Na Shan, you two trashes, what are you two doing? Noble son Ye, what about noble son Ye……”

Liu Hong anxiously spoke incoherently, and hurriedly looked all around. Na Shan, Big Lu and Tuoba Xiaoniao had made their move with all their strength to help her tie down this terrifying tiger-headed golem. Even Na Shui who had borne severe injury had stood up gritting his teeth and used his flying sword to help. But Ye Chuan was missing without a trace, at an unknown time, he had already disappeared without a trace.

That bastard!

Liu Hong cursed inwardly, and under the purse and attack of the tiger-headed golem, she repeatedly got in danger.

“Hey, over here, Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, I am over here, come over!”

When Liu Hong was fleeing in confusion by any path and was about to reach the edge of the stone forest, Ye Chuan finally appeared. He was standing on an especially tall stone a bit far away, beckoning her to come over.

Liu Hong gritted her teeth and desperately rushed towards Ye Chuan.

She had carefully sensed Ye Chuan and determined that Ye Chuan truly was only Rank 3 Xiushi, but for an unknown reason, she always felt that Ye Chuan was far stronger than how he appeared on the surface. She always felt he was deeply hidden, so with the appearance of Ye Chuan, she subconsciously rushed towards him. Even if Ye Chuan couldn’t stop this tiger-headed golem, at least she could use him to block it, couldn’t she?

Liu Hong who was accustomed to scheming even when running for her life, she was still scheming in her heart.

Liu Hong stepping on the flying swords flints across the stones while rushing towards Ye Chuan at her full speed. Behind, after seeing the appearance of Ye Chuan, this tiger-headed golem roared and suddenly accelerated. Now, it was unexpectedly faster than Liu Hong who was stepping on the flying sword. Just after Liu Hong stepped on the stone where Ye Chuan was standing, the tiger-headed golem also heavily landed on the adjacent stone, then jumped over.

“Be careful!”

Tuoba Xiaoniao and others screamed and all of them rush forward to save them.


The tiger-headed golem roared once again showing its domineering air as if it was the overload of this Myriad Beast Forest.

“Three……, two……, one……, fall!” Ye Chuan indifferently looked at this murderous tiger-headed golem.

The entire group turned pale with fright, but Ye Chuan however didn’t even bat an eyelid even when tiger-headed golem was only one step away from him, moreover, he had a sneer on his face. And after he spoke, the stone under the tiger-headed golem that was continuously shaking suddenly collapsed, followed by the surrounding stones also collapsed as if the chain reaction, burying the tiger-headed golem underneath them.

Taking the advantage of the time when tiger-headed golem was chasing Liu Hong, Ye Chuan intentionally chose the stone at the highest place, making small mechanisms below the stones. Although nothing would happen if an ordinary person stepped on it, but if tiger-headed golem with such huge build stepped on it, it nevertheless was like digging its own grave.

The build the of the tiger-headed golem was very huge, but, it wasn’t able to withstand the crushing of dozens of boulders. Ye Chuan had carefully selected this place. Every boulder was fifty to sixty meters tall and their weight was even more terrifying. The sudden collapse of all of them completely crushed the tiger-headed golem to death!

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister Liu, are you all right?”

Ye Chuan size up panting Liu Hong, and looking at her voluptuous chest, he evilly smiled and continued, “Hereafter, other than in the special occasion, don’t dress up so sexily. Arousing the internal heat of a golem, it would be problematic.”


Liu Hong snorted, she always felt that Ye Chuan was rather not exerting himself. He clearly had a way at an earlier time to get rid of this tiger-headed golem, but he persistently waited until the final moment just to see her in tight straits.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Sister, quickly come, there is a small crystal man inside, quick!”

Na Shan of Five Style Sect’s voice came from the pile of stones.

The tiger-headed golem had just been crushed by the pile of stones but this fellow had already rushed ahead and stretching his hand inside the crack, he had already felt about inside the tiger-headed golem.

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